Preparatrion Guide for Olympiad Exams

by Archana Rao, May 13, 2020

Guide for Olympiad Preparations


It initially began in India by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) in 1996 with the purpose of finding out the geniuses hidden in the crowd. Every year, more than 2 lakh students will be taking part in these exams to test their knowledge on a competitive level. Clearing these exams doesn’t only provide you with great exposure but it also provides you with the platform to showcase your skills and talent on the state, national and international levels.

SOF is organizing 6 Olympiad examinations each year from 1996. Students from Class 1 to Class 12 can take part in these exams to test their talent. The purpose of this initiative is to enhance the knowledge of Computer Science, English language, General Knowledge, Mathematics and Science on a competitive level. Surely, students must be thinking it to be an extra burden other than their regular studies. But, the concept of this competitive exam is to find out their hidden skills and talent to develop a more grown competitive skill and prepare them for future challenges. These exams help them in developing their skills for future exams like NEET, JEE, BANK PO etc. Apart from all the other benefits, some parts of this exam have monetary rewards as well.

SOF Preparation Guides for Olympiad Exams:

Olympiad exams have two levels to clear. The objective-based questions will be asked at the first level of the exam. Students from grade 1 to 4 will get 35 questions with a total of 40 marks and students of grade 5 to 7 will get 50 questions with a total of 60 marks. The time limit of the exam will be for one hour.

1. Conquer the Olympiad Exams Syllabus

Syllabus of the Olympiad examination is similar to the courses followed in the regular classes. To qualify the exams it is necessary to rectify issues and achieve excellence in all of the concepts already included in the regular syllabus. Important subjects of the syllabus will have major parts like Quantitative aptitude, Reading, and Written English Excellency test, Reasoning tests etc.


Exam Name


Test Type



1st– 4th

Word & Structural Knowledge



Spoken & Written Expression

Achievers Section

5th– 12th

Word & Structural Knowledge



Spoken & Written Expression

Achievers Section


Each and every subject of these exams can be easily cleared with a dedicated and structured practice. All you have to do is to understand the concepts of the regular syllabus of the respective class. 

2. Make a study timetable for Olympiad Exams

To conquer the Olympiad, a dedicated study of the timetable is very important. It is necessary for you to divide the subjects and hours for each day to study them. Make sure that you dedicate more time to the weaker areas but revise your strong portions first to avoid the time wastage.

3. Revise and Repeat

Even if you achieve excellence in each and every subject of the Olympiad, it is necessary to not be overconfident and ignore the study. Go through each and every subject, again and again, to stay in tune with the subject and try to work on the time you spend in finding the solution for each part.

4. Keep your mind fresh

Remember, stress and anxiety is not going to help at all. Make sure that you’re in the best state of mind before you start studying. Instead of worrying about the result, focus on improving your skills and try to solve equations in a better way than the last. Rectify your weak areas and use all of the help as much as you can.

5. Solve Sample papers

The best way to win a fight is to face it. Go through the papers from last year or arrange some sample papers you can lay your hands on. Expound and practice them before the day of your examination.

6. Attempt Mock Tests

Attempting mock tests is one of the best approaches towards the examination. Vedantu provides you with a perfect platform where you can attempt mock tests to improve your score. On Vedantu, you do not only get a chance of taking the test but also understanding your strengths and weaknesses. Apart from that, you get a proper solution to the error you make which results in rectifying your problem more effectively.

IEO Preparation Tips

  1. First, go through the syllabus of the exam and appear thoroughly for it.

  2. Arrange a proper time table for your preparation, by allocating separate time slots for each subject.

  3. There should be a difference in your Olympiad study time from the school study time.

  4. Never skip a day with your Olympiad preparation. You should be regular and consistent to get succeeded in the Olympiad Examination.

  5. The structured learning process is very essential if you want to clear Olympiad exams. You should always have a clear understanding of each and every concept of the chapters. 

  6. Solve questions related to the Olympiad and practice them on a regular basis from every topic. 

  7. Olympiad previous year questions will also help you to understand the paper pattern. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to prepare for SOF? 

Only by creating a proper study plan and following it strictly shall make your task easier. Practice, Practice and Practise, this is the only way through which you can get through this exam. Practising all types of question papers, and sample paper will give a sense of confidence to the candidates who are preparing for the exam. Candidates can start taking mock tests on Vedantu’s website to boost their score in the examination.

How to prepare for IEO?

Always start your preparation from scratch of knowing your syllabus and prepare a schedule based on the time. If the exam is approaching in the next 3 or 4 months then you will have to speed up your preparation. And always be calm and positive while preparing for the exam. In this way, you will be having a positive approach towards the exam. IEO needs a lot of patience in preparation as it is a bit lengthy syllabus wise.

Preparatrion Guide for Olympiad Exams