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Summer Camps for Champs in Nagpur 2024

By AiswaryaMay 06, 2024
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Ah, summer!  It is the season when kids run wild, munching ice cream for breakfast and somehow getting grass stains in the most unexpected places. 

Summer Camps for Champs in Nagpur

But parents, don't worry, we've got you covered! 

Summers can stretch on, and we're here with the best activities to keep your little ones happily engaged— Summer Camps in Nagpur!

Enrolling your children in engaging and fun-filled summer camps is one of the most effective ways to keep them engaged and entertained during the long summer months.

There are great summer camps in Nagpur for kids to learn, engage, and participate in during this time of the year.

So, let’s get started!

List of Popular Summer Camps in Nagpur 2024

This year, Summer camps in Nagpur are bursting with excitement! From art workshops to adventure treks, there's something to spark every child's creativity and skill-building. 

Here are the best summer camps near you. Let your kids enjoy a memorable summer vacation!

1. Discover Nagzira - Summer Camp 2024 by The Youth COSMO with Naturewalk

This camp is your child’s ticket to a world of nature and wildlife conservation. Dive into summer with hands-on activities, thrilling discoveries, and the chance to connect deeply with the great outdoors.

Age Group - Kids between 7-14 years can attend this camp

Location: It is located in the Nagzira Tiger Reserve, Bhandara District, approximately 110 km from Nagpur

Dates: 8th May - 13th May 2024.

Camp Highlights:

  • Wildlife and Forest Ecosystem Study: Engage in guided jungle safaris to learn about the diverse wildlife and forest ecosystem of Nagzira Tiger Reserve

  • Wings and Whispers: Join renowned Ornithologist Kiran Purandare for an enriching birdwatching experience, learning about various bird species and their habitats.

  • Interact with the Gond Tribe: Experience rural life and interact with the indigenous Gond tribe, gaining insights into their culture, traditions, and way of life.

  • Nature Games and Activities: Participate in various nature-themed games and activities designed to educate and entertain children, fostering a love for the environment.

Contact Discover Nazgira for information about the timings and other booking details.

2. MBW - Passion Meets Revolution

MBW—Passion Meets Revolution is the ultimate summer camp experience where your child's enthusiasm meets endless possibilities! With a diverse lineup that includes art, sports, and tech, this camp is designed to spark creativity and fuel adventure. 

Let your child dive into a world of excitement and discovery all summer in Nagpur!


Location: It is located in Khamla, Nagpur.

Dates: Any time during the Summer.

Age Group: For all ages.

Camp Highlights:

  • Arts Classes: Children can explore their creative side through various art activities, including drawing, painting, and craft-making. These classes are designed to enhance their artistic skills and imagination.

  • Dance Training: The camp offers dance classes where children can learn different dance styles, improve coordination, and have fun moving to music.

  • Other Activities: In addition to arts and dance, MBW offers a variety of different activities to keep children engaged and entertained. These may include music lessons, drama workshops, and sports activities.

Operating Hours: The camp operates from 10 AM to 6 PM, providing a full day of activities for children to enjoy. The hours can be subject to change; do contact them for updated information.

3. Umang Career Class 

Umang Career Class isn't just a summer camp—it's a launchpad for young dreamers in Nagpur! 

With diverse programs tailored to every interest, this summer camp is designed to inspire and educate.

Location - It is located in Uppalwadi, Nagpur.

Dates: Any time during the Summer.

Age Group: For all ages.

Camp Highlights:

  • Arts Classes: The camp provides art classes, allowing children to explore their creative side through activities like drawing, painting, and crafts. These classes are designed to enhance artistic skills and foster creativity.

  • Engineering and Technician Job Training: Umang Career Class also offers training programs for children interested in engineering and technician careers. These camps provide hands-on experience and practical skills relevant to these fields to the kids.

  • Other Programs: In addition to arts and job training programs, Umang Career Class may offer various programs, such as music classes, dance lessons, and academic tutoring - standing out as a unique summer camp in Nagpur.

Operating Hours: The camp is open from 8 AM to 10 PM, allowing children to attend classes and programs at convenient times. The hours can be subject to change; do contact them for updated information.

4. Vatsalya Centre

Vatsalya is about sparking little curiosities and nurturing big dreams, even for the tiniest tots! It's the perfect summer camp in Nagpur for your little ones to take their first steps towards a lifetime of learning.

Location: It is located in Pratap Nagar, Nagpur.

Dates: Any time during the Summer.

Age Group: For toddlers and kids between 2 - 5 years.

Camp Highlights:

  • Early Childhood Development: Vatsalya provides a nurturing environment for young children, focusing on their overall development. The centre offers activities and programs stimulating children's cognitive, physical, and social-emotional development.

  • Playschool Services: Vatsalya offers playschool services for young children, providing a structured learning environment where they can engage in age-appropriate activities and play with other toddlers.

  • Daycare Services: Besides playschool, Vatsalya offers daycare services for working parents during the summer in Nagpur. Vatsalya Centre provides a safe and supervised environment for children to stay during the day, with meals and snacks included.

Operating Hours: Vatsalya is open from 9 AM to 7 PM, allowing parents to drop off and pick up their kids at convenient times. Please contact the centre for updated times as the hours can be subject to change.

Disclaimer: Events like summer camps are subject to changes due to external conditions. So, always seek out the latest information from reliable sources or directly from the camp organisers.

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How to Choose the Right Summer Camp?

Let’s talk about picking the right summer camp for your kids. Choosing wisely can make a difference!

It’s not just about keeping them entertained over summer break; the right camp can boost their development and give them many fun, enriching experiences. 

So, it is crucial to find that perfect fit! 

Points to remember while choosing the right Summer Camp:

  1. Identifying your child's interests is the first step to choosing the right summer camp. While these interests may change over time, ensuring that your child enjoys the camp activities is essential.

  2. Researching the camp's reputation by reading reviews and comments from other parents can help you determine whether it's the right fit for your child.

  3. Considering the camp's location and duration is essential to ensure it is feasible for your family's schedule and logistics.

  4. Ensuring the safety measures taken at the camp is crucial to safeguarding your child during their summer camp experience and evaluating the summer camps in terms of safety.

  5. Also, look for a place where the staff attains the kids' emotional needs, supports them as needed, and fosters positive social interactions.

Now that you have the necessary points,

Choose a summer camp in Nagpur - that aligns with your child's interests, prioritises safety, and supports their emotional well-being.

For those looking for flexible, home-based options, Vedantu offers a variety of online summer camps! Check it out now.

Preparing Your Child for Summer Camp

Getting your child ready for summer camp is essential, especially if it's their first time! 

Helping them mentally adjust to a new environment and ensuring they're comfortable are the first steps to guaranteeing a fantastic camp experience. 

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Set Expectations: Start the conversation early about what they'll experience at camp, like activities, routines, and where they'll stay. This helps build their excitement and readiness for the adventure.

  • Packing Essentials: Help your child pack the necessary items, such as clothes, toiletries, and any special gear. Label everything to prevent mix-ups.

  • Encourage Independence: Involve your child in packing and discuss the importance of following camp rules. This boosts their confidence and sense of responsibility.

  • Address Homesickness: Talk about homesickness being a normal feeling. Encourage them to engage in camp activities to stay busy and share coping strategies like writing letters or talking to counsellors.

These steps should help your child feel confident and excited about their summer camp adventure.

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It's super important for kids to stay active and engaged during the long summer break. This helps them reflect on what they've learned throughout the year. The list above highlights some of the best summer camps in and around Nagpur, making it easier for you to choose the perfect one for your little ones.

The Nagzira camp is a fantastic choice if your kids are into wildlife. MBW and Umang Career Class offer exciting activities for those who love art. Vatsalya is an excellent option for little ones aged 2 to 5.

We hope you find the right summer camp in Nagpur for your champs!

But if you still need to decide, Vedantu offers an online summer camp with two-week courses covering everything from Mathematics to mastering the Spelling Bee and exploring space. It's an excellent way for your kids to blast while learning from home! 

So, why wait? Register your champ today!