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Online Tuition for Different Learning Styles Supports Academic Development

By Shiwani PandeyApril 27, 2023
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Different Learning Styles Used in Online Tuition

Gone are those days when we believed that studying in the same style a successful candidate does would help us accomplish our academic goals. It has been repeatedly proved that the learning style different for all. It is a combination of four different learning styles. Let us find out how online tuition for different learning styles bridges this gap for students.

Choose Online Tuition For Different Learning Styles

A student prepares a personalised learning style and follows it to reach his academic goals. Finding one is not easy until there is proper guidance and supervision. Let us first find out the learning styles and then focus on how online tuition incorporates all of them.

What are Learning Styles?

Learning styles are the methods of learning new concepts, fundamental principles or anything happening around a person. It is generally differentiated into four types depicting how a person grasps new things.

Here is the list of different styles of learning.

Visual Learning

As the name suggests, this is a process where a person learns by using his vision. It means he observes something being explained or happening and focuses on the different aspects of the topic. For instance, a child learns about new things, such as fruits, vegetables, transport, jobs, etc., by using charts, images, real-life examples, etc.

Auditory Learning

One of the important learning methods, auditory learning, is a process where a person learns by listening to something explained or happening. For instance, a child learns how specific birds make different sounds. He also learns the sound of interesting things. He responds specifically to those sounds.

Another advanced example is the use of audiobooks, lectures, and discussions recorded as audio files used by students and professionals. By listening to what is explained, students focus on the topics discussed and gather knowledge.

Reading and Writing

Reading and writing are the pillars of teaching and learning styles followed in schools, houses and tuitions. Explaining new concepts by means of writing on a board and reading the chapters helps students understand the topics better. They also follow how the topics are being explained on a writing platform. They also learn to read and understand the context of a text.

Students also take a lot of notes in classes. These notes are scribed by following what is explained in the class and what they have understood regarding the new topics. THz reading and writing style are exceptionally useful when studying new chapters and advanced concepts.


As the name suggests, kinesthetics is about movement. It means a person will learn new things by experiencing them. He will gain knowledge from hands-on experience rather than taking notes or listening to lectures. For example, this learning method is used in practical classes at the advanced level of school education.

Students learn about scientific concepts and find their uses in different experiments.  The inference of the experiments they do in labs shows how the theories are being used to explain a natural phenomenon.

How Online Tuition Incorporates Learning Styles?

Here is how the 4 types of learning environments and styles are incorporated into online tuition.

1. Visual Learning

It is incorporated by introducing the latest education technologies used across the world. For instance, augmented reality, teaching aids, concept videos, whiteboard integration, etc are all a part of the visual learning process. Tutors use handouts, displays, diagrams, pictures, images, videos, etc, to explain new topics online.

Integrating such interactive elements in the online tutoring portal makes tuition more engaging and fruitful. Technology is used to help students visualize concepts and to boost their imagination power.

2. Auditory Learning

This style of learning is introduced in online classes. For instance, an image is being explained online where a tutor generates the background voice. The proper explanation of a concept is done by using an image and the sound generated from one’s voice. Moreover, a tutor reading a chapter helps students to imbibe the lines and understand how to pronounce new words.

3. Reading and Writing

This learning method is introduced when online private tutors tell students to copy something, practice answering fundamental questions or take a mock test. Students can also take notes or do the homework the tutors assign. In a nutshell, this method is used in different forms to enhance the learning process.

Reading and writing can be done on a real-time basis or at home based on the instructions given by the tutor. A student is directed to use their reading and writing skills to use his other senses to grasp new concepts.

4. Kinesthetics

Introducing kinaesthetic learning can be tough in online tuition but possible. Tutors can ask students to gather any relevant object and teach by using it online. They can do hands-on experiments at home and visualize the concepts taught.

Assembling Learning Styles for Personalization

Online tuition wins over any teaching mode when it can personalize a learning style by combining these four. Online tuition for different learning styles accommodates all of them and creates something exceptional for the students. These days, tutors are assigned based on their experience and expertise. They can easily understand students' learning styles and formulate a new one by including these four for better outcomes.

FAQs on Online Tuition for Different Learning Styles Supports Academic Development

1. What should a student do if he needs help understanding a topic?

He should follow the audiovisual explanation of the concept and then focus on using it to solve problems. The second step includes reading and writing styles of learning. this is how he can make significant progress and grasp new topics well.

2. How can a tutor make online tuition more interesting?

His engaging way of teaching new topics will make students pay the fullest attention. His teaching techniques will comprise visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and reading/writing learning styles. The perfect combination will help students to comprehend new concepts better.

3. Where do we use audiovisual learning styles in online tuition?

The explanation a tutor gives using a concept video or a teaching aid uses the audiovisual learning style. It combines visual and auditory learning styles used in online tuition. Using both elements, tutors can easily explain new topics and help students visualize them better.