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Simple List of 20+ Summer Outdoor Activities for Kids and Friends

By AiswaryaApril 30, 2024
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Summer vacations and summer outdoor activities go hand-in-hand. Not just from the perspective of giving children a chance to enjoy their summer break, but also from the perspective of science. Don’t believe us? Let’s talk about some facts then!

Simple List of 20+ Summer Outdoor Activities for Kids and Friends

According to research published by the National Library of Medicine, outdoor games are more than just a dose of physical fitness for children. They are also needed for:

  • Developing cognitive skills

  • Reinforcing social and emotional well-being

  • Teaching children the importance of teamwork and cooperation

  • Building a problem-solving attitude in life

In fact, according to WHO, children under the age of 5 need at least 180 minutes of physical exercise to ensure they do not become overweight and get proper sleep.

There's no better time than summer vacations to introduce fun outdoor activities to your child's routine. Here's our list of 20+ summer outdoor activities that will ensure your child isn't missing out on anything. Tag along!

Creative Arts and DIY Projects

Summer vacations are the time of year when children are neither bound by a school timetable nor by homework. Hence, a perfect mix of some DIY projects will be a great start to their vacation! The best thing? All the summer outdoor activities we have enlisted in this section can be easily organized by you at home without breaking your bank.

1. Painting with Frozen Paint and DIY Chalk

Assist your little ones in preparing frozen paint by filling ice cube trays with watercolor mixes and inserting popsicle sticks before freezing.

To make DIY chalk, combine Plaster of Paris with paint and pour into molds to set. This homemade chalk is ideal for vibrant sidewalk masterpieces.

Here are some classic benefits of this simple DIY activity.

  • It refines motor skills and sensory development

  • Using different mediums like ice and chalk stimulates creativity and exploration in young children

To complement these physical and cognitive benefits with academic growth, Vedantu offers a range of summer camp courses that can be a perfect blend for your child's comprehensive development.

2. Crafting Homemade Bird Feeders and Water Blobs

Engage your kids in making bird feeders using recycled materials like old milk cartons or plastic bottles.

  • Supply them with recycled materials such as old milk cartons or plastic bottles to make bird feeders

  • Hang them in your garden, and let your little ones watch your local wildlife visit for a snack

Water blobs provide a unique play area. They are made by sealing water inside heavy-duty plastic sheeting with duct tape. You can simply prepare one at home.


  • Using recycled material makes children environmentally aware and responsible at a very young age

  • Water blobs offer a sensory play experience that promotes physical activity and understanding of materials science

3. Creating a Fairy Garden and Pressing Flowers

Help your kids construct a fairy garden in a corner of your yard using small plants, pebbles, imaginative decorations, or large pots.

Pressing flowers is another great activity. Kids can simply place fresh flowers between parchment paper and heavy books.

  • Children learn the rare value of patience as both these summer outdoor activities take time

  • It also increases their focus and concentration power

  • You can use this opportunity to talk about the scientific process of preservation and teach them about some basics of botany

4. Making Ice Cream in a Bag and Homemade Popsicles

Engaging kids in making their favorite ice cream at home is very simple.

  • Fill a small ziplock bag with cream, sugar, and vanilla

  • Seal the ziplock bag inside a larger bag with ice and rock salt

  • Let your kids shake the bag for about five minutes until the mixture turns into ice cream

For popsicles, blend fruits, pour into molds, and freeze.


  • Teach children basic principles of chemistry through temperature changes and mixing ingredients

  • These summer outdoor activities can also inspire kids to develop healthy eating habits by choosing natural ingredients for popsicles

5. Recycling and Melting Old Crayons Under the Sun

This is a great fun activity that takes creativity to a whole new level – children get to recycle materials to make new art supplies!

Help them collect some broken crayons and peel off the paper. Then, place the pieces in silicone molds.

  • Set the molds outside under the sun

  • Let the heat naturally melt the crayons into new, fun shapes


  • There's no better way to teach children about solar energy and recycling

  • It makes children environmentally conscious

Nature and Exploration

You can't miss out on fun in the wild when incorporating summer outdoor activities into your child's summer vacation routine. Besides, the activities listed in this section also have educational value.

6. Engaging in Nature Scavenger Hunts

Design a scavenger hunt list with items for your children to find. Name simple items such as a feather, a round stone, a leaf of a specific shape, or a pinecone.

Provide your tiny tots with a bag or a small basket to collect their finds.


  • It improves observational skills 

  • It's a great way to boost their knowledge of flora

  • Scavenger hunt makes kids better at solving problems

  • It incorporates the much-needed physical exercises in your child's lazing summer routine

7. Building Mud Kitchens and Fairy Houses

In a designated outdoor area, set up a mud kitchen using old pots, pans, and utensils. Your kids can 'cook' using soil, water, and leaves.

For fairy houses, provide materials like bark, leaves, twigs, and stones to construct small, imaginative shelters in secluded parts of your garden.


  • These are highly creative games that make children think outside the box

  • Children learn to utilize natural materials creatively

  • These summer outdoor activities are excellent in refining their motor skills

8. Having Fun with Bug Hunts and Insect Exploration

Equip your kids with magnifying glasses and containers to explore and collect insects in different habitats around your home or in parks. You must guide them carefully in observing and releasing the insects back into their habitat without harming them.


  • It's a great outdoor activity to spike your child's interest in science

  • It's the most practical way to teach them about entomology and develop respect for even the smallest creatures

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9. Collecting Rocks and Leaves for Creative Projects

You can take your children on nature walks and prompt them to collect various rocks and leaves that can be used later for art projects such as leaf rubbings or rock painting.


  • The materials they collect can be used to teach them the basics of geology and botany

  • These summer outdoor activities also develop artistic skills

10. Planting a Garden and Learning About Local Flora and Fauna

You can help your kids grow various plants, flowers, and vegetables. Discuss the types of plants suitable for your local climate and the wildlife they attract.


  • Since children take care of the plants they seed, they learn how to be patient and responsible

  • Gardening is also an extremely practical introduction to botany, ecology, and the importance of biodiversity

  • It can also inspire kids to develop healthy eating habits and quit eating junk food

Water-based Activities

Indian summer = scorchy heat! Hence, including fun water games in your child's routine summer outdoor activities is important. Here's a breakdown of all the activities you can plan for your little ones at home. These engaging and refreshing summer outdoor activities and games will keep your children active and entertained.

11. Organizing Water Balloon Fights and Sponge Tag

Fill up several water balloons and set up a 'battlefield' for a water balloon fight, just as you do for Holi. Ensure it's in a safe, open space.

For a game of sponge tag, give your kids a large sponge soaked in water. The player who is 'it' tags others by squeezing the sponge over them.


  • These summer outdoor activities are great for physical exercise and help in cooling down during hot days

  • They teach kids about teamwork and strategic thinking as they plan their moves in the balloon fight or work to evade the tagger

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12. Creating Homemade Slip and Slides

Use long, heavy-duty plastic sheeting and lay it on a sloped, grassy area. Secure it with stakes.

Next, wet the plastic with a hose and add a few drops of baby shampoo for extra slipperiness. And voila! That's a slip-n-slide right in your backyard!


  • Slip and slide is a great game to improve your child's coordination and balance

  • It's a great activity to get those little bodies moving and burn some calories

13. Pool Noodle Games and Ice Block Treasure Hunts

For pool noodle games, you can use noodles as bats for water balloons or cut them into rings for a tossing game.

For ice block treasure hunts, you can freeze small toys inside large blocks of ice and give kids tools to 'excavate' their frozen treasures.


  • Pool noodle games refine motor skills and hand-eye coordination

  • Ice block treasure hunts teach patience and problem-solving

Amid these refreshing water games, keep your child's learning afloat with Vedantu's Super Kids Program designed to make education enjoyable and effective.

Games and Sports

Encourage your children to embrace active play with various games and summer outdoor activities that keep them moving and build essential skills. Here's a section on how you can turn your backyard into a playground of fun and learning.

14. Obstacle Courses and Relay Races

You can easily design an obstacle course in your backyard using simple items like cones, ropes for limbo, and makeshift hurdles.

You can also organize relay races by setting up a course where kids can compete in teams, passing a baton or an object from one to another.


  • These games improve physical fitness, coordination, and agility

  • They also teach children about teamwork and strategy

  • These are great summer outdoor activities that improve social and cognitive skills

15. Classic Outdoor Games

Draw a hopscotch grid with chalk on a safe pavement area. Then, teach your kids the rules of tag. You can also have a simple frisbee tossing session in an open area.


  • These timeless games are excellent for physical conditioning

  • They help in developing motor skills

  • Games like frisbee improve hand-eye coordination, while hopscotch can improve balance and spatial awareness

16. Setting Up Mini Sports Days

Set up small, informal matches or skills challenges for sports like football between family members using makeshift or portable goals.

You can also create a miniature golf course in your backyard using household objects as obstacles.


  • Playing team sports develops teamwork and sportsmanship

  • Miniature golf teaches children focus and precision

  • These summer outdoor activities also encourage healthy competition

17. Hula Hoops and Kite Flying

Have a hula hoop contest in your backyard. When things go a little windy, take out a kite to teach your children how to get it airborne and control it in the sky.


  • Hula-hooping is excellent for improving core strength and coordination

  • Kite flying can be used as an opportunity to teach children basic aerodynamics and enhance their problem-solving skills as they learn to control the kite in varying winds

Relaxation and Leisure

Summer outdoor activities don't have to always involve running. We have compiled a list of some low-energy but super-engaging activities that can balance everything out.

18. Outdoor Movie Night

Setting up an outdoor movie night at night can turn your backyard into a cinematic experience for your little ones.

With a simple projector and a white sheet or a portable screen, your entire family can enjoy their favorite films in the comfort of nature. You can make it interactive by involving your children in picking relevant movies.

You can also use this activity to improve your child's communication and storytelling skills.

  • Spot any special moments that you can use to engage your little ones – it could be a catchphrase, a dialogue that a character uses often, or even a theme song

  • Pause during those key moments and prompt your kids to recall the dialogue

  • If a theme song pops up, all kids can get up and dance

19. Book Reading

On quieter afternoons, encourage your children to grab a book and find a cozy spot in a hammock or under the shade of a large tree.

Reading can enrich your child's vocabulary, expand the horizons of their imagination, and improve their communication skills too.

Want to take things one notch higher? Enroll your little one into Vedantu’s English Superstar Program. Our interactive sessions will help your child write, read, and speak confidently.


20. Stargazing

It might not sound educational, but stargazing is an amazing outdoor activity that teaches children extensively about astronomy.

  • You can help them identify and spot constellations in the night sky

  • Equip them with a telescope or guide them into making one at home and spot planets in the sky

  • Use the opportunity to talk about fascinating scientific phenomena and facts – why does it rain, the light we see from stars today was released millions of years ago, and much more

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21. Community and Social Activities

Summer provides a splendid opportunity for children to engage with their community and learn the value of social responsibility. Getting involved in different charity activities makes kids empathetic.

  • Help them set up a lemonade or a dole whip stand to give them a taste of entrepreneurship. Earning their own money and then donating it to an orphanage or elder home can teach kids about the value of using money wisely

  • Organize or participate in community picnics and potlucks. These gatherings enable children to play and interact with others in a relaxed setting. It's a fantastic way for them to make new friends

  • Encouraging them to donate will teach them about the value of giving to those in need and will also help them appreciate how fortunate they are and how they can use what they have to make life better for others


Summer outdoor activities allow you to plan your child's vacation to be fulfilling.

  • Sports and backyard games keep children physically fit, solidify their strategic thinking and problem-solving capabilities

  • DIY arts and crafts help them express their emotions better, challenge their imagination and creativity, and refine their motor skills

  • Charity and social activities teach them how to appreciate what they have and help others

To ensure they're not left behind in their studies, club these summer outdoor activities with class camp courses offered by Vedantu. Our exclusive range of affordable summer camp courses can improve your child's math and science skills while keeping things light and fun. Explore our core offerings today.