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What is a Yes Day? Know All About It

By Swagata SarkarJuly 29, 2022
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Follow the Yes Day Rules and Have Fun with Your Kids

Imagine kids are in charge, and you are the one saying yes to all their demands always? Does it not sound scary? Of course, it does. But this is not the current situation. There are a few requests from the kids that warrants an immediate yes from the parents. But if you are the bad guy in the house who only uses 'no' to every request of the young ones, there is probably the need for a Yes Day you should celebrate.

But what is a Yes Day? As the name suggests, it is a great way to be free-spirited and spend quality time with your kids. Saying yes to your kids for an entire day does not mean you have to do everything they say. If you follow some Yes Day rules and use your intelligence, you can play a Yes Day with your kids at least once in 6 months. Or you can fix your own Yes Day as well.

What is a Yes Day?

Plan Yes Day

Plan Yes Day

As we have already discussed before, Yes Day is a day when caregivers or parents have to say yes to whatever the kids ask. You can celebrate a Yes Day by planning your day beforehand. So, mark the day in advance to prepare for whatever it may bring.

If you decide to celebrate a Yes Day with your kids, always make them follow the ground rules so that you can avoid any undesirable activity.

Benefits of Celebrating Yes Day for Kids and Parents

Plan Yes Day with Children

Plan Yes Day with Children

A Yes Day is not a stressful day. It is a day when the kids get to have all the fun with their parents. You can help her pick the 5 most important fun activities you can do for the entire day.

For example, you can play water fights, go fishing, make her favourite breakfast or lunch, or camp in the lounge room or the bedroom.

By doing these activities, you can make many memories with your kids that stay in your and your child’s brain for the rest of their lives. Not only that, you get to bond with your child in a whole new way (of course if you are strict), which can help them open up with you in a friendly manner. One of the many benefits of a Yes Day for parents and children is that they will know each other in a better way.

  • If you plan on celebrating a Yes Day, there are some ground rules that children must follow. It is simply 'no friends, no technology and no distraction' day. Spending the entire day with family helps create a strong family bond and boosts unity.

  • Celebrating Yes Day helps parents and children to reconnect. Nowadays, parents are always busy with something. Sometimes it is social media; sometimes, it is emailing or doing office work. They spend most of the portion of our day at the office, and by the time they come back home, they scarcely get the time to talk to children. But as we have mentioned before, yes, the day is all about banning technology for a day.

  • Turn off all your devices and focus on getting reconnected with your family. It is one of the many benefits of a Yes Day for parents and children. You might take a quick snap while the child plays with something to make a memory. This kind of opportunity to reconnect with your family again not only benefits the child’s mind but also the parents' minds.

Yes Day rules for kids are very important. Help them to pick up the activities they want to do on that day. When children take charge and feel that they have to make the decisions, they act smartly and participate in all the activities actively. It helps them grow and become mature.

Ground Rules for Children to Follow

  • Before you start celebrating Yes Day with your kids, you need to tell your kids the budget and they will have to pick the activities within that budget.

  • We have already mentioned that the internet is banned on Yes Day. So, on this day, a child, like her parents, cannot have any screen time. In simple words, most kids play video games or spend time with technology. But on this day, a child has to stop using any device. If she still wants that, you can say, “let me think about it” or “Yes, but later”.

  • One of the ground rules that children must follow on a Yes Day is that they cannot ask for something illegal or dangerous. It is a day when a child spends his time with his family, so a child has to ask for something simple yet funny.

  • Children can only ask for something to do specifically on that day. They cannot ask for something that they can do in the future. For example, your child can ask you to spend an entire day building a treehouse, but they cannot ask you to take them to the place after a week. Ask your children to follow the rules and spend a beautiful and peaceful Yes Day with them.


In a modern world, when both parents stay busy with their office work for most of the day, it is very easy for kids to stay distant from their parents. Either they involve themselves with technologies or spend most of their time with friends. In simple words, with time, the bond between parents and their children starts to fade away.

The concept of spending Yes Day with kids can prove to be very beneficial for both parents and kids. It reconnects the family and helps to make memories to cherish for the rest of their lives. This undoubtedly creates an unbreakable relationship between the kids and their parents when they grow up.