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The Exclusive Use Of Technology in Sports

By Satabdi MazumdarNovember 21, 2022
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Technology In Sports: A Great Way To Play And Enjoy

The introduction of technology has given us the best way to enjoy sports. Do you know the use of technology even makes sports better? We have accustomed ourselves to using technology in different aspects of life. Whether it is education or healthcare, manufacturing or infrastructure, we find technology everywhere.

The recent development in technology is encouraging the development of sports in various dimensions. From the players’ aspect, we find a better place for practice and skill development. From the spectators’ point of view, we see the perfect use of technology in sports. Let us find out in detail.

The Use of Technology in Sports

1. Technology used During Training

Back in the day, we use to have a view or two of the sports played. There were limited cameras that can even properly zoom on the sportspersons and athletes. We have no high-definition feed of the channels that offer a 360-degree view of the sport's actions right away.

We have come a long way in the development of technology related to sports. The athletes are faster and stronger than the previous generations. The coaches and managers now use tactical software platforms to analyse the performance of the sportspersons. They even use sensors to measure the vital functions of players during exercise sessions and field actions.

Previously, trainers and coaches had to follow extensive paperwork to find out the performance of a player or a sports team. Imagine how many things a coach had to keep in his mind regarding individual players. These days, we can design charts and graphs and can even get detailed reports offering deeper insights into individual or team performance. The principle of sports training depends on the latest technology used.

Players wear sensors and GPS to monitor their movements. The management team can track the actions of players. The latest technology can also track how an athlete is performing on the field. The best types of shoes and sports gear are designed after comprehensive research and development to offer a better ground for better performance.

2. Technology used in Live Games

Technology is also used during live games to make better decisions. In fact, technology is used to make the performance of athletes better. Let us find how technology is revolutionising sports.

1. Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

This VAR technology was used in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. It literally transformed the way decisions are made in international football matches. The other major leagues have adopted the same technology for making fair play.

The video cameras and sensors used in the game assist the referees sitting in a control room to make better decisions. They can correct the non-call or missed calls in the game along with penalties, goals, etc. Previously, these decisions were very hard to make by the referees and linesmen as football is a very fast game.

Now, with the use of slow motion, repeat telecast, zooming in, and other excellent features, referees can have a clearer and better view of the moments to make accurate decisions and to make the game fair for both teams.

2. Hawk Eye Technology

This technology has been designed by the engineers of Roke Manor Research Limited located in England. As the name suggests, there are 6 to7 high-speed and high-definition cameras that can be set on a field in different locations to offer a haw-eye view of the game.

This technology in sports is based on the fundamental principles of triangulation. In this technology, timing data and visual images are used to showcase the right moments from different angles. This technology has been developed in 2001 and is in use since then.

It was first used on 21st April 2001 in the India-Pakistan test match held in Lord’s Cricket Ground. Since then, this technology is used in rugby, badminton, tennis, and cricket.

Technology Making Sports Better

Technology Making Sports Better

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3. Goal Line Technology (GLT)

Another technology used in football, the GLT is a unique way to determine whether the ball has crossed an imaginary line to detect offsides and goals. It is tough for the referee and the linesmen to determine whether the ball was in the goal from different angles.

This technology has been used since 2012 by the referees in the control room to make better goal-related decisions and to avoid contradictions. It is used by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) and The Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).

This advanced sports technology uses the Hawk-Eye and GoalControl 4D systems to provide split-second videos automatically to the control room for making a prominent decision. In fact, the latest version of GoalRef, a low-frequency radio-based goal sensing system, sends signals to the field referee’s watch if the ball enters the goal line.

4. Automatic Ball-Strike System (ABS)

This is a unique technology used in baseball games to detect strikes and measure balls. This technology has the capability of replacing the umpires present on the field as it can measure the exact points through which a ball passes over the home plate.

Importance of Technology in Sports

There are other remarkable types of technologies used in sports and training. The training sessions are made more productive by measuring the physical aspects and output of players. The movements are tracked to analyse and make them better.

These days, athletes and sportspersons use exclusive protective gear for better and safer performance. In fact, differently-abled athletes used prosthetics to perform and participate in national and international sports events.

The importance of technology in sports is pretty much clear now. There are limitless possibilities for using different other technologies in different sports. From wearable to training tech gear, we observe how technology has been redefining sports exceptionally throughout the years. We hope to see more development in this aspect.