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Olympiads: A Habit or A Routine?

By Prabhat SinghJuly 08, 2021
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Olympiads are not merely an added exam in your curriculum rather it is a mode to understand the concepts more effectively. However, despite having many advantages, Olympiads are still considered as an added routine and many students don’t give due attention to it. Also, there are many uncertainties as far as the preparation of Olympiads is concerned. We receive many queries each day stating, “How to prepare for Olympiads?” or “What is the time that I should allocate for the Olympiad preparations?” Preparation for any Olympiads is not time-based; it is more based on your learning capabilities and efficiency to grasp any concept. Therefore, despite making it an added routine to follow, Olympiads should be made a habit from a young age. Also, it is high time now that students should start taking Olympiads as an enhanced way of learning, rather than just an exam for fun & parents along with the schools should encourage them to do that.

Another reason parents should encourage their children to make Olympiads a habit early on is to make them realise their capabilities. Routine studies tend to become boring after some time. Therefore, Olympiads are a great pedigree to manoeuvre their reasoning and academic brilliance. Olympiads not only help them in realising their actual area of strength but also helps them in enhancing their analytical abilities. Olympiads are a great source to test the student’s level of knowledge, reasoning power, and logical thinking outside the unchanging school curriculum and helps in bringing the best out of them.

Today the world has grown by leaps and bounds. Competition is the need of the hour to sustain yourself in this Rat Race world. Therefore, Olympiads are a great way to teach school students “the art of facing competition”. Making Olympiads their habits will ensure they reach their best every time and, also, it will enhance their potential each time they compete. Olympiads like Indian National Mathematical Olympiad (INMO), Indian National Junior Science Olympiad (INJSO), National Science Olympiad (NSO), International Maths Olympiad (IMO), etc. prepare students for the real world competition and grow them mentally strong. It also sharpens their coherent reasoning potentials. Acute study plans & a systematic approach will always result in good results in these exams.

Vedantu Olympiad School is one such school that helps students plan their studies systematically. The years of experience that their teachers have, ensures that students can execute an intelligent study regime.

Benefits of Having Olympiads as a Habit

  • It boosts students’ reasoning abilities & helps them assess their capabilities. It challenges students’ intellect and also promotes a deeper understanding of scientific facts.

  • They sharpen the students’ analytical skills and help them understand their weaknesses.

  • Competing at the national or international level provides students with a different level of exposure. It proves as a stepping stone in their preparation journey for JEE & NEET.

  • The questions asked in the Olympiad exams help students better understand the concepts than in the class. Ranks secured in these Olympiads exams gives them a sense of achievement & Boost their confidence for future competitions. Also, they make them realise the true talent of their child.

  • Olympiads always challenge them to come out of their comfort zone and inspire them to ignite their inbuilt desire to learn.

Olympiads have always been more than just an exam. The key purpose behind starting olympiads was to inculcate confidence in students & enhance their analytical reasoning, along with their mental growth. Participating in Olympiads and ascertaining your valour; has always been a proud moment for students & their parents.

Various National Olympiads like NSEP, NSEC, PRMO, RMO, INMO, INChO, INPhO & International Olympiads like IChO, IMO, IPhO have difficulty level more than JEE Advanced and, therefore, it prepares you for the Exam like no one else.

Also, once you clear these Olympiads, numerous National & International Institutes like IISER, Harvard, Stanford etc., are ready to handpick you before you sit for your JEE-IIT Exam. So, it means there is a huge possibility that you will not only be preparing for IIT Bombay or IIT Kharagpur, the chances of you getting a prestigious Stanford or Harvard degree is a considerable amount.

It is high time now to make Olympiads a habit to nurture the competitive essence & help students fly and be the next Olympiad Geniuses.