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Top 25 Kids' Summer Activities and Crafts Ideas

By FatimaApril 24, 2024
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What are your favorite childhood memories? Calling after the ice cream cart? Playing cricket until it was dusk? Or is it the thrill of running through fields while playing hide and seek with neighborhood friends?

Kids' Summer Activities and Crafts Ideas

No matter how hard you jog your memory, you will realize that the only memories that can still warm your heart and plaster a goofy grin on your lips are those of your summer vacations. That's right – summer vacations are that precious for kids!

While times have changed now, and there's always a pressure to excel at academics, no reason is strong enough that kids shouldn't have fun during their summer vacations.

To ensure your child loves every bit of summer like you did, you only need a blend of proper kids' summer activities. Incorporating fun and learning will ensure that children do not get out of touch with their studies but still get to be children.

Summer activities are also important to:

  • Keep children busy

  • Teach them about teamwork

  • Develop their communication and social skills

  • Encourage them to ask questions, share their feelings, and make new friends

  • Keep them physically fit

  • Push them out of their comfort zone

  • Teach them basic survival skills

  • Improve their critical thinking abilities

And the list goes on and on…

The point is that the right mix of kids' summer activities offers holistic development.

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Ready to sow some lifelong happy memories in your child's life while ensuring they stay caught up in their studies? Explore this list of top 25 kids' summer activities. Let's get you started!

Art and Craft Ideas for Kids

Art and Craft Ideas for Kids

There's no school, no alarm clock, and no running by the clock that's chasing them. What better way to put these long free hours to use than engaging them in arts and crafts that can actually give air to their creativity? Let's get those little hands busy!

1. Finger Painting

This sensory-rich activity is perfect for shy kids. It offers them an outlet to explore their artistic talents and express their emotions through the art they make.

You can use this opportunity to teach them the names of different colors, how to identify textures, and even the meaning of VIBGYOR. Choose an activity that's perfect for their age.

2. Blow Painting

Take your child's creativity to a new level with blow painting. This activity involves adding drops of paint to paper and using a straw to blow the paint across the page, creating abstract art.

Here's the Bonus Point: Blow painting can also teach kids to control their breathing. It is particularly good practice for young children as it helps them improve their speech skills.

3. Paper Quilling

Introduce your children to paper quilling. This craft involves rolling, shaping, and gluing paper strips to create beautiful designs. It's excellent for older kids because it improves their focus and makes them patient.

4. DIY Projects 

Encourage your kids to create DIY projects such as homemade playdough, bead necklaces, or simple robots from kits.

These projects do more than keep children entertained.

  • They help develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills

  • They refine motor skills as kids mix, measure, and assemble

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5. Crafting with Recycled Materials

Teach your kids about sustainability while having fun by using recycled materials for crafting.

  • Provide them with old newspapers, cardboard boxes, and plastic bottles

  • Then, assist them in transforming those materials into masks, toy houses, or even a mini garden

This activity makes children responsible, and they start understanding the importance of not polluting their surroundings.

Outdoor Adventures and Physical Activities

Outdoor Adventures and Physical Activities

Now that you've touched upon the artsy kids' summer activities, it's time to touch the soul of the summer season — outdoor fun.

From splashing around to learning new skills, the following activities have something for every kid.

6. Water-Based Activities

The two clear winners are swimming and a day by the beach. These are the two all-time favorite summer activities for kids of all ages.

Swimming is an essential life skill and is also excellent for physical health. It provides a full-body workout, is extremely good for cardiovascular health, and improves strength, flexibility, and stamina.

If your society doesn't have a community pool, you can take your children to one or take them to a nearby water park.

And then there are beach games

Games like frisbee, beach volleyball, or sandcastle building are perfect for a day out at the beach. These activities are suited for toddlers as well as teens.

If you happen to live near a beach, you can also engage your little ones in kite-flying. This is an excellent unconventional beach activity that can improve your child's coordination and focus.

7. Self-Defense Classes

Karate and Judo are hands down the best classes for children to learn self-defense. But there's more to these activities!

  • They make children physically fit

  • Children who can defend themselves are a lot more confident in public

  • These activities are also great at teaching children self-discipline

8. Gardening

Gardening is one of those classic kids' summer activities that can easily combine education with fun. Don't believe us? Let's prove it to you.

Involve your little one in sowing seeds in a pot. This will automatically make them eager to see their seed become a seedling. Use this curiosity to explain to them how they can take care of the plant so it grows — by watering it.

If your little one is over 7 years of age, take the learning one step further.

  • Teach them what photosynthesis is and the role of chlorophyll

  • Discuss the role of pesticides and insecticides and how they are harmful to human health

  • Talk about organic food and its benefits

There you go - you just covered an entire chapter from botany, and they won't even realize it!

9. Organized Sports to Encourage Teamwork

Participating in organized sports or team-based physical challenges can be an excellent way for kids to learn about teamwork, leadership, and fair play.

Sports such as soccer, cricket, or relay races encourage children to work together towards a common goal, understand their roles within a team, and develop social skills.

If you can't take them to some local clubs to play such games, you can use your backyard to create an obstacle course for them. It's an equally fun and engaging activity with many benefits.

  • Since kids have to clear obstacles, it develops their critical thinking abilities

  • It's also a fantastic way to keep them physically fit

Educational and Skill-building Activities

Educational and Skill-building Activities

Learning doesn't have to stop when the school closes, and it doesn't have to feel like studying, either! We have the perfect kids' summer activities that will engage your kids in ways you didn't know. Don't believe us yet? You will, after going through the activities listed below.

10. Cooking Lessons to Introduce Culinary Skills

Cooking is a fantastic way to teach children about nutrition. But did you know you can also use it to teach your little ones math? Yes, it's true.

  • Involve them in measuring potions and counting chapatis to improve their math

  • You can also bake a pizza with them. Then, ask them to choose their favorite toppings and add them to the pizza while counting. You can do this the other way around, too. Add toppings they don't like and ask them to remove those. They won't even realize that they are learning to add and subtract. Brilliant, isn't it?

Besides, cooking is also an essential life skill. They will thank you for those yummy lessons in the kitchen when they grow up.

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11. Pottery Making

Pottery making is an engaging activity that can help develop a child's hand-eye coordination and creativity.

Get them started with simple techniques like pinch pots or coil pots, and use air-dry clay to avoid the need for a kiln.

This activity allows children to express themselves through clay and gives them a sense of accomplishment as they see their creations take shape.

12. Reading Clubs

Nothing kicks off a child's imagination like reading stories. It's a great activity that improves their speaking skills, makes them interactive, and boosts their creativity.

You can enroll them in reading clubs, that's one. But if that's not on the cards, you can engage them in reading books at home.

Choose story books suitable for their age. Instead of reading to them, make them read stories for you. Ask them questions about who their favorite character is or engage them in doing voice-overs that suit different characters they like.

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13. Science Experiments That Can Be Done at Home

Turn your home into a laboratory with safe and simple science experiments.

Here are a few classics that your little one will fall in love with:

  • Making a baking soda and vinegar volcano

  • Creating a homemade barometer

  • Exploring the properties of non-Newtonian fluids (like cornstarch and water)

These simple experiments teach basic scientific principles and encourage a systematic approach to problem-solving. Be sure to explain the science behind each experiment to deepen their understanding and curiosity.

Activity-based Learning

Activity-based Learning

Summer is ideal for children to immerse themselves in experiences beyond traditional classroom learning. Let's explore some such activities that can spark a lifelong passion and upskill your child.

14. Enrolling in Summer Camps

Summer camps offer many activities, from sports and science to arts and adventure. These camps provide a structured yet enjoyable environment. It’s here that children:

  • Learn new skills

  • Meet peers from different backgrounds

  • Develop the true sense independence

Is summer heat killing your plans to send your child to a summer camp? Look no further than Vedantu's virtual summer camp. We offer a range of interactive courses that can take your little one on adventures, teach them math and science, and so much more. Reserve a spot for your little one now!

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15. Participating in Workshops

Music, dance, and drama classes are excellent for nurturing artistic talents and boosting self-confidence.

Workshops can provide intensive exposure to these arts. It helps children to hone their skills and perhaps prepare for performances. These activities enhance coordination and rhythm and teach children to express their emotions better.

16. Educational Road Trips

A road trip to historical sites, nature reserves, or science museums can transform a family vacation into an educational adventure.

Plan visits to places that complement what your children have been learning in school, or choose destinations that offer something completely new. This simple, fun activity can ignite a lifelong interest in history, science, or nature.

17. Learning New Languages

Being bilingual or even multilingual is a significant advantage, and summer offers a perfect opportunity for children to start learning a new language online.

The best thing is that interactive online classes for kids use fun activities such as games, songs, and puzzles to teach children new languages.

Connecting with Nature

Encouraging children to connect with nature has many benefits.

  • It makes children aware of their surroundings

  • They start respecting the wild and understand that nature demands respect

  • They learn about ecology and conservation

Here are the kids' summer activities that can achieve this feat!

18. Wildlife Camps in Forests

Wildlife camps provide a unique opportunity for children to learn about local and exotic animals in their natural habitats. These camps include animal tracking, bird watching, and educational talks by wildlife experts.

19. Adventure Camps

Adventure camps that teach outdoor survival skills can be thrilling and educational. Children learn to:

  • Use a compass to find their way

  • Build shelters with leaves and branches

  • Identify edible plants

  • Do basic first aid in the wild

Besides, these activities also teach children the value of teamwork and hone their leadership skills.

20. Environmental Conservation

You can make your kids participate in environmental conservation efforts such as tree planting or local clean-up drives. These activities teach children:

  • The importance of caring for the planet

  • The joy of giving and caring

  • They can play a significant role in protecting the environment

21. Astronomy Camps for Night Sky Exploration

Got little astronauts in your house? It's time to engage them in an astronomy camp to teach them about the wonders of the universe. These camps include stargazing nights, learning to use telescopes, and interactive sessions about planets, stars, and galaxies.

Vedantu offers a space exploration course too. This super-affordable 2-week course will take your child through the mysteries of the universe – black holes, stars, planets, and whatnot! Explore the course offering today!

Social Activities for Personal Growth

Social activities play a crucial role in the personal and emotional development of children. They provide opportunities for kids to interact, cooperate, and learn from others.

Let's explore some enriching kids' summer activities that can transform even the shyest kid on the block into a social butterfly!

22. Host and Organize Sleepovers

Sleepovers are fantastic ways for kids to make new friends. Encourage your child to plan and host a sleepover with themed activities such as a movie night, a craft project, or a treasure hunt.

Themed activities will ensure that kids are being predictive rather than creating a mess!

23. Team-building Games to Improve Social Skills

Team-building activities are essential for teaching children about cooperation and communication. The best games to achieve this feat include relay races, obstacle courses, or simple building projects.

These activities help children understand the value of working together to achieve a common goal and can improve their problem-solving skills and leadership abilities.

24. Community Service Projects Suitable for Kids

Involving children in community service projects can impact their understanding of empathy. Projects can include visiting elderly homes, participating in food drives, or helping in local community gardens. 

These activities make children value what they have.

25. Cultural Exchange Activities

Cultural exchange activities expose children to diverse cultures and lifestyles. They're the best ways to truly teach kids the real meaning of Unity in Diversity. 

Make them participate in local cultural festivals or engage in virtual exchange programs where they can learn about different customs, languages, and traditions. 


A balanced bag of kids' summer activities is all that's needed to let kids have a blast while not facing the heat of summer slide. When you pick the right mix of activities – a blend of fun and learning through indoor and outdoor activities – your child benefits from it.

  • Kids get more social and expressive

  • They make new friends and become confident

  • They get better at academics without feeling the pressure to perform

  • They become physically and mentally stronger

Why not take this learning one step further? Enroll your favorite little human in Vedantu's Super Kids Programs. We have courses catering to kids of all ages. Let our experts teach your little ones how to speak better, write better, think better, and be better without overwhelming them with a bundle of books.