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Study Hacks: The Milestone in the Path to Success

By FathimaAugust 10, 2023
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Quick Study Hacks to Find Better Ways to Achieve Goals

The best way to achieve goals is to learn smarter, not harder. Some study hacks mentioned in this article can change your way of studying. The best and most effective study trick or shortcut can help to:

Study Hacks: Helping You Find Your Path To Success

  • Increase the productivity and efficiency of the individual.

  • It can help you maintain your study schedules.

  • It helps to learn faster.

  • It can help to boost your memory.

  • It can also help you ace your exams with lesser stress.

A little twist to your regular study patterns can help you be better! These quick study hacks will help you get better results in your exam.

How to Study Better?

Studying better is a wish of every student because it can help students to focus on the necessary more conveniently. Here are some quick hacks that one can implement in their routines and get the results they desire.

Set Your Alarm at a Distance

Setting up your alarms at a distance makes our bodies and brain believe they are awake. The time between walking from your bed and the mobile should be enough to wake you up and start your day.

Have a Sleep Routine

A sleep routine gives students a chance to have screen-free time before bed. It allows them to wake up feeling fresh when they start mornings. When the day begins with the right tone, it becomes productive.

Follow the 5 Minute Rule

What is “The 5-minute rule?” This rule states that for any task that takes less than 5 minutes to complete, do it immediately. It will reduce the number of to-dos on your to-do list and make you feel proactive.

Make a Procrastination List

Procrastination is the habit of delaying work. This list will contain all the reasons that made you procrastinate while addressing the task at hand. This way, the chances of procrastination will be less. 

Distract the Distractions

Distractions are the leading cause of our unfocused working habits. If you learn to distract your distractions, that is, learn to ignore them, you will achieve better results.

Bundle Up Your Disliked Task With a Tempting Reward

There are often tasks on our list that we wish to avoid at all costs. But avoiding them isn’t the solution. We will have to do them irrespective of our liking for them. Bundling such tasks with a tempting reward can ignite our will to complete them.

Buy Stationery That Brings You To Studies

Stationery can be a source of motivation for some of us to study. Cute, minimal, boho, artistic, or a stationery theme of your choice can be inviting. Buy stationery that you like and make optimum use of it. 

Ensure the Presence of Things to Remember Around You

When there is something that you have to remember but you find it hard to memorise. Try keeping it in your vision range at the maximum possible time. Continually viewing something can stay in our brains easily.

Compartmentalise Your Time

Dividing time into different compartments with labels makes your daily schedules more defined. It will help you utilise time better and be more productive in your study sessions.

Move Around A Little

Being active can enhance the brain's capacity to accumulate information in it. Moving around, walking, or exercising can initiate better brain activity which is beneficial for studying.

Take Some Power Naps Whenever Needed

Continuous study sessions can be tiring power naps are the rescue in such situations. Scheduling power naps or willingly taking power naps can increase your productivity.

How to Save Time for Study?

In the busy schedule of school or college and transportation, one gets tired. Studying for hours after all this is difficult. Here are some tips that will help you save time for your studies while managing other tasks in life. 

Study Smart, Not Hard

People often say, Work Hard but the appropriate way to work hard is to work smart. This same philosophy applies to studies as well. When we study smart, we understand what needs more time and focus while skimming through the not-so-necessary topics. This way, we cover a larger quantity of the syllabus and save time.

Use Study Tools for Better Learning

Study tools are an effective way of learning. These tools, when used right, can help in studying efficiently and scoring better in exams and also help in saving time.

Be an Active Listener in the Class

Being an active listener in class can help your brain retain information it hears during classes. This simple activity can save you time in your study sessions and even give you ways to score better.

Revise Your Notes at the End of Class Every Day

Revising notes at the end of class is a chance for you to re-look at the subjects and improves brain activity through the active-recall method.

How to Pass Exams Easily?

Every student wants to pass the exam with minimum effort. But there is no escape from hard work. Some quick study hacks can improve your presentation in the exam, giving you an edge over other students.

Find Ways to Train Your Brain

It is essential to know how one can train their brain to achieve their goals. During exams, if one trains their brain and hands to function in coordination while writing the exam, then the possibility of missing out on questions in the exams can be saved.

Stick to a Time Schedule

We know the time we need to complete some subjects, and we also know the time we should take. Once we learn to schedule our time in the exams and attempt accordingly, then we can pass the exams easily.

Make Space for Rough Work

Making space for rough work in the answer scripts ensures a clean and decent answer sheet for the examiner to check. Using the rough space will keep the unclean part and important parts of your answers separate, giving you a chance to score better.

Don’t Panic

We all have heard this advice before our exams, “Don’t Panic”! This is true because when we write our exam with a peaceful mind, we score better and achieve better results.


Study Hacks are a way to know answers to “How to study better?” and “How to pass the exams easily?” while saving time as well. Once you understand the implementation trick of the study hacks, it becomes easier to save time for studying as we study smart, not hard.

Try the mentioned quick study hacks for yourself and see how beneficial they become for you.

FAQs on Study Hacks: The Milestone in the Path to Success

1. What does studying smart mean?

Studying smart simply means knowing what is necessary and sensibly devoting time to it. If studying strategically, then results are sure to come.

2. How are Power Naps useful?

Power naps are a time for someone to rejuvenate from all the work they have been doing and start afresh once again.

3. Is studying efficiently difficult?

No, studying efficiently only needs smart use of all the hacks.