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Parents Day 2023: Fourth Sunday July of Every Year

By AiswaryaSeptember 05, 2023
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When is Parents Day Celebrated?

Parents are the roots and the supporting stem of everyone’s life. It is impossible to imagine a life without them where we see ourselves in a position as we are today. They have loved, cherished, and taken care of us since the first day we came into this world. They do so much for us regularly, and their love is unconditional. It continues to grow even when we are adults. Thus, the fourth Sunday of July is specially designated as National Parents’ Day to honor and celebrate them and their selflessness.

National Parents Day 2023: Celebrations on July 23, 2023

Observed on the 23rd of July in 2023, National Parents Day aligns with the fourth Sunday of July for the year. While Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day have been cherished celebrations since the early 1900s, the establishment of National Parents Day in 1994 marks a significant addition. President Bill Clinton solidified this occasion by signing a Congressional resolution, underscoring the importance of acknowledging, empowering, and endorsing the pivotal role parents play in nurturing their children.

History of National Parents’ Day

Parents are the greatest gift of nature that is given to us. There is nothing that can come closer to taking their place in our lives. The role of parents is integral in the development of a child’s life. National Parents’ Day aims to promote responsible parenting while encouraging reinforcement by parents for children. It goes the other way around as well, as this day celebrated the sacrifices of parents and the unparalleled bond of love between parents and children.

In the year 1994, President Bill Clinton affixed his signature to the Congressional Resolution, officially enshrining National Parents' Day as a recognized holiday. The driving force behind this legislation was Republican Senator Trent Lott, who sought to enhance and reinforce the integral role parents hold in the upbringing of their children. Opting to celebrate Parents' Day in July holds a logical sequence, following the preceding months of May and June dedicated to Mother's Day and Father's Day. This occasion garners active involvement from citizens, educational establishments, federal and municipal administrations, legislative entities, as well as various organizations. 

Traditions of National Parents’ Day 2023

Parent's Day closely parallels the sentiments of Mother's Day and Father's Day, serving as an additional juncture in the calendar for bestowing cards, gifts, floral arrangements, gourmet baskets, and delectable cakes upon parents or those who hold significant parental roles. Among the well-liked customs is the gathering of families for a communal lunch or dinner, fostering a sense of togetherness. At a local level, notable parental figures often receive special recognition during church services and community gatherings, spotlighting their exceptional contributions. A more recent augmentation to the tapestry of National Parents' Day traditions is the orchestration of rallies and official declarations, often facilitated by entities like the United Rights Council of America.

Tips to Make Your Parents Feel Valued

Gift Them Something Thoughtful: It is not essential to spend money on a gift for your parents to make them feel appreciated. Instead, gifting them a present that is personal and thoughtful is the best kind of present. It could be anything as simple as a keyring that has a family photo in it. You can even put together a scrapbook of special memories and photos of all of you together in one place. You can write a poem and frame it for them. There are numerous different options that you can consider to craft projects if you wish to make your present. It can make your parents feel appreciated.

Schedule a Special Outing with Them: Another possibility is to plan or schedule a special outing with them. A trip or an outing under a budget where you treat your parents with an experience and ample amount of time together to enjoy those moments. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make them feel appreciated. Spending less but spending time with them can mean a lot to them. So, plan something that can be enjoyable for the family altogether.

Edit a Special Video of Memories with Your Parents: In case you live far away from your parents and you don’t have a possibility of visiting them on this special day then it is a good idea to put together a video of memories with your parents along with a special video message for them. You can use this opportunity to send a lovely heartfelt message about how much you love and appreciate your parents and take a trip down memory lane while mentioning some special memories you have had with them. It will also help them reminisce about those days and let them know how much you appreciate them.

Express Gratitude Towards Them: Another way of celebrating this day is by showing them gratitude. Your parents have done a lot for you over the past years. So, it is right to say thank you and show them how much you appreciate everything that they’ve done for you. Something as simple as purchasing or making your greeting card with a heartfelt message can make them feel good and cherished.


You can consider any form of gratitude that suits you the best, but make sure that your parents feel appreciated and they know how much you love them. The significance of parents and their sacrifices can continue to be countless as they make special efforts for their children in every scenario possible. Thus, National Parents’ Day is a great way to celebrate their importance.

FAQs on Parents Day 2023: Fourth Sunday July of Every Year

1. Whether today is Parents’ Day or not?

23 July 2023 is the date of Parents’ Day in 2023.

2. How to wish your parents “Parents’ Day”?

You can wish them “Happy Parents Day 2023.”

3. Who started the Parents’ Day celebration?

President Bill Clinton signed a law in 1994 and U.S. Congress adopted a resolution establishing the fourth Sunday of every July as National Parents’ Day.