NCERT Books Can Be A Great Help for Cracking IIT JEE

by Sagar Mankar, May 15, 2020

Preparing for IIT JEE and Class 12 Boards simultaneously is no child’s play. You must be burning the midnight oil hoping to secure great marks in both the exams. You may be referring to several top books available for IIT JEE in the market but in the middle of all the flurry, are you ignoring your NCERT books? If yes, reconsider your actions. NCERT books can be a great help for cracking IIT JEE in numerous ways. Read on to know- how? 

Is it possible to prepare simultaneously for board exam and IIT JEE with the help of NCERT books?

It is absolutely possible to prepare simultaneously for board exam and IIT JEE with the help of NCERT books. NCERT books are probably the only books which can be read for all the purposes. NCERT books are self-sufficient and hence, useful for any competitive exams in India.

How NCERT books can be a great a help for cracking IIT JEE?

If you are an IIT JEE aspirant you may find this a little surprising but NCERT books and NCERT Solutions can indeed be a great help in cracking the big entrance exam. The following are the reasons:

1. In the Chemistry portion, maximum questions on p-block elements are found to come from NCERT books. In the inorganic segment too, the questions related to inorganic reactions are taken directly from the NCERT books. Hence, NCERT class 11 and 12 Chemistry books can be a great help for revising the basics during the IIT JEE Exam.

2. IIT JEE paper comes loaded with numerical problems. Sometimes the problems come directly from NCERT textbooks. Which chapters will you practise only from NCERT books? The chapters like complex numbers and coordinate geometry can be practised more from the NCERT books. 

Are there any specific chapter-wise questions that come from NCERT books? - At least one question comes from each of the topics such as Vectors, Mathematical Reasoning and Statistics of the NCERT Maths books. 

Most importantly, NCERT Maths books help you to clarify your basics. After that, you can proceed to solve advanced problems.

3. The same applies to Physics. NCERT Class 11 and 12 Physics books are great for the IIT JEE exam as well. They not only clear the basics but also many times, direct questions are asked from them. 

The NCERT books are recommended by the toppers of the IIT JEE Exam. It is the scenario of every year. Do you want to see yourself as the topper of the IIT JEE exam? Then follow the tips shared by the toppers and read NCERT books.

Reference books, solutions, advanced numerical banks, objective question-answer books- all are important for the IIT JEE. But they come only after you have finished reading the chapters from your NCERT Class 11 and 12 books. Clear your concepts, memorize the answers to the simple questions given in the NCERT books by heart. Once you are confident, lay your hands upon other books for advanced reading and problem-solving. IITJEE Exam is the toughest of all engineering entrance exams. So, do not ignore your NCERT Class 11 and 12 textbooks. They can of great help for cracking IIT JEE. 

NCERT Books Can Be A Great Help for Cracking IIT JEE