What is Better: Buying NCERT Textbooks or Using Online Books

by Sagar Mankar, May 15, 2020

If you are a student we know one dilemma that you face every now and then is the dilemma between “textbooks or online books.” With the advancement of time and technology e-books are doing the rounds and students are more into this dilemma of whether to choose the traditional paper backs or opt for the online books only. The content in both may be the same. All the NCERT books, for instance, are available in online PDF format. Should you simply download them using an app or go to the market and bring back home those books? To get an answer to this mind-boggling question you must take into consideration several variables like cost, comfort, efficiency, etc. 


Though NCERT keeps in mind the benefits of the students, cost of printing, quality of paper, binding and other overhead costs increase the total selling price of one particular NCERT Textbook manifold. When it comes to Online Books, they come at a cheaper price (up to 60% cheaper in some cases) for you only have to take the print out. If you are already in possession of a laptop or desktop or any such electronic gadget, you do not have to cough up any extra money for your gadget will be compatible with the online versions. Do you have a tablet? That will work fine too!


There’s no prize for saying how arduous a task it is to carry the big fat books. With online NCERT books, you do not have to put an extra burden on your shoulders and simply carry your laptop or tablet or even your android Smartphone. It is easier to carry your books within your device than carrying a paperback book in your bag. Moreover, it is not only one book; you have to carry two-three books at a time also. With online books, you can carry all of them together anywhere, anytime. 

Reading and Highlighting

It is a common nature of the students to underline the important sections or highlight them with prominent highlighters. The concepts and definitions given in NCERT textbooks are of immense importance. If you are of the same habit, online textbooks might not be your cup of tea. These marking and highlighting undoubtedly help you memorizing the important concepts and have a firm grip on whatever you learn. When the exam is near, going through the book helps you summarise the important areas as you get to see the highlighted parts easily. This makes your last-minute preparation fast and fruitful. However, you can do the same with a PDF highlighter too in the case of online NCERT books and NCERT Solutions.


NCERT Textbooks and online books both contain the same content. Thus from the point of view of efficiency, they are of the same nature. But in terms of efficiency of carrying or storage space, the online books will take up only a few MB or GB space of your smart gadget while storing and stacking textbooks will need proper storage space. 

So, you can see there are more pros of reading from the online version of NCERT textbooks than cons. Keep in mind, the knowledge you retrieve is the same in both the cases and as for NCERT, it will never compromise on its content no matter what the format and medium of delivery are. Moreover, the times are changing. Online learning will surely become more mainstream. You too get used to studying from NCERT online books. Take our words, you will find it way more effective than buying books. 

What is Better: Buying NCERT Textbooks or Using Online Books