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NTSE - What Makes it India’s Most Prestigious Exam

By Tanzim HazarikaSeptember 06, 2021
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NTSE Examination

Students across India studying in Class 10 must have heard of the NTSE examination in one way or the other. The National Talent Search Examinations heralds a sense of pride among students who manage to qualify for it. However, it is not just limited to that! Did you know that qualifying for the NTSE examination comes with its own additional set of perks and advantages? Yes, you heard it right. It is not just your academic scope that is expanded by this national-level examination, but there is a range of other benefits ranging from scholarships to giving you a competitive edge when you apply for a job; all of this comes with performing well in this exam. So, let us understand how competing and securing a position in the NTSE exam can help in boosting your career prospects.

Why Should You Attempt NTSE?

Appearing and clearing the National Talent Search Examinations has a host of advantages. Not only does it widen your knowledge base, but it provides you with a chance of competing with some of your best peers. This kind of competitive spirit, when fostered, is very beneficial, especially in the long run. However, NTSE also has some other exciting awards up its sleeve, which we have detailed out for you. Let us have a look at them:

Scholarships Throughout Your Career

The students who qualify in the NTSE Stage 2 exam are awarded a scholarship by the Central Government. This is in addition to other scholarships awarded by schools or state authorities to such students. The scholarship amounts to Rs. 1250 at the higher secondary level and Rs. 2000 per year at graduate and postgraduate levels, while the scholarships for NTSE qualified PhD candidates is awarded according to UGC norms. On the other hand, NTSE qualified students who enrol in professional courses are granted this scholarship up to the postgraduate level.

Educational Advantages in India and Abroad

Whether applying for higher studies within India or abroad, an NTSE scholar is often preferred. Certain universities and higher education institutes in India prefer NTSE scholars when it comes to granting admission to students in different courses. More than often, NTSE scholars are only required to qualify for the designated entrance for such institutions, and they can easily bag a seat. Similarly, when applying for an education abroad, NTSE scholars are often preferred when it comes to rewarding scholarships and fellowships by foreign universities, thus making the admission process relatively easy.

Paves Path for Future Competitive Exams

The NTSE exam witnesses a high degree of competition with students all over the country applying for the same. For many students, this exam is their first brush with competitive exams. Since qualifying for this exam requires sincere perseverance combined with talent, preparing and qualifying for this exam helps instil a sense of confidence. A student can self-assess where s/he stands with respect to their peers and analyse their strengths and weaknesses. Also, NTSE requires rigorous preparation, which can be a very useful tool for students when they apply for other kinds of competitive exams in the future.

Perks While Applying for Jobs

If you are an NTSE scholar, the chances are that you will have a competitive advantage when you apply for jobs - both in the government and private sector. It is known to all that NTSE scholars are highly competent individuals, and recruiters often look for such qualities in their candidates. So having qualified NTSE is like another feather in your hat when you apply and appear for job interviews. 

It goes without saying that NTSE Olympiad opens up the door to a wide range of opportunities and possibilities. So, if you too are looking to boost your career academically and also professionally, start your NTSE preparation with Vedantu’s NTSE Crash course without further delay. Our expert teachers, NTSE books and study packages combined with the NTSE Test series are some of the best that you can ask for if you want to appear and excel in this exam.