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Vinisha Umashankar Speech: A Climate Warrior in the Making

By Srija MahalanobishOctober 13, 2022
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Why is Vinisha Umashankar's Speech So Famous?

The topic of climate change has been in discussion for many decades now. As nations all around the world try to cope with the nature of climate change, climate activists such as Licpriya Kanjugam and Greta Thunberg are certainly ahead of the rest. Then we have Vinisha Umashankar and her speech at the Glasglow UN Event that earned her a standing ovation. In this article, we are going to learn about the Vinisha Umashankar Speech that earned a lot of applause from world leaders.

In her speech, she said that the young generation of the world has every right to be frustrated and angry at the leaders who have just made empty promises that they eventually failed to deliver. She urged the leaders to take rather than give false promises regarding the situation of climate change. Vinisha Umashankar recently spoke at the COP26 or the Climate Change Conference of Parties Event in the year 2021 which was held by the United Nations. 

Vinisha Umashankar

Vinisha Umashankar at the Climate Change Conference of Parties Event in 2021

At the young age of just 15, Vinisha Umashankar Speech in Glasgow managed to attract the attention of many people and climate activists in the world. The speech was basically a part of a meeting that took place to discuss the innovation and clean technology in the world. Her audience members included the top leaders of the world such as the Prime Minister of Britain Boris Johnson, the President of America Joe Biden, and the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi.

Vinisha spoke about her experience at the Climate Summit and mentioned some of the benefits and opportunities that she has had in the past. She said that her experience at the Climate Summit was definitely a new one. She considered this to be one of the biggest opportunities of her life and was glad to be a part of the conference. She said her time at the event led to her meeting a lot of new people who were very much accomplished in her field.

Vinisha Umashankar Biography: Innovation in the Best Sense 

Vinisha Umashankar is a student of Class 10 and hails from a region called Tiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu. People got to know about her in 2020 after she won the prestigious award called Children’s Climate Prize. The invention that led to her receiving this prize was a mobile ironing cart that was powered by solar energy. This cart was created to reduce the use of charcoal for ironing purposes.

This particular prize is given by the Children’s Climate Foundation which is a Swedish NGO and is definitely considered to be one of the most honourable and prestigious awards that are offered to the young innovators of the world. Winning this award for our country, Vinisha has surely made her mark in the world as an inventor and creator of innovative ideas that would eventually help in changing the climatic conditions of the planet. 

The prototype that was created by Vinisha is a life-size ironing cart fitted with solar panels on its roof. The panels are connected to a battery of 100 Ah. These solar panels are able to produce up to 250 watts of energy every single hour. The total time taken to charge the entire battery is around 6 hours. Once the batter has been charged completely, it is able to power the steam iron box for about 6 hours. Vinisha also states that the batter has the capacity of storing charge during rainy or cloudy days.


There is a cycle attached to the cart and hence it is a mobile device. It even consists of USB ports which can be instrumental in charging mobile phones. Vinisha keeps the prototype in her school and her team is trying to connect with more investors in order to fully develop and improve the product. She explained that since she is still at school and has exams to prepare for, the progress is a bit slow. Once her exams are over, she plans on doubling her efforts to improvise her own design and create a better prototype for climate care. 

The Issue of Climate Change is Real, Says Vinisha Umashankar 

In the Vinisha Umashankar COP26 speech, she stated that the reason for her joining the COP26 Summit was to convey an important message regarding the importance of climate care to the leaders of the world. Apart from that, she also gave a speech at the Generation Earthshot. This event is particularly hosted for school children. She addressed the youth of today and told them about her invention. She also suggested some methods by which the younger generation can help in saving the environment.

The 15-year-old innovator is still planning on creating new designs and innovations. She is currently fiddling with the idea of creating a smart ceiling fan in order to avoid the wastage of electricity. Most people forget to switch their fans off when they leave the room. Having something like a smart ceiling fan that can turn itself on and off by detecting the presence in the room would surely be a good idea. Aside from that, Vinisha is also working on some other ideas for helping the people who are underprivileged. However, since she is still in school, she says that those ideas will have to wait for some time. 

Managing Innovations and Studies at Once 

When asked how she manages to juggle between creating new inventions and academics and whether she actually has a strategy for that, Vinisha said that she follows a systematic strategy. She states that students that work on different tasks at once will be able to understand her situation. According to her, prioritising things on a regular basis is pretty important for the whole thing to work. While managing both fields can be a difficult task, Vinisha seems to be managing just fine. Her speech at the Climate Change Conference of Parties Event is certainly something that people need to think about. Climate change is definitely a serious issue and it is time that we join hands to employ crucial measures which can be of help in solving the problem.