Reasons Why Online Tuition Is Safe During A Pandemic

by Anusha Lal, March 20, 2020

The current outbreak of a pandemic disease named coronavirus has disrupted the usual regime of individuals. With schools shut down till March 31st in numerous states across India, students are left with no option but to sit at home. The date may further be extended as per the situation caused by the pandemic. 

In such an hour, you as a parent need to make sure your children are safe while their overall development isn’t put on halt.  In a scenario wherein schools are closed as a preventive measure to stop the spread of COVID-19, coaching centres aren’t safe either. 

Reasons Why Public Tuitions Aren’t Safe Choice at the Moment

The Indian government has declared for shut down of schools as a safety measure to keep the children protected from the coronavirus disease. But, their academic progress may as well be affected if they waste this time by sitting idle at home. Here, public tuitions aren’t an option anymore, considering the present scenario of India due to Covid-19. 

As of March 19th, 168 positive cases of the novel coronavirus disease has been confirmed in India, and they are kept in isolation wards to prevent further spreading of the virus. In such a situation, public tuitions should be avoided. The several reasons supporting this fact are noted below – 

  • Since the Covid-19 virus is easily transmitted, the government has suggested avoiding non-essential travel. However, there can be several Indians who are travelling from abroad. You can’t know for sure if they are carrying a virus or not and going out in a situation like this increases the risks of getting infected. 

  • Your child may have to take public transport to reach their coaching centres. And public transports aren’t very safe as there will be numerous people travelling and some of them might be infected. Since novel coronavirus disease spreads through respiratory droplets produced while coughing or sneezing, you need to ensure that your kid doesn’t come in close contact with them. And public transport makes this job difficult. 

  • Public tuitions are ones wherein, students, from various areas and families come and learn together. Sending your kid to such places at this hour, when the pandemic disease is spreading at an alarming rate, can put your child’s health at risk. 

  • The coronavirus infection does not only spread through person-to-person transmission but can also spread via contaminated surfaces. Hence, touching any infected or contaminated surface while going to coaching centres can cause transmission of the virus. Hence, you should avoid sending your kid out at this situation. 

While the threat of coronavirus is causing a situation of chaos in the world and preventing people from stepping out of their home, you can ensure your child’s safety and their academic progress from home itself. 

In this pursuit, Vedantu has come up with the initiative to make their live classes and online masterclasses free for students. You can register for these classes using your mobile phone or laptop through our website or app to help your kid study and learn online.

Since your child can learn from home itself, this makes it a feasible option for you and your kid, given the current situation. Further, look into the various reasons how online tuition helps keep your kids safe. 

Reasons Online Tuition is Safe 

  • No Need For Travel 

In this situation caused by the coronavirus infection, it isn’t advised to travel until and unless it is absolutely essential. And with online classes present to guide your kid in learning the new concepts, practice questions, or doubt clearing, your kid won’t have to step out of their homes. 

This not only reduces the risk of contracting coronavirus but also helps in guiding your children in their academic pursuits. He/she will be able to learn the concepts, read the exercise questions & answers and discuss them with the online tutors. 

  • No Need To Attend Classes in a Gathering 

The Indian government has taken several initiatives as coronavirus prevention steps like 

  • Shut down of schools 

  • Several train cancellation 

  • Limit on incoming traffic 

  • Closure of cinema halls, temples, etc. where public gatherings happen in significant numbers

All these are done to prevent transmission of the COVID-19 virus through communal spread. In light of these events, attending online classes is the most feasible option for your kid. Your kid can study from the safety of your home, and hence the risk of getting infected will reduce significantly. 

As per the World Health Organization (WHO), if anyone comes in close contact with the infected individual, say within 6 feet, the chances of getting infected goes up. Since that’s not a possibility with your kid attending online tutoring classes, you can ensure they are safe and sound at home while utilising their time productively. 

  • Easy To Take Preventive Measures while Studying 

The novel coronavirus disease is an easy-to-spread pathogen. Hence, everyone is suggested to take the necessary precautionary steps so that they can help in stopping the pandemic outbreak. In this regard, it is easier to take these preventive measures while studying online from home which isn’t the case otherwise.

The precautionary measures that you should teach your child to take are as follows – 

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap, hand wash, or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. 

  • Don’t touch your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands as it may have been contaminated. 

  • Maintain a minimum of 1 Metre or 3 feet distance with the person who is coughing or sneezing. 

  • In case your body shows any coronavirus symptoms like cough, fever, or shortness of breath then seek medical attention. 

  • In case of cough or cold, maintain proper respiratory hygiene like use mask or cover your face with the handkerchief and dispose of it or sterilise it. 

Further, having vitamin C rich food can also help build your immunity to fight against coronavirus. These precautionary measures are easy to follow, and kids can adhere to these while studying online from home itself. This ensures your kid’s safety while they are learning and progressing in their academic pursuits. 

Other Benefits of Learning Via Online Tuition 

Since physical safety is crucial during this epidemic situation of COVID-19, these online classes cater to the parent’s need for keeping their children safe. Besides, here are a few more pointers that cater to other academic benefits you can ensure through online classes. 

  • Learn at Their Pace 

Unlike public tuitions or school, your kid here can learn at their pace. They may learn and understand one topic quickly while struggling with the second topic. In such cases, online tuitions come in aid as students can go through the same topic again and again until they have fully understood the concept. 

  • Improved Benefits For Working Parents

Several offices are still functional at this hour, and hence it becomes difficult for working parents to take care of their children’s academic needs. But, registering for online tuition classes will allow you to guide your child in productively utilising the time. 

The above mentioned points are a few instances stating online tuition is safe during a pandemic. In these desperate times, we are trying to contribute as much as we can with our live masterclasses available online, which we have made free for all. Now keep your child's preparation undeterred with our free study material and NCERT Solutions Class 1 to 12 all subjects available on Vedantu site. 

You can register using our website or download the app to help your kid attend the live classes. 

The scheduled classes help you arrange their study time in advance. Our expert teachers help your kids with any doubts they have. Further, your kid can learn at their pace with the help of videos or may appear for test and assignments to assess their learning and understanding. 

You can help your child make the most out of this situation as getting this free time is rare. Hence, help your child learn, develop, and progress in their academic pursuits with online tuition.

Reasons Why Online Tuition Is Safe During A Pandemic