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Tips For Writing Poetry for Kids

By Shreya PatroAugust 03, 2022
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Teach Your Children How to Write Poems

Are you one of those parents whose kids force them to read different poems every night? If yes, then your kids must love literature and, most importantly, poetry. You can use their interest and help them to learn poetry writing. It is good to start this kind of creative activity early because it helps children challenge themselves to learn more about literature. Moreover, there is a chance that they will become an expert in that area.

In this article, we have a step-by-step poetry writing guide for children. Since kids need to know the tips for writing poetry beforehand, they can clearly understand how to write poems once you introduce the initial steps. So, follow this poetry writing guide for children.

Poetry Writing Tips

Poetry Writing for Kids

Poetry Writing for Kids

A poem is not just about rhyming words. But for kids, it is better to start with rhyming. An effective poem is capable of making readers feel emotion. Writing good poetry needs time, imagination, a habit of reading poetry and knowledge. So, we have mentioned tips for writing poetry below-

  • Before kids start learning how to write a poem, it would be recommended to teach them to write first. Start with essays, biographies, or anything they like or experience in life. It will give them a clear understanding of likenesses, emotions, etc.

  • Imagination is another necessity in writing poems. Make sure your kids listen to short stories or read them. This will give them a clear understanding of what is real and what is not.

  • Besides imagination, using memories can also be a good way to start writing poetry. Ask them to think about the most significant memories of any particular event and write about them in a well-decorated manner.

  • If you want to draw a simple description of nature, you can make them observe your surroundings and ask them to write down what they see and like.

  • Some poems may bear messages; some may not. But if you want to send a message through your poem, be clear about what your poem should express. Although this may seem difficult for kids initially, it is important for easy simple English poem writing.

  • As children, you can describe an event in your poem. But before you do that, think aloud about how you want to express the event. Make notes if you want to.

  • There are many types of poems like Sestina, Haiku, Sonnet, etc., but prose poems are the best for children, especially for beginners, since prose and do not follow the traditional line breaks. It is simple compared to the other types of poems. You can go for simple rhyming poems too. Though every poem has a different poem format, you can start by writing the simple ones first.

  • If you want to know how to start a poem, start freewriting. If you keep forcing yourself to write for a while, it helps to get some ideas for writing poetry.

  • If you want to write a poem for kids or if you want to know how to write a poem, the most important thing is to build the habit of reading poetry. Always try to find the best and most recent poetry books from anywhere and keep reading them. The more you read, the more you get ideas about how to write them.

Attending live poetry recitations can greatly help children who want to write poetry. Many libraries, coffee shops, and bookstores arrange live poetry readings where you can take them to get more ideas. Follow these tips to write an easy simple English poem.

How to Write Poems

Writing Guide

Writing Guide

There is no specific way to write poetry. But you can follow some basic rules to be a good poet.

  • Take a piece of paper or a copy and use some labels. In label 1, write about the places you like to visit and the people you are most fond of. On label 2, you can write if you have any questions about the world or things you like to do. On label no 3, you can write about your life or any memory. Now, sit in a quiet place and think about the idea that inspires you to write a poem for kids.

  • Poetry writing is greatly affected by the senses. So, think about what you feel and what you see or hear, and choose your words carefully. Make sure that your words justify your poem’s central idea and if you want to write a rhyming poem, go to websites to find appropriate words.

  • Once you choose the idea, start writing the poem. Try to start your poem with a statement or a question that gives a beautiful beginning to your poem. Always try to use your senses when writing poems because if you want to convey an emotion, you need to feel it too.

  • When you write something, it is easy to be obsessed with the first line. As we have discussed before, the first line is important, but if you cannot write the first line, you can leave it for the time being. Do not think about the poem format now. Write the poem first and then change it as you like.

  • Use line breaks. They let the reader understand when to pause. Line breaks also add rhythm to the poem and make the poem sound more beautiful. But using line breaks does not mean you can use them anywhere. Use it where they are necessary.

  • Revision is always the key to writing a great poem. A poem is never complete after you finish the writing. Children need to read the poems repeatedly to understand if the lines make sense and if the poem is successful in conveying the meaning and emotion the way they want.


Every child has a different interest. Just like some kids like to play with other kids, some like to sit in the corner of their room and write a few poems. As much as writing poetry sounds good, it is a hard job to do. So, always try to follow a step-by-step poetry writing guide for children.