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Make your Child a Spelling Champ with the Snowman Game

By Shiwani PandeyAugust 01, 2022
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A Fun Spelling Game for Kids

Teaching kids anything can be difficult at times. But if you know the appropriate ways to teach kids something, your effort does not go in vain. Just like using fun games while teaching Math is beneficial, you can play various fun games with kids to teach them how to spell words as well.

Spelling game for kids is common for teaching them how to spell words. The activities spelling is something kids can enjoy at their schools while studying with other kids. Teachers and parents can choose any spelling game and ask them how do you play snowman?

Play Snowman with Kids and Make them a Spelling Champion

To play Snowman with kids, you must draw a snowman first.

  • How do you play snowman with kids? You must prepare to draw a piece of paper and then two circles. One circle represents the head, and the other one represents the body.

  • Now draw two eyes, and right below it, draw a nose and paint it with orange colour.

  • If you want, you can draw a hat too.

  • Now, your job is to think of any word based on the letters; you need to draw blanks.

How to Play the Game?

Play Snowman

Play Snowman

  • To make your child a spelling champ with the snowman game, you need to follow some rules. Share a word with your kids. For example, the word apple. Ask your children to guess the letter of the word provided to them. Whenever they choose the right alphabet of the word, mark the letter on a corresponding blank that you have drawn. If the kids guess the letter A, you can write A on the first blank.

  • This spelling game is very interesting because, for every wrong answer, you can erase any part of the Snowman’s body. You can start from the hat too.

  • They can give 9 wrong answers. You can erase the entire Snowman if the kids keep giving wrong answers. 

  • As spelling for kids never ends, you can now move to the other one and try to help your children figure out the alphabet of a new word.

  • If you erase the snowman, it does not mean you cannot draw another one. In this spelling game, you can draw the snowman again if the kids give the right answer. Spelling for kids or teaching them how to spell the unknown words can be exciting too. These games are perfectly capable of keeping the children engaged and teaching in the most fun way possible.

Another Way Of Playing Snowman

Play Snowman for kids

Play Snowman for Kids

This game is similar to the previous ones we have discussed. In this game, you do not have to draw the snowman before the game. But instead of erasing the body parts of the snowman, we can draw the snowman too. 

  • If you want to know how to teach spelling to kids, you can play some fun games. Think of any word you want.

  • Now ask your children to guess the alphabet of the word while you draw some blanks on an empty page. For example, if you choose the word monkey, then draw 6 blanks on a blank page. 

  • If they guess the right alphabet, you do not have to draw anything, but if they fail to guess the alphabet of the word given to them, you need to start drawing the snowman. When a child makes the first mistake, you can draw the biggest circle representing the snowman’s body; when the child fails to guess another word, you can draw another circle. You must draw a part of a snowman’s body for every mistake.

  • Even though children cannot guess the word, they can see the smiling snowman and get interested in trying the game again. These are the two simple and easy ways if you want to know how to teach spelling to kids.

Some Ideas To Customise The Snowman Game

Activities spelling is essential when teaching kids how to spell a word. Playing Snowman is the best option you can have to get your children to learn to spell. But the process of the game can change with players. Here are some changes you can apply to make your child a spelling champ with the snowman game.

  • For younger kids, you can place one word at a time and challenge them to guess the alphabet.

  • If you use the game to teach a group of kids, you can make them choose their words. For example, make two teams and ask the teams to choose the words for the opposite one. This way, you can keep the challenge going, and students get interested in playing the game.

  • When kids get a little older, you can give them multiple words and ask them to guess the letters of the words. You can erase or draw two body parts each time you make a mistake.

Why Should Kids Play the Snowman?

Any spelling game for kids is important. That is why teachers always look for ideas to teach kids how to spell words in the most fun way possible. Letter switch, letter removal, poster words, spell and toss are the popular spelling games for kids.

But why is the snowman game so important for both parents and teachers? There are a few reasons behind it.

  • When they guess the right alphabet and get compliments, it makes them happy and interested to learn more.

  • When they guess the word, they understand which letter to use for which word and learn the pronunciation.

  • You can use the word in a sentence and make them understand how to use it in different sentences.


Kids love playing, and so they love everything related to playing. Though it is hard to teach anything to kids, if you find the right way of teaching something that encourages a child to play, you have already completed half of your job. Besides playing Snowman, you can go for other spelling games as well.