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Presenting You the List of Rare Beautiful Flowers that are Unique

By Puja RoySeptember 12, 2022
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What are the Most Expensive Flowers in the World with Beautiful Look?

The sight of vibrant flowers is undoubtedly the most visually appealing. But nature always astounds us with unique things! Flowers have the superpower to make us feel better, heal, soothe, and have a positive attitude toward life.

Have you ever considered how many flowers there are in the world that includes a remarkable element of surprise? They only grow under certain conditions, are rare, and are seasonal. Some rare beautiful flowers can make your choice worthwhile. Botanical gardens, mountain slopes, and tropical jungles are all good places to look for rare tropical flowers. Continue reading to find out some of the most expensive flowers in the world that are also rare to find.

List of Top Rare Beautiful Flowers

1. Chocolate Cosmos (Cosmos atrosanguineus)

Given that it no longer grows in the wild, the chocolate cosmo is the rarest flower in the world. It is difficult to manage and grow this uncommon Asteraceae plant native to Mexico.

The chocolate cosmos flower has exquisite dark brown to crimson petals that resemble chocolates, aside from the fact that there are only a few wild kinds left in the world.

Chocolate cosmos can still be grown in summer gardens despite being a rare flower that is no longer abundant in the wild. While the aroma of sweet cocoa fills your yard, you may enjoy the distinctive dark chocolate flowers.

2. Ghost Orchid (Dendrophylax Lindenii)

The Ghost Orchid grows only under specific conditions in Central America. The unusual orchid, among the rare smallest flower in the world, needs high temperatures and humidity to survive. Additionally, it only grows in cypress swamps where a certain type of fungus prospers. One of its distinctive features is the lack of leaves in this hard-to-find flower. Long roots on the epiphytic plant get nutrients from the plants it grows on. Photosynthesis occurs through the roots rather than the leaves, in contrast to other flowering orchids.

The ghost orchid features one enormous, brilliant white bloom and several long, thin white petals. Locating the lovely orchid in the wild could be difficult because it blooms in the spring and summer.

3. Juliet Rose (Rosa Sweet Juliet)

The Juliet rose is the rarest flower in the world cultivated over a long period. This bloom took 15 years to mature, making it so expensive and unusual. Tea roses called Juliet roses have exquisite peach and apricot blossoms. When a flower blooms, the petals reveal a group of blossoms in the middle of the flower head. It is, therefore, not just one of the most uncommon blooms but also one of the most beautiful flowers globally. Moreover, it is one of the most expensive flowers in the world.

4. Middlemist Red (Camellia)

The Middlemist Red flower is probably the rarest flower in the world, and it can only be found in London and New Zealand.

The Chinese botanist John Middlemist brought this plant to London in 1804. The flower, formerly thought to have disappeared from London, is no longer present in Asia. In 1999, researchers displayed the Middlemist Red flower alongside various rare camellia flowers. It is the rare smallest flower in the world.

This uncommon flower has a stunning blossom head and a dark pink rose-like appearance. The Middlemist Red camellia's thick green foliage shelters the gorgeous flower.

Rare Beautiful Flowers

Rare Beautiful Flowers

5. Magnolia

Magnolia is also quite rare as the top 10 biggest flower in the world. Despite their exotic roots, magnolias are relatively simple to grow and suitable for a Western environment. The only significant issue is that the timing of their flowering season makes it easy for a late, strong frost to harm the flowers. All types of gardens may accept magnolia trees. They can reach up to 20 meters or remain small and delicate at around 3 meters.

6. Night-Blooming Cereus (Selenicereus grandiflorus)

The plant is not unusual, but it's magnificent white, star-shaped flowers are. Since the night-blooming cereus blooms once a year, it is classified as one of the rare flowers. If you sleep too long, you can miss the once-in-a-lifetime event when it blooms.

A flowery cactus, the night-blooming cereus is frequently referred to as the "queen of the night." The flowers are not only uncommon but also exquisite. The white blossoms can be as large as 15 inches (38 cm) in width and 6.5 to 8.5 inches (17 to 22 cm) in length. It blooms with a wonderful vanilla scent. It is the longest flower in the world.

6. Hawaiian Hibiscus

Although hibiscus plants are not generally abundant, these particular hibiscus blossoms are unique to the Hawaiian islands of Oahu. These rare flowers can only be found in humid mountain forests.

There are several types of koki'o, often known as Hawaiian hibiscus. These plants produce enormous, lovely blooms, some of which have a pleasant scent. Pink, orange, and purple flowers cover the huge tropical landscape. The rarest of the flowering bushes is the Hawaiian hibiscus immaculate species. Only a few locations on Moloka'i Island contain this endemic flora.

7. Rafflesia

The national flower of Indonesia, Rafflesia, is a rare parasitic blooming plant. However, the second plant on this list, perhaps inaccurately called the Corpse Flower, has the biggest bloom in the entire world and a foul smell.

Although, these flowers are massive and smelling like decaying, putrid flesh, Rafflesia blossoms are gigantic. This well-known plant is unique in lacking roots, stalks, and leaves, in addition to its size and unpleasant smell.


All these listed rare beautiful flowers are unique but are also on the verge of extinction. As per one study, at least 571 distinct plant species have disappeared since 1750, albeit this number is probably greatly underestimated. However, learning more about these rare  flowers is quite interesting and to know what makes them rare.