A Step by Step Olympiad Preparation Guide

by Preeti Bhardwaj, July 25, 2020

Candidates seeming for Olympiad exam is the current outlook as it has various advantages. There are a number of Olympiad exams taking place all round the year. It is not only necessary to be in terms of scholastic profile structure but in developing critical and analytical thinking passageway in young students. These exams are administered on National as well as International level by numerous organizations. As clever parents, it is your responsibility to determine the right one for your kid. We advise you to support your kid to partake in the Olympiad exams administered by SOF.

Once you determine that you desire your kid to partake in SOF Olympiads, the next problem appears on how you should begin with its learning. As a newcomer, you will require accurate and reliable guidance to get begun, as the right guidance at the right time executes the whole variation. When you set resolutions in the right track, scoring a good grade and score in Olympiads becomes a cake-walk. Picking the right way involves easy yet critical steps, such as properly enrolling for the exam to understand the pattern of the exam and then denting up the best books needed to learn for the exams.

This institution is well-known for assisting millions of school learners through its informative, educative and evaluative exams. For approximately two decades in occurrence, the institution is known for its high level of excellence.

Seven Steps for Preparation of SOF Olympiad Exams

Here, we will explain a step-by-step Olympiad preparation pattern for SOF Olympiad exams:

Step 1 - Types of SOF Olympiads 

SOF organizes six Olympiads for grades 1 to 12: 

  • IEO (International English Olympiad).

  • IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad).

  • NCO (National Cyber Olympiad).

  • NSO (National Science Olympiad).

  • ICSO (International Company Secretaries Olympiad).

  • IGKO (International General Knowledge Olympiad).

Step 2 - Registration Procedure

The candidates have to register through their schools only. The institutions don’t accept any individual student enrollment. If the school of your kid is not enrolled with SOF, your kid will not be able to take part. So, you can enquire in your school about the registration for Olympiad examination.

Step 3 - Who can Partake in SOF Olympiads?

The Olympiads at SOF is administered at two levels which are given below:

Level 1 & Level 2: 

  • All students from grades 1 to 12 can engage in the Level 1 exam, besides ICSO. The ICSO exam is escorted only for students of class 11th & 12th.

  • For the Level 2 exam, only the scholars of grades 3 to 12 are qualified to participate. Level 2 is directed for IEO, IMO, NSO. The remaining three – IGKO, ICSO and NCO are single level exams. The candidates in Level 2 would involve:

  1. The top 5% class wise aspirants who prepare for the 1st level exam.

  2. Top 25 rank holder’s class-wise and zone wise.

Class topper where a minimum of 10 candidates from a class appear in the Level 1 and scores 50% qualifying marks.

Step 4 - Schedule of SOF Exams

The Schedule of the 1st Level exams of SOF Olympiad should be noted beforehand. This will help you to be prepared for the examination well in advance.

Step 5 - Pattern of SOF Olympiads

SOF Olympiad exams are completely objective type tests with a duration of 60 minutes including 35 questions for Grades 1 to 4 and 50 questions for classes 5 to 12. Question paper of every Olympiad exam has 3 or 4 parts, separate question paper for every class, abroad curriculum examining the syllabi of CBSE, ICSE/ISC and State Board are accompanied to set the question paper, the medium of exam is English and the exam is attended at school hours.

Step 6 - Best Books/ Study Materials for Olympiads

Various study materials are provided for the preparation of Olympiads exams. Nevertheless, the only content associate of SOF is MTG publication. All study supplies at MTG are specially designed to help learners hone their skills that are necessary to crack the Olympiad exams conducted by SOF.

These resources are composed of the same pattern and grading scheme of the SOF Olympiads, giving learners a clear insight into their education level. Hence, these resources are necessary for kids to learn time-management and to set a benchmark against previous year cut-offs.

Step 7 - Awards / Scholarships

SOF provides multiple awards/scholarships to the champs of Olympiads.

  • For IEO, NSO and IMO – International and Zonal toppers (in 20 zones) of grades 3 to 12, awards will be given to 2nd level winners.

  • For IGKO, NCO and ICSO and grade 1 and 2 winners of IEO, NSO and IMO – International and Zonal topper awards will be provided to 1st level winners as these are single level exams.

  • Each champ will be qualified to one award for an exam. The winners will be empowered to the higher-level award only. For instance, the International top 3 rank holders will be entitled to awards based on their International ranks. Honours accruing to them for Zonal ranks will be given to the next rank holder. Furthermore, school award collecting to a Zonal award winner will be presented to the next rank holder.

At International Level




Rs.50,000/- for each candidate + Gold Medal + Certificate of Exceptional Achievement


Rs.25,000/- for each candidate + Silver Medal + Certificate of Exceptional Achievement


Rs.10,000/- for each candidate + Bronze Medal + Certificate of Exceptional Achievement

At Zonal Level




Rs.50,000/- Each + Gold Medal + Certificate of Exceptional Achievement


Rs.25,000/- Each + Silver Medal + Certificate of Exceptional Achievement


Rs.10,000/- Each + Bronze Medal + Certificate of Exceptional Achievement


Gifts Worth Rs.1000/- for each candidate + Medal of Distinction + Certification of Distinction + Certification of Zonal Excellence

11th to 25th

Certificate of Zonal Excellence + Medal of Distinction + Certificate of Distinction

Vedantu provides you with IMO maths olympiad class 2 sample papers along with easy study methods and engaging in activities to make learning more engaging, interacting and enjoyable. The study pattern given by us is the one-stop design for all the learners who take pressure before the exam. Our innovative learning methodology along with the clear and quick study methods will make learning methods more pleasant, enjoyable, interactive and in a well-planned way.

A Step by Step Olympiad Preparation Guide