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Fun Scrapbook DIY Ideas for Kids

By Shiwani PandeyAugust 02, 2022
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Learn Different Scrapbook Ideas and Boost Your Creativity

Nowadays, it is always easier to capture moments when someone has the latest cameras in hand but creative minds think a little differently than others. Instead of storing the pictures on laptops or phones, you can make a scrapbook DIY to attach your favourite pictures and write down some heart-warming messages.

There are so many scrapbook ideas you can find. Using some scrapbook images and unique designs, you can make your scrapbook and cherish your memories forever.

What is a Scrapbook?

Scrapbook-making Ideas

Scrapbook- Making Ideas

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Do you want to know what is a scrapbook? A scrapbook is a way of preserving someone’s memories by arranging different personal pictures with loved ones. It looks like a book where one can attach different photographs, artwork, letters, heartwarming notes, printed media, etc. It can also contain different journals or any written description of a certain person.

Making a scrapbook page is the most creative way to bring out your artistic capability. Since it has no limitations, you can imagine anything and give it any look you want. There is no particular way to make a scrapbook. Instead, you can decorate it with stickers, colourful tapes, doodles, tiny trinkets, etc.

Unique Scrapbook Ideas for Decoration

Introvert people often like to spend time with themselves. Therefore, they try to find out various ways to keep themselves occupied. This is true for extroverts too to some extent as scrapbook-making is one activity that allows people to work creatively.

Try to build it yourself instead of paying someone to provide you with a customised scrapbook. It looks more colourful, and it matches up with your imagination and ideas.

Different Scrapbook Decoration Ideas

Scrapbook Decoration Ideas

Scrapbook Decoration Ideas

Whether to make a scrapbook for yourself or gift someone else on their birthday, you need some ideas to make it look beautiful if you are about to make a scrapbook all by yourself. Here we have discussed some scrapbook decoration ideas to help you find which idea suits you the most.

  • Instead of using paper-made flowers, you can use real flowers to add extra beauty to your scrapbook. You need to use a flower press, flat iron, heavyweight and wax paper, and that is it. Using these materials, you can add a special touch to your scrapbook.

  • If you are not fond of using pressed flowers because of their fragility, you can cut out some flowers from colourful paper and attach them to the scrapbook page using glue. It is one of the most common scrapbook decoration ideas.

  • To make a beautiful scrapbook page, trying colourful butterflies is a very good idea. You can use a heart puncher. Just fold the colourful papers in half and punch the heart shape. You can also add twine to make the body and antennae of the butterfly. It makes your scrapbook look more beautiful.

  • If you want to remember your travel experience forever, adding scrapbook images is a wise idea. Add some most cherished travel photographs to the page. You can also go for some stickers of clouds, birds, leaves, flowers, etc., to give it a vibrant look.

  • Make different sections of the page with colourful tapes and fill those sections with stickers, photographs, text, etc. Leaving negative space adds some extra beauty to the scrapbook and helps you cover all the details.

  • Using sketches, small letters, doodles, and different paintings is one of the best scrapbook ideas. They can help you make your scrapbook look more beautiful. You can use art with mementoes to make beautiful paper pages.

  • You can also use cardstock, paper punches and colourful papers to give your scrapbook a vibrant and bright look. Using bright colours or a perfect blending of bright and light colours makes a scrapbook look more interactive and soothing.

  • The border design is a scrapbook design that gives a whole different look to your scrapbook. Using a whitepaper for your scrapbook can give you many ideas to decorate the page. Outline the edges of the page and use watercolour to give it a more artistic look. Consider using some colourful ribbons or strips to decorate it further.

  • Using different templates can also serve your purpose. Just put a thick heart template, or you can use other templates and lay it on the scrapbook page. Now, dip your eraser in paint and press it hard on the edge of the template. Keep doing this until you run out of it. It gives a very different look to your scrapbook. It is a good idea to decorate a white page.

  • Cut some patterned paper into segments and strips and organise those pieces to make strips on your scrapbook page. 

  • Mini hangers are very useful for making scrapbooks. They look adorable, and making them is rather simple. You need some pliers and paper clips. Just expand the paper clip and bend it as required. Then make hooks using the pliers. You can hang your pictures or any short notes here.

  • Just like pressed flowers, you can also use pressed leaves as one of the scrapbook decoration ideas. Collect different-shaped flowers from trees and use your punchers to use them on the scrapbook. That is it. These are some handmade scrapbook design ideas to make beautiful scrapbooks.

With the help of the above ideas, you can make creative scrapbooks and gift them to your friends.


People who love art always find different ways to carry out their artistic abilities. They always find handmade gifts more charming. So anyone can use their vast imagination power to bring out some new ideas every time they need to give their friend or sibling something special. Art always gives people the opportunity to explore and experiment.

So, by using different ideas, anyone can challenge themself to learn more and make some beautiful and artistic scrapbooks.