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Scientists Born in March

By Puja RoySeptember 13, 2022
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Learn More about Scientists Who were Born in the Month of March

Ever since our existence, there have been a lot of amazing developments in the field of science. Scientists and their ideas have managed to create the most marvelous inventions, theories, and much more development. It is due to science that we are able to understand the different concepts and phenomena that occur around us. There is almost nothing which cannot be explained with the concepts of science. From the motion of the wheel that drives our cycles to heavy machinery used in industries to the magnetic poles of the earth, everything is basically a gift of science. Due to the efforts of scientists and their inventions, life has become a lot simpler on earth. Not only are we able to learn more about our planet but we are also becoming more aware of our surroundings and even our bodies. 

A Woman Looking into a Microscope

A Woman Looking into a Microscope

Everything from plagues to diseases, we have managed to find a cure for all due to the efforts and knowledge of scientists and science. Pretty much everything that is known to us about our lives on earth is due to science. The efforts that have been made by scientists are the main reasons why we know so much about everything today. So, there is no doubt that such efforts must be appreciated. Hence, in this article, we are going to talk about the scientists born in March

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If you want to move further in the field of science and learn more about scientific concepts and theories, be prepared to learn about science history first. Yes, there has been a lot of development in technology. Due to that, we have some of the most amazing inventions and ideas amongst us today. Things that are beyond our imaginative capacity are being presented in the world as reality. From AI robots to electric cars, we have come a long way in life. However, this is all possible due to the work of scientists and that too in the past. Their knowledge and expertise have allowed us to build modern-day solutions to different issues and problems.

Scientists all over the world have provided us with innumerable theories, discoveries, and creations. With their inventions and discoveries, we are able to make our lives much simpler. Hence, in order to honour some of these finest researchers, here we are presenting a list of famous scientists born in March

1. Edward Condon

Date of Birth: 2 March 1902

Profession: Nuclear Physicist 

Prestigious Honours and Awards: In the year 1986, he was awarded the Frederic Ives Medal.

Notable Works: The significant contributions that he made in the development and creation of nuclear as well as radar weapons during World War II as an integral part of the Manhattan Project are known all over the world. 

2. Alexander Graham Bell 

Date of Birth: 03 March 1847

Profession: Scientist, inventor, engineer, & innovator

Prestigious Honours and Awards: He was awarded the John Fritz Medal in the year 1907, the Elliott Cresson Medal in the year 1912, the Hughes Medal in the year 1913, as well as the IEEE Edison Medal in the year 1914. 

Notable Works: He is credited all over the world as the creator, inventor, and patentor of the first practical telephone in the year 1876. It was on 10th March. He was also the founder of the American Telephone and Telegraph Community in the year 1885. Apart from those works, he was also the founder of twisted-pair cabling as well as the graphophone. 

3. Kalpana Chawla 

Date of Birth: 17 March 1962

Profession: Astronaut & Engineer

Prestigious Honours and Awards: She was awarded the Congressional Space Medal of Honor in 2004 and the NASA Distinguished Service Medal in the year 2003. Along with that, she was also awarded the NASA Space Flight Medal.

Notable Works: Counted amongst the best Indian scientists born in March, she is the first woman of Indian origin to travel in space. Her final flight was on the STS-107, which was also the final flight of Space Shuttle Columbia, in the year 2003. 

4. Albert Einstein 

Date of Birth: 14 March 1879

Profession: Theoretical physicist

Prestigious Honours and Awards: He was the winner of the Nobel Prize in the year 1921. He also won the Gold Medal offered by the Royal Astronomical Society in the year 1926 and the Max-Planck Medal in the year 1929. 

Notable Works: The contributions made by Albert Einstein to the field of science form the basic study material for modern-day science textbooks. His General and Special Theory of Relativity is a topic of study in different institutions. He also proposed the Mass-Energy Equivalence Formula, which is E = mc2. Also, Albert Einstein is known as the inventor of the Einstein Refrigerator. 

5. Emmy Noether 

Date of Birth: 23 March 1882

Profession: Mathematician

Prestigious Honours and Awards: She was awarded the Ackermann–Teubner Memorial Award in 1932. 

Notable Works: She was considered to be one of the leading mathematicians during her time. Her notable contributions were in the study of Abstract Algebra. She also made some contributions to the study of Theoretical Physics by developing their Theories related to Fields, Rings, and Algebras. 

6. Ann Kiessling 

Date of Birth: 29 March 1942

Profession: Biologist & Inventor 

Prestigious Honours and Awards: She was presented with the Jacob Heskel Gabbay Award for Biotechnology and Medicine in 2009 and the Central Washington University Distinguished Alumni Award in the year 2010. She also got an Honorary Doctorate in Cell and Molecular Biology from the Oregon State University in the year 2014.

Known for: She is credited for the discovery of the Reverse Transcription activity that takes place in normal cells in the human body. Also, she is the founder of the Special Program of Assisted Reproduction in New England. 


So, these were some of the scientists’ birthdays in March. There is no doubt about the fact that these personalities and scholars have some major contributions to modern-day scientific concepts and studies. The work that they have done is recognised all over the world. Their ideas, inventions, and discoveries have made life much easier and simpler for people today. As we advance into our future and have the most advanced and developed technologies with us, it is important to look back and appreciate the challenges that these personalities had to go through in the past.