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Do You Think Time Travel is Possible?

By Shreya PatroSeptember 11, 2022
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Understand Theories of Time Travel in Detail

We are no strangers to the concept of time travel. From TV shows and movies to other works of fiction, there have been many references made to the concept of time travel. In fact, some movies have time travel as the main plot as well. So, watching all those films, don’t you ever wonder whether time travel is possible or not. Don’t you ever wish you could just sit in a time machine and travel to Egypt in the past and have a look at the building pyramids? Or you could just go into the future 10 years ahead to see where you stand in life. 

But one thing is for sure. If time travel was actually invented, there is no doubt that history would not be the same again, ever. In fact, it can be said that nothing would be the same with time travel being invented. Events could easily be manipulated right before they tend to happen. So, it is best to leave this complicated topic as it is. 

Time Travelling

 Time Travelling

We’d definitely love to use time travel in everyday life, wouldn’t we? We could simply stop at different periods of time to see the changes that have been made in our lives. However, before going forth with all that meddling and manipulating things, it is important to know how time travel is possible and whether the goals can be achieved with time travel or not. Read this article ahead to find out more. 

Is It Possible to Travel Through Time? 

To answer this burning question of whether time travel is possible or not, it can be said that it is very much possible for sure. However, it is not possible in the way that one would actually think. In fact, you would be surprised to know that you are travelling through time right now.


As you are actually reading this article, you are definitely hurtling through the time and that too at the speed of one second per second. You are always travelling through time, even if you find yourself sitting in a pretty boring class and the clock seems to have just stopped. 

Unfortunately for you, the concept of time travel isn’t exactly what the books and movies have told us about. Who wouldn’t want to sit on a time machine and shuttle right through the time periods? However, many scientists have tried and failed to prove that time travel exists in the way that we know it. According to the great physicist Stephen Hawking, the best evidence about time travel and that it is not really possible and will never be is the fact that tourists from the future haven’t yet invaded our Earth. 

Don’t you think that if a time machine or a device for travelling through time existed, the beings from the future would try to get into the past, and hence, reach our time, just like we want to go to the time when the pyramids or any other important structure was being built? Now that is an argument you will not be able to argue with. So, coming back to the question, does time travel exist? We would like to say that it does but not exactly in the way we want it to. 

What is It About Experiencing Time Relativity?

So what do you think is the big deal with travelling through the time one second per second? Well, it is due to the fact that we all end up experiencing different things. Albert Einstein, a famous scientist, came up with the theory of relativity between space and time. Even to this day, it is considered to be one of the most common and basic principles that are taught in Physics.


Einstein, in his theory, put out a very important point. Absolutely nothing on this earth is able to travel faster than the speed of light. Also, the theory suggests that the faster you are able to move, the slower time will be for you. 

Over the years, many different scientists have actually tried and succeeded in proving this particular theory. In one experiment, there were two different clocks. One was on the ground, and the other was kept in an aeroplane that was flying in the direction in which the rotation of the Earth takes place. After completing a full round-the-world trip, scientists made the discovery that the clock on the ground was actually a bit faster than the clock that was in place. So, this went on ahead to prove that the plane’s clock was travelling a bit slower through time. 

So, is Time Travel Possible? Giving You the Answers

So, now you must actually be wondering if there is any difference in case one of the clocks is slower than the other if it is a difference of a fraction of a second. It doesn’t make any difference in case you are travelling, but it certainly does create a huge difference to a very vital part of your everyday life. 

We are talking about GPS tracking for sure. The GPD satellites or the tiny applications on your phone which are able to map your current location can help in figuring out the area we are in and where we are headed. The GPS or Global Positioning Satellites tend to orbit the earth at 14,000 Km/hr. 

According to the theory of relativity, clocks in these satellites are slower compared to the ones on the Earth by a fraction of a second. However, there is a twist. According to another part of the theory of Einstein, gravity helps in curving space and time. So, when the GPS satellites are in space, they are travelling at more than 20000 km/hr. So, the satellites tend to experience time faster than one second per second. So, the navigation map could go faster than you would actually be on earth. This gap has been corrected by scientists from NASA. 


So, these are some time travel facts that you should know about. Learning about time travel is important because it is a concept of fascination amongst many scientists and researchers.