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Right Brained People and What Can They Do?

By Shiwani PandeyAugust 30, 2022
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Everything You Need to Know about Right Brained People

We all know that the human brain is a complex and perhaps the body's most important organ. Just like every organ has benefits, the brain does not refrain from functioning. We can feel, think, and act because of our brains. But besides knowing what the brain does, what more do you know about it?

Do you know how many halves the brain is divided into? Well, the brain divides into two hemispheres. One is the left hemisphere and the other is the right hemisphere. The two halves of the brain look the same, but they have different functions to perform. As the brain is nothing less than an intricate subject to discuss, scientists have been trying to gain more knowledge about the brain with various researchers. That is why we have been successful in gaining some perspective about the brain as well. In this article, we shall discuss about the right brained people and the various activities our right brain helps us to do.

Meaning of the Right Brain and Its Dominance

We know by now that the human brain is divided into two halves, the left brain and the right brain. Though the brains look similar to one another, their function is different. For example, the right brain is the part of the brain that brings out the artistic capability of a human being. It is also responsible for your emotional response. So, we can say that the right brain governs our emotions and sensitivity, helping to bring out a person's creativity. That is because right-brained people have the artistic capability.

‘Right brain dominant’, you might have heard this before. It simply means which side of the brain dominates the entire human body. But we all know that it is quite difficult to understand. As both sides of the brain are essential and responsible for the proper functioning of the human body, it becomes more difficult to understand that. 

But using the brain dominance test, you can easily figure out which side of the brain dominates the human body.

Human brain

Human Brain

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Right Brain Characteristics

Before we take you to the right brain functions list, we need to talk about some notable characteristics of the right brain. Read along to know what those are:

  • Building a person’s creativity is the work of the right brain. That is why it is not surprising that the right brain helps people understand their artistic capability. Not only that, but it also allows young children to understand what is more and what is less.

  • The right hemisphere of the brain affects the cognitive functions of the brain. For example, it is responsible for your emotions, attention, and understanding of the meaning of something. Not only that, it helps people to understand patterns, visual shapes, etc. That is why the right-brained people are good at giving attention to someone.

  • Toddlers, most importantly the children between 1 and 3, are driven by the right hemisphere of the brain. From the right brained meaning, we understand how the right hemisphere governs emotion. It is one of the reasons why the kids express their emotions differently from the elders.

Activities of the Right Brain

After understanding the right brain characteristics, you already know what the right hemisphere of the brain does. So here we have mentioned some important activities of the brain's right hemisphere.

  • One of the most important right brain activities is to bring out a person's creativity. Since brain dominance varies from person to person, the right hemisphere of the brain helps people become successful in creative fields. For example, musicians, graphic designers, interior designers, and painters. It also helps people to become successful managers, psychologists, counselors, etc.

  • One of the well-known right brain activities is that it helps people to solve problems by looking at patterns and similarities.

  • It gives people the capability of discussing various topics.

  • The right-brained people tend to draw more than write something.

  • From the right-brained meaning, we understand that our brain can understand meanings. It helps to assimilate the entire information about something rather than breaking it down into different pieces and then handling those pieces of information one by one.

  • The right brain provides people with the capability of physically handling different objects.

  • Some people find it simpler to answer multiple-choice tests. But when it comes to right-brained people, that does not happen. The ‘right-brain dominant people can answer open-ended questions more than answering multiple choice questions.

Right and left brain

Right and Left Brain

Right Brain or the Left Brain, which is Dominant?

When we talk about the right brain and its activities, the question automatically comes to mind which side of the brain dominates us more. There is a huge difference between the right brain and left brain activities. While the right hemisphere of the brain is keener on reviving our creative side, the left hemisphere of the brain helps people excel in academics. People with good reading capability are likely to be dominated by the left side of the brain. 

People mainly dominated by the left hemisphere can become good programmers, business analysts, scientists, etc. However, hemispheric dominance is hard to understand and even harder to control. It varies from person to person as the capability of every person is not the same for everyone. To understand which hemisphere of the brain is more dominant, you need to observe people. Usually, people who are dominated by the right hemisphere are the auditory learners, and people who are dominated by the left hemisphere are the visual learners.


As human beings, we cannot deny that the right brain and left brain are responsible for driving our brains. Both of their actions are essential to keep us going. But just like the left hemisphere, the right hemisphere is useful in building people’s creative side. So, if you know anyone in your friend circle who is great at any creative activity, for example, writing, singing, or thinking, you can understand that the person is mostly affected by the brain's right hemisphere.