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Some Interesting and Fun Facts about Science and Technology

By AiswaryaMay 30, 2023
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What Do you Mean by Science and Technology?

Science circumscribes the systematic and well-organised study of the behaviour and structure of the natural and social world based on evidence obtained through extensive observations and experiments. On the other hand, technology is the result of accumulated application and knowledge of scientific research to fulfil various purposes. Technology uses scientific principles to create applications that could change the environment in which we live.

Science, Technology & InnovationsI

Science, Technology & InnovationsI

The importance of technology in our lives is immense. It helps us deal with all the dynamic things we come across daily. The tools offered by technology help us enhance development and exchange information faster, more efficiently and with ease. This blog will give you an insight into various interesting facts about technology.

Some Interesting Technology Fun Facts

Technology is an ever-changing and ever-growing application of scientific knowledge that has provided us with the future we have always imagined. With each passing day, technology is evolving through more and more scientific research. Modern technology has facilitated multi-functional devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, smart TVs, etc. Computers are highly powerful these days and much faster. All these revolutionary technical inventions have made our lives comfortable, faster, easier, and more fun. Let us discuss some fun and amazing facts about science and technology.

1. First Apple Logo

You might be surprised to know that the first-ever Apple logo was not what you thought it would be. On the contrary, it was the Newton Plaque designed by Ronald Wayne in 1976. The image consisted of Sir Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree holding a book when an apple fell on his head. It depicts Newton’s discovery of gravity and includes a quote from a poem by William Wordsworth.

2. Nokia Sold Toilet Paper

Nokia started its business as a single paper mill operation. From its meek origin in 1865, it has gained and witnessed success in various industrial sectors, including cable, rubber boots, tires, and even toilet paper. Later it got into mobile phone manufacturing.

3. Misbelief about Firefox Logo

Since the browser's name is Firefox, many of us are convinced that the cute little furry creature in the logo must be a fox. This is not true. The creature is a red panda.

4. 5.6 Billion Google Searches Per Day

Although Google does not prefer disclosing its search volume data, it is estimated that approximately 63,000 search queries are made every second on Google, up to 5.6 billion searches per day and 2 trillion searches per year globally.  

5. First-ever Autocorrected Word

Those days, the autocorrect feature was not efficient enough as it is nowadays. The first word targeted for autocorrection was ‘teh’ to ‘the’. Dean Jacob Hachamovitch, former Corporate Vice President in charge of the Internet Explorer team in Microsoft, formulated a script to rectify this spelling mistake by pressing the left arrow key and F3 simultaneously.

6. Nintendo was Not a Video Games Company

Nintendo was initially founded in 1889 as a playing card company. These were specific ornate types of playing cards known as Hanafuda in Japan. They continued to sell these cards till 1956, and then in 1978, they built their first video game.

7. First Product Scanned

In 1948, Norman Joseph Woodland invented the first barcode along with Bernard Silver with a bullseye-like design and received the patent in October 1952. Twenty-two years later, he was employed by IBM, where the barcode was developed such that it could be used for labelling products. This system is known as the Universal Product Code (UPC) and is still used today. The first-ever product scanned using UPC was a pack of Wrigley’s Chewing Gum in 1974 at a grocery store in Ohio.

First Computer Mouse

First Computer Mouse

8. First Television Broadcast

John Logie Baird, a Scottish engineer and inventor, gave the public the first-ever demonstration of broadcasted silhouettes in motion at Selfridges Department Store in London. This broadcast took place on March 25 1925, featuring a grayscale image in a vertically scanned format of 30 lines at 5 pictures per second.

9. QWERTY Keyboard Slows Down Typing Speed

When typewriters got instituted, too fast typing would easily jam the keys on the keyboard. As a prevention to this situation, the QWERTY keyboard was introduced. In this keyboard, the standard alphabets are placed farther apart from each other, thus slowing down the typist’s speed. However, a theory contrary to this belief states that QWERTY speeds up typing as the placement of the keys enhances alteration between the typist’s hands.

10. World’s Total Digital Currency

About 92% of the world’s total currency is digital. This means that most of the money you earn, buy things, make transactions, etc., exists only on cards, computers and hard drives. The rest, 8% of global currency, is available in cash form.

11. First Computer Mouse was Not Plastic-Made

This is one of the interesting tech facts. In 1964, Douglas Carl Engelbart made a breakthrough by inventing the first ever computer mouse. The amazing fact is that it was then made of wood instead of plastic. It was rectangular and had a little button on the top right corner. Doug named it a mouse as the wire from its back reminded him of the tiny mice.

12. GPS System is a Free Service

Initially, GPS was invented by the U.S. military for security reasons but is now used by the entire world for free. The American taxpayer must pay for the GPS service the world enjoys. It costs almost 2 million dollars per day to operate GPS. However, the applications on your smartphones that use the GPS facility might cost you money, even though the service itself is free.


Technology is the practice of applying scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life. It is challenging to decide on the best technology in the world since every day, a new one is being invented while the existing ones are being improved. We hoep reading this blog has introduced you to the unknown facts about technology and some technology fun facts you were unaware of until today.