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List of Top 5 Unique Summer Camps and Activities for Kids in India

By AiswaryaApril 16, 2024
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In a world where screens and sedentary lifestyles take over the lion’s share of your children’s lives, summer camps provide a much-needed escape for them to take out their boots and kick off new adventures!

List of Top 5 Unique Summer Camps and Activities for Kids in India

As a parent, you know the challenge of choosing the right summer camp that keeps your little ones engaged and enriched during these vacation months.

Well, worry no more. Your search for the perfect list of top summer vacation camps in India ends here!

Through the productive and engaging summer camps we have enlisted in this guide, you will allow your kids to explore new passions and interests and equip them with the knowledge to make it big in life with complete confidence! From developing independence and resilience to building teamwork and problem-solving abilities, summer camps make way for a holistic learning experience for your kids that extends far beyond the confines of a classroom.

So, let's set out on a journey through our golden list of top summer vacation camps, where adventure, discovery, and learning await your young learner.

The Significance of Summer Camps for Children in India

The Significance of Summer Camps for Children in India

Before we head on to the camps, let’s also talk about the benefits of summer camps quickly. Have a look!

  • Exposure to the Outdoors and Disconnect from Digital Devices- Through outdoor adventures, camps instill the importance of leading a physically active and healthy lifestyle 

  • Environment for Personal Growth and Character Building-  Away from the comforts of home, children face challenges that help them develop resilience, independence, and strong character traits

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Summer Camp Activities

1. Camp Skandagiri by Inme

Have you heard about Camp Skandagiri by Inme?  Located near the historical 18th-century Skandagiri Fort built by Tipu Sultan, this six-day adventure camp is thoughtfully designed for 9 to 11 year olds, which combines history, creativity, and thrilling outdoor activities in a unique educational experience. 

Here's why Camp Skandagiri tops our list of top summer vacation camps in India:

  • Adventure and Learning: Engaging activities that step up the independence, confidence, and physical and mental growth of kids

  • Focused Attention: Each activity is led by trained instructors with a favorable instructor-to-child ratio of 1:6, making no compromises in personalized attention

  • Suitable Environment: Small group settings (15-18 children) to ensure comfortable interactions and friendships between children

  • Balanced Activities: Between thrilling wilderness adventures, creative indoor tasks, and fun bonfire sessions, Camp Skandagiri guarantees a well-spent schedule for your kids

  • Comfortable Accommodations: Children experience camping under the stars in comfortable tents equipped with all necessary gear

  • Safety First: A doctor on site and instructors trained in wilderness first aid, alongside an emergency vehicle on camp, to make sure your children’s safety is a top priority

Camp Price: ₹39,900

If your child loves discovering new places, they'll be thrilled by "Around the World in 14 Days!" This virtual camp takes them on a global adventure from the comfort of home. Get on board on this cultural expedition – Enroll your explorer with us today!

2. Panchgani Adventure Camp by Foliage Outdoors

Created specifically for children aged 10 to 12, Panchgani Adventure Camp from Foliage Outdoors is a great addition to any list of top summer vacation camps and promises a thrilling escape into the heart of nature, just 14 kilometers from Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar.

Here’s why your children should join this one-of-a-kind adventure:

  • Thrilling Activities: From rope-based challenges like the Burma Bridge and ziplining to a thrilling 21-element obstacle course, there's never a dull moment at Panchgani Adventure Camp

  • Skill Development: All the camp activities at Panchgani help in building strength, endurance, and essential life skills such as problem-solving

  • Scenic Stay: Experience the beauty of nature with stays in picturesque tents or dormitories

  • Safety Ensured: Every participant is covered by travel insurance, ensuring a worry-free adventure

  • Convenient Package: Enjoy a fully escorted trip, making logistics a breeze

  • Group Discount: A special discount of ₹500 per person for groups of 8 or more.

Price: ₹10,500

3. Movers & Shakers Summer Camp by Creya Learning, Hyderabad

Movers & Shakers Engineering Camp by Creya Learning is a unique and exciting opportunity for young minds aged 6 to 8 (Grades 1-3). In this innovative learning environment, kids engage with the fundamentals of engineering by constructing everyday objects like transportation models, towers, and timepieces. This camp promises a creative exploration of time, travel, and money—key ingredients to understanding and shaping the world.

Here are some engaging activities that make Movers & Shakers the ideal summer camp program for your budding engineer:

  • Cruising Cart & The Fancy Float: Kids build land and water vehicles using bricks and early engineering kits, discovering the principles of locomotion

  • Tower Trail: Children learn about budget management as they creatively assemble the tallest tower possible within financial limits

  • The Clock Faces You: An exploration of timekeeping where kids build their clocks, learning to value and manage time effectively

  • Hands-On Experience: Through a project, kids apply their time and budget management skills to bring innovative ideas to life

Movers & Shakers promises a summer filled with learning, fun, and creativity priced at INR 3500 (GST inclusive) for a five-day camp running three hours daily.

4. Kedarkantha Summer Camp by Indiahikes

For adventurous spirits aged 10-14, Kedarkantha Summer Camp by Indiahikes brings the excitement of trekking with outdoor exploration skills. 

Here's why the Kedarkantha trek is a must for your young adventurer:

  • Epic Adventure: Trek to the summit of Kedarkantha, a journey marked by stunning views and challenging climbs, perfect for instilling resilience and a sense of accomplishment in your children

  • Survival Skills: Learn to build shelters with minimal resources

  • First Aid Skills: Gain essential life-saving skills through practical mock drills

  • Navigation Skills: Master the use of maps and GPS tools to find your way out in the wild

  • Campsite Setup: Understand the principles of selecting and setting up a safe and efficient campsite

  • Outdoor Cooking: Experience the basics of cooking in the wild, a fun and essential survival skill

Trek Fee: ₹20,500

5. STEAM CAMP by ELC India

Channel your children's creativity and curiosity at ELC India's STEAM Camp, designed for kids aged 8-16. This all-in-one summer camp combines science, technology, engineering, arts, and math with exciting hands-on activities and real-world applications.

What’s so special about this STEAM CAMP? Let’s see.

  • Diverse Learning Experiences: Engage in carpentry, pottery, theater, embroidery, and traditional art forms like Madhubani and Kaavi

  • Scientific Exploration: Launch model rockets, build bots, race RC cars, and pilot drones

  • Entrepreneurial Skills: Develop business acumen through projects focusing on ideation, investments, profit and loss, marketing, and sales

  • Outdoor Adventures: Enjoy field trips to mangrove forests, intertidal walks, kayaking, and heritage walks

  • Flexible Pricing Options: Choose from a summer camp with an overnight field trip (₹8500) or without (₹7500)

If your little genius is an aspiring math wizard, they'll be hooked on the challenging math puzzles and lightning-fast mental math games in Vedantu’s Mental Math series! Let your kids discover arithmetic tricks from around the world and engage in hands-on activities that make learning math an epic adventure.

Summer Camp Activities for Various Age Groups

Summer Camp Activities for Various Age Groups

As you explore the exciting world of summer camps, you'll quickly discover that these experiences are tailored to cater to the unique needs and interests of children across various age groups. From the wide-eyed wonder of the little ones to the budding curiosity of pre-teens, each camp offers a curated blend of activities designed to kindle their imaginations, assist their growth, and create lasting memories.

Here are some age-appropriate activities for different groups:

Indoor and Outdoor Activities for Kids in KG-Class 2

  • Storytelling sessions with interactive elements like puppets, props, and sound effects

  • Imaginative play areas and dress-up corners to encourage role-playing

  • Arts and crafts projects like finger painting, collage making, and clay modeling

  • Indoor games like building blocks, puzzles, and board games

  • Gardening and planting activities to learn about nature

Activities for Kids in Class 3-Class 5

  • Diary writing workshops with prompts for creative expression

  • Comic strip creation with storyboarding and illustration techniques

  • Simple science experiments and demonstrations

  • Coding and robotics workshops with age-appropriate tools

  • Cooking and baking classes for practical life skills

Activities for Students in Class 6-Class 10

  • Overnight camping trips with tent pitching and campfire activities

  • Hiking and trekking expeditions in natural surroundings

  • Textile arts like embroidery, weaving, and tie-dye techniques

  • Stamp, coin, or artifact collecting and trading sessions

  • Guided tours to museums or historical sites for collectors

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As you skim through this list of top summer vacation camps for your children, remember that summer camp experiences are more than just a way to keep them occupied during the long break. They are an investment in their personal growth and a gateway for self-discovery.

With diverse camps catering to different interests and age groups, India offers exciting opportunities for children to explore, learn, and grow. So, embrace the spirit of exploration, encourage your children's curiosity, and let this summer be the beginning of a journey that will shape their character, broaden their outlook, and inspire a lifelong love for learning and personal growth.

Vedantu takes this learning to new heights and gives your child a transformative and personalized educational experience that prepares them for future success. 

Discover the joy of learning this summer with Vedantu's unique camp courses! Embrace a world of subjects, skills, and hobbies tailored to your child's interests and experience the magic of personalized, interactive online sessions led by expert instructors. Book a seat today!