Must Read the NCERT Books Multiple Times for NEET Preparation

by Aparajita Das, May 19, 2020

Many of us nurture the ambition of becoming a doctor from our childhood. Only a handful of students figure out their dream later in life when they have stepped into Class 11. No matter when you set your goal, in order to become a doctor, you must first crack the NEET exams. The all-India entrance exam is in itself the first biggest challenge in the path to success. 

Qualifying NEET takes a lot of effort and diligence. Almost all aspirants try their hardest to qualify the exams but only a few make it. The difference between the students who make it and who fail to qualify the exams does not lie in the effort they put. Difference between them is that the students who qualify in NEET know how to prepare for the exams and how to study smart. This article tells you the secret of smart study plans which will help you qualify NEET easily. 

What is the Secret to an Effective NEET Preparation?

The secret for students excelling in NEET is having absolute devotion towards the NCERT books. You may refer to other books but those books must only be secondary to the primary NCERT textbooks. Do you think reading the NCERT book once will ensure success in the upcoming NEET exams? No, it will not. 

The NCERT is the most important book for NEET. Reading the book once will not yield good results. You have to read the book multiple times and be thorough with the contents of the book. You must know the content of the book as thoroughly as the back of your hand, and that is not possible if you read the book once and forget about it for the rest of the academic year.

Why Must you read the NCERT Books Multiple times for your NEET Preparation?

Multiple reading of the NCERT books ensures that you get good marks in your Class 12 Boards as well as in NEET. Is that all? Yes, precisely but there are many more reasons for this fact. Here are they: 

  • Importance of the Book

NCERT book is ideal for NEET preparation as it contains all the theories needed for the exams. The books have plenty of examples and problems for practising which is sufficient for a student to develop a deeper understanding of the subject. Also, it is a well-known fact that 60 to 70% of all the questions asked during the exams are taken directly from the NCERT textbooks.

  • Learning is not Easy

It is a known fact that reading a book once is not sufficient for learning the contents of the book. All the NCERT content is written in easy and lucid language. The theories may seem tough to you. Since CBSE NCERT is going to be your primary textbook you must read it multiple times so that you become familiar with the theories and the concepts. 

  • To Remember

Merely learning theories is of no use if we cannot remember it for your exams. Studies show that revising content every third day for a month and once a month after that helps people to remember the content for the long term. Thus reading the NCERT books and NCERT Solutions multiple times is important for you. 

  • To be Well Conversant

Reading the NCERT book doesn't really mean reading through the lines. One must practice the given problems and examples. This will help you to be at home on each subject.

Success in any competitive examination balances on the pivot of a clear understanding of the subjects included in the syllabus. NCERT books help you achieve that in the first place. So, you must read it again and again before you are 100% confident about each topic in the syllabus. Then cracking NEET will only be a matter of time!

Must Read the NCERT Books Multiple Times for NEET Preparation