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Steps to Follow and Make the Ultimate Slime Recipe

By Shiwani PandeySeptember 12, 2022
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How to Make the Ultimate Fluffy Slime at Home?

Playing with slime is the latest fad these days. Children love to play with something squishy and fluffy without making their hands dirty. They can make new things from slimes and pretend to be scientists. They can also fuel their ideas and creative thinking with homemade slimes.

You will need the ultimate slime recipe to follow and make something remarkable at home. There are hundreds of recipes available on the internet but making them can be a humongous task. We have mentioned slime recipes that are easy to cook and enjoy in your leisure time. Before taking a peek into the recipes, let us learn what slime is.

What is Slime?

The less-sticky gooey substance you can play with is called a slime. It resembles flour dough but is not that sticky. It can be colourful, glittering, and can have marvellous sensory benefits. When children play with homemade slime or commercially-manufactured slime, they learn from their experiences. It has also been found that playing with slime can be a brilliant stress buster for kids.

The intellectual patent goes to Mattel, a world-famous toy manufacturing company. It is the same company that invented the popular card game called UNO. Back in 1976, this company came up with a glossy green slimy substance that can be played with. Back then, it was sold in small plastic bottles called trash cans.

Its popularity rose to a huge level and new slime-making recipes started to emerge. These days, we can make slime at home with easily available ingredients.

Steps and Ingredients To Make the Ultimate Fluffy Slime

Ways to Make a Slime at Home

List of the Ultimate Slime Recipe

A homemade slime recipe is the best way to engage kids and make them stay away from smart devices. Here is a list of recipes you can consider making at home and designing your fluffy slime.

1. Unicorn Slime

This is a fluffy slime genre you can try making at home. The ingredients are:

  • Large bowls for mixing

  • ½ cup of white glue

  • ½ cup of shaving cream

  • Ice cream sticks

  • 1 cup of water

  • ½ teaspoon of borax powder

  • Yellow, pink, and blue food colours

The steps to make this slime are as follows:

  • Take a large bowl to mix the shaving cream and glue using the ice cream sticks.

  • Take another bowl to mix borax with water. Continue stirring until the borax powder is completely mixed with water.

  • Add a teaspoon of the shaving cream and glue mixture to the borax solution and stir properly. You will find it becoming tighter.

  • Knead the mixture properly. If you find it sticky, add more borax solution to this mixture and knead more.

  • Separate the fluffy slime after mixing it into three parts.

  • Add a drop of colour to each of the slimes you have separated and knead it. Make three fluffy slimes with different colours.

  • When the three slimes are ready, mix them together and find the unicorn slime forming slowly.

This is how to make fluffy slime at home. Remember, the longer you blend and knead, the better the slime becomes. You can also add glitter to this slime formula to make it more attractive.

2. Liquid Starch Slime

Here is the list of slime ingredients you will need to make it.

  • Mixing bowls

  • 1 cup white glue

  • Ice cream sticks

  • Food colours as per your preferences

  • ½ cup liquid starch

Here are the steps to follow to make a stretchy slime using liquid starch.

  • Pour the ½ cup of water and white glue to mix it well with ice cream sticks.

  • Put a drop or two of food colours in that mixture. Mix it well.

  • When the slime is tightening, separate it into three different bowls.

  • Take one portion of slime and add starch to it. Stir constantly to mix it well. When the slime turns out to be stretchy, you will understand on your own. Till then, keep stirring.

Eventually, the consistency of the slime will thicken. You have your stretchy slime with beautiful colours ready to play with.

3. Foam Ball Slime

Here is what you need to make it.

  • Mixing bowls

  • Popsicle sticks

  • 1 cup white glue

  • Food colours as per your choice

  • ½ cup liquid starch

  • And, polystyrene balls

Check these steps to make foam ball slime.

  • Take a large bowl and mix ½ cup of white glue with food colour. Use popsicle sticks to mix, not your hands.

  • Add ½ cup liquid starch into the same mixture and knead it with your hands. If it sticks to your hands, use more starch.

  • Once the consistency starts to thicken, add polystyrene balls to the slime preparation and knead. Your foam ball slime will be ready. Play with it!

Safety Measures to Follow

  • Wear rubber gloves to make sure you are not touching the ingredients during mixing them. It will become quite tough to remove them.

  • Use goggles if necessary when you are mixing the ingredients to avoid touching your eyes.

  • While using borax, make sure you read the instructions related to safety measures on the label.

  • If the kids trying to make slime are too young to perform this experiment, make sure they are accompanied by parents. Glue, borax, starch, and styrene balls should be handled carefully.

  • The slime can be stored for further use. Make sure you are keeping these types of slimes in airtight containers. They will remain as it is for a longer period.


This is how you can make different kinds of slime at home. Follow the recipes given above and the steps to do it. There are hundreds of other recipes available on the internet. Start with these easier ones at home. This is a fun-filled activity you can try with your friends and cousins at home. Bring parents or guardians along if you are too young.