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Online Tuition Vs Traditional Coaching: Role of Technology in Learning Outcomes

By AiswaryaApril 27, 2023
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Online Learning Delivers Better Outcomes than Traditional Coaching

Gone are those days when we had to rely on classroom lectures. The transformation of higher education due to the advent of new technology is remarkable.  To understand the difference between the old and new methods, let us compare online Vs offline classes.

Online Tuition vs Traditional Coaching: Which is Better?

This comparison will highlight the introduction and purpose of new technology in shaping the learning outcomes of online education. We will clearly understand how fascinating the teaching methods have become and what students can gain from the learning outcomes. Let us find out what online education is.

What is Online Education?

As the term suggests, the online education mode is called online education. It is conducted virtually, where the educator explains the concepts online using audiovisual technology to the attending students.

The holistic approach of online education has covered many disadvantages of tuition classes that still need to be addressed. One of the biggest hurdles omitted by this mode of education is distance. Students can easily attend lectures online and understand new concepts sitting at home, whereas the teacher explains the concepts virtually in another location.

Let us compare online and offline classes to get a clearer view.

Online Vs Offline Classes: The Comparison

Interactive Learning and Better Collaboration

Previously in offline classes, students focused on what the teachers explained. There were fewer scopes where students could have interacted with the teachers. It means that the students had to rely mostly on their imagination power to understand new and advanced concepts and fundamental principles.

Due to the advent of online classes, students can participate in a more-interactive session where they can engage well. There are exclusive portals that allow teachers to connect with enthusiastic students to interact and exchange knowledge.

Technology has made knowledge transfer a mutual collaboration between a teacher and students. Digital platforms have exclusive interactive features that engage young minds better. They can learn new things faster and can develop their imagination power simultaneously.

Learning Opportunities become More Flexible

Access to different study materials has increased considerably due to the introduction of online classes. For instance, students enrol in online courses for school-level and higher education. Such courses comprise exclusive study material designed to support the conceptual development of young minds.

The offline classes generally limit the use of study material. They only prefer using textbooks and do not provide a pool of knowledge to the students. On the other hand, students need help finding a vast dimension of knowledge to scout to see the bigger picture.

Also, the online portals connect students well with various technological features such as notifications, sharing files, real-time practice sessions, etc. They deliver a better user experience and engage students more than traditional coaching classes.

Learning Experience

As mentioned earlier, the evolution of online tuition has paved the way for a better learning experience. Let us consider an example here. Imagine a Class 12 student is learning new scientific concepts with a textbook in his hand. He is trying to focus and understand how the human heart operates. It is tough for him to visualise how the blood flows and the valves work to control it.

In the second scenario, a student is being taught how a human heart works online. The teacher uses a descriptive teaching aid or an animated video showcasing the mechanism of blood flow in a human heart. It is much easier for the student to visualize how the organ works. His imagination will be boosted due to the use of such audiovisual teaching aids.

Hence, the learning experience in online classes is much better than the offline classes. Students find interactive features, teaching aids, concept videos, etc integrated in the process a boon to understanding new concepts faster and better. This is one of the advantages of online tuition that make students choose it as the ideal option.

Personalised Approach

Imagine a group of students studying under the guidance of a teacher offline. There are many students in the batch, and the teacher is using a conventional method to explain new concepts. All the students have different capabilities of learning new concepts. Hence, the generalized method will have different outcomes. Fast learners will always have an edge in the competition.

This is where online classes can be a miracle for students. Online tutors often use their experience to design a personalized approach to teach students in a way they can understand new concepts well. Such an approach automatically changes the education process for all and everyone wields the power of knowledge.

Learning Analytics

Online classes come with online assessments. The tutoring portals come with exclusive analytical tools that teachers use to measure the level of preparation. Online tests conducted by the teachers help them understand how well students have prepared. The metrics engine used by the tools will create an analytical report and showcase the preparation gaps.

Students can work on these gaps with more effort and knowledge under the guidance of tutors. This is not possible in offline classes. They have to rely on the outcomes of tests taken physically. Tutors will also not have ample time to explain the preparation gaps to the students.

Online Tuition are Ideal for Modern Education

The advantages of online tuitions explained in this comparison suggest the importance of a flexible learning mode. Online education bridges knowledge gaps and can help students connect with top subject experts easily. Why wait, then? Find the best courses for your syllabus in Vedantu and enrol for the online classes for your academic development.

FAQs on Online Tuition Vs Traditional Coaching: Role of Technology in Learning Outcomes

1. Is online tuition efficient to resolve doubts?

Online tuition is conducted using a technology-driven platform. It is more than efficient in resolving doubts. The tutor will explain new topics better and dedicate time to resolving your queries.

2. Will a student get time to study at home after attending online tuition?

Online tuition saves you time as you don’t have to travel to different locations. In fact, the schedule is set based on your preferences. Hence, you will get ample time to study at home.

3. Is online tuition affordable?

Considering all the resources offered in the online tuition courses, it is an affordable option for students. They get study material and online classes from top experts nationwide.