Relying on NCERT Books for NEET? Know If It Is the Right Way!

by Aparajita Das, May 19, 2020

We have all heard this since our childhood that hard work will bear fruits. That is true for most cases in life. But for qualifying an exam as tough as NEET, hard work alone is not going to be the key to success. What is more important than hard work is smart work. Hard work guided through the right directions under the right guidance is smart work. It makes no sense to put effort into things that are not going to benefit you. Your greatest weapon in this competition is the books that you follow. Working smartly in such a setup is to read the right books and practice the right way to achieve your goals. So, naturally, the books that you choose to follow play a very important role in your NEET results.

NCERT Books and NEET

In the market, there are hundreds of books available for each subject; some are textbooks while others are question banks. As a student you may be confused about which book to follow. But you all must have come across people saying how NCERT is a good book to follow. However, you may still be confused about relying on NCERT for NEET preparations. In this article, we shall talk about the efficiency of NCERT as a textbook for the preparation of NEET exams.

If you ask experts and toppers straight up whether NCERT book to follow for NEET exam preparation, most of them will say yes. It is indeed the ideal book to be followed for NEET preparation. You may still be unsure about it so in this part of the report, we shall put forward points that will help you understand the importance of NCERT in NEET preparation.


Why Relying on NCERT is the Best Option for NEET Preparations?

You can bank upon your NCERT books for NEET preparations for the following reasons:

  • Syllabus

 The syllabus of NCERT is designed in such a way that the syllabus is concurrent with the syllabus of NEET exams. Therefore reading class 12 and class 11 books will help you cover the entire syllabus of the NEET exams easily.

  • Weightage

It is known by all that most of the questions of the NEET exams are modelled from the NCERT books and NCERT Solutions. When compared to other available books, NCERT stands out as 60-70% of the questions are asked directly from NCERT. This means that carefully learning the NCERT books can guarantee success.

  • Questions

NCERT books contain a number of solved questions for each chapter as examples. The books also have plenty of test questions for the students to solve on their own. Solving these questions will help strengthen your base and give you an idea of the probable questions. You can note down the questions that were asked in NEET exams of the previous years. This will help you have an idea of the types of questions and the parts of the chapter that should be focused on.

  • Language

CBSE NCERT is written in simple, easy-to-understand language. This helps the students to focus on the important topics and retain the harder concepts in memory.

So, reading NCERT is, after all, the right way for NEET preparation. But keep in mind, it is not all. To be able to ace NEET you must take the help of reference books also. A perfect combination of both types of books will help you score more in the exam and secure a place among the top rankers.

Relying on NCERT Books for NEET? Know If It Is the Right Way!