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National Technology Day 2022: Learn the History and Significance of the Day

By Prateet SarkarMay 12, 2022
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Celebrate This National Technology Day By Knowing about its History and Importance

May 11 is celebrated as National Technology Day in India to appreciate and advocate technological advancements. This day is one to be remembered by all Indians since it marked the day when India bagged several colossal achievements in technology and science by successfully flying their first indigenous aircraft and launching their own missile, called Trishul, in a test-fire round. 

This event allowed India entry into the elite group of nations with nuclear weapons and India started celebrating this day as National Technology Day for good reason. India’s military might is no longer a hidden fact and the world now recognises India’s prowess on the battlefield.   

National Technology Day

The History Behind National Technology Day

Technological advancements has paved the way for smoother and easier proceedings in the field of science, especially in construction, social renovation, and even warfare. We are indebted to science and technology for the seamlessness in carrying out day-to-day activities without which society and civilisation would simply perish in today’s time. 

People in India showed their gratitude and appreciation by declaring 11th May as National Technology Day in the year 1999, after they embraced their magnificent achievements in the field on that very day, the previous year. 

On 11th May 1998, the nation carried out three successful nuclear tests at the Indian Army’s Pokhran Test Range under the famous Operation Shakti. On 13th May, two more nuclear tests had been conducted, which were led by late President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. This made India, officially, a member of the elite club of nuclear power nations.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who was the Prime Minister at the time, declared 11th May as a day of significant achievements for the nation, and India observed National Technology Day for the very first time on 11th May 1999. Since that day, the Technology Development Board has started honouring scientists, engineers, and the technological innovations that have aided the growth of India as a developing nation.

National Technology Day Celebration

Ways to Observe National Technology Day

National Technology Day is being celebrated with more and more dedication each year, which means we, as Indians, need to play our part in the process of technological development; at least by supporting the cause and taking steps to both aid and benefit from the technology already at hand. We can celebrate this day in various ways that will not only display our enthusiasm but also our intentions to further this game of science that the world has only entered. The following are a few ways in which this day can be observed by the citizens of India.   

  • Reading about the Technological History of India

The first and most important thing we can start with is by reading a little about the technological history of India. India has a rich history of scientific inventions, discoveries, and advancements, and it would be a shame if we, as Indians, failed to learn about and acknowledge the same. 

  • Learning More about Nuclear Weapons and Military Advancements

The world has started revolving around (mostly in fear of) nuclear weapons and technology. India has its fair share of participation history in the same venture, and learning a little about such advancements can do no harm. Instead, it will broaden the spectrum of knowledge in this area and we can start thinking freely about the beneficial strategies that can be adopted by the nation for the betterment of life in the country.

  • Working on a Home Technical Project

Scientists have done their part and are still striving to build a larger, more consolidated, technologically advanced nation out of India. We, as Indian citizens, can definitely play our parts in spreading the awareness and knowledge that the country will later harness. We can start by working on a small-scale technological project right in the comfort of our home, with friends and family, and who knows, we may end up with something bigger than we started with!


Significance of National Technology Day

  1. A Symbol of Technological Advancement

The celebration of National Technology Day displays the power of technology. The day symbolises all the things that can be achieved if technology is used in a controlled and appropriate manner. This, in turn, encourages further technological endeavours.

  1. An Important Day in Indian History

National Technology Day is a significant part of Indian history, which highlights the magnificent achievements of the nation and makes way for an even more successful future.

  1. Encourages Research

The work that scientists have already done inspires further curiosity in common folks and encourages research and development in the fields of science and technology. 


Days to Remember for Observation of National Technology Day in the Upcoming Years





11th May



11th May



11th May



11th May



11th May



National Technology Day is a day to appreciate the efforts made by Indian scientists and to spread awareness regarding the prevalent and upcoming technologies that are to shape the future of our nation. Let us join hands in putting our contribution into the endless cycle of success and prosperity that only science and technology can bring.