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Meet the Tokyo Paralympics Indian Medal Winners- Making India Proud

By Shiwani PandeySeptember 14, 2022
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India at Paralympics- Leading Indian Names in Paralympics Medal Table


As the year 2021 was coming to an end, Indian parathelets were creating wonders at the international level. There were a total of 19 Tokyo Paralympics Indian medal winners. One of the best sporting campaigns in Indian history, Indian Para athletes came back with five gold, eight silver, and six bronze medals. Millions of sports fans have cheered on their favourite athletes in the last paralympics to wear the glory of triumph on fields, swimming pools, courts, tracks, and podiums. 

Even though India has not always been the finest breeding ground for sports, interest in sporting events remains high. A group of people flew to heights of triumph without thinking twice about limitations placed on their physique but haven't received the attention they deserve when Indian sportspersons overcame the obstacles of lack of infrastructure and trainers and climbed the ladders of fame and success through determination and hard work. India at the Paralympics is certainly the best thing that happened. 

As mentioned above, if we count how many medals India won in Paralympics 2021, there were 19 which is certainly the biggest achievement. Contrary to other athletes, who make the most of their bodies by working hard, Paralympians must make a greater effort to prepare both physically and mentally for competition. 

These athletes from our country contributed seven medals to the country and placed 48th at the Tokyo Olympics, while the Paralympians placed 23rd with 19 medals. Considering the four medals India won at the 2016 Paralympic Games, this is a significant victory.

India at the Paralympics has been making achievements, but there are hardly few who know the names of these Paralympics. In this article, we present you with the name of Indian Paralympic winners whom you should be aware of.

List of Tokyo Paralympics India Medal Winners:

Avani Lekhara

Indian para shooter Avani Lekhara is from the city of Jaipur in the state of Rajasthan. She made history by becoming the first Indian woman to win a gold medal at the Paralympics in Tokyo in 2021. The 19-year-old para shooter earned the top spot with a score of 249.6 points in the Paralympics medal table.

Avani's legs and lower body were paralyzed in a vehicle accident when she was 11 years old, but she was not willing to give up. Later she became interested in archery and then transitioned to shooting after realizing how enthusiastic she is about it. She worked hard and consistently to reach new heights.

Sumit Antil

Sumit Antil, a gold medalist in the javelin throw event at the Paralympics in Tokyo, set three world records during his first competition. He competed against himself in each attempt and prevailed after tossing the javelin 68.55 metres. Sumit is a native of Sonipat, Haryana. From an early age, he had a passion for wrestling, but destiny had other plans for him. He had an accident when he was 17 and lost his left leg as a result. He was no longer able to follow his desire to become a wrestler. 

When life closes one door for Sumit, he discovered a way to open it wide, stepped through it, and sprung ahead to launch his success-themed javelin as far as he could, resulting in his greatest success—a gold medal at the Paralympics. He is now the leading names in India javelin throw Paralympics

Sundar Singh Gurjar

Sundar Singh Gurjar, who placed second to Jhajharia in the men's javelin throw F46 final on August 30 and with a best throw of 64.01 metres, added to India's joy.

The 25-year-old Gurjar, from Karauli in Rajasthan, used to compete in the general category up until 2015. However, following an accident he had while repairing a tin shade at a friend's house resulted in the amputation of his left hand's wrist, Gurjar now competes in the F-46 javelin throw category.

Manish Narwal

Manish Narwal is a Faridabad-born Indian parapistol shooter. He competed for the first time in Tokyo, winning gold in the P4 Mixed 50m Pistol SH1 competition. He was unable to elevate his right shoulder because he was born with a deformity in that shoulder. He turned to a left-hander in that manner. He went above and above to make the most use of his left hand, which earned him all the success he deserved.

Pramod Bhagat

Para-badminton player Pramod Bhagat hails from the Bihar region of Vaishali. He competed in Men's Badminton Singles SL3 and won gold in his first Paralympics in 2021. He holds the top spot in the men's SL3 singles Para-badminton rankings. When he was five years old, his leg developed polio which affected his walking abilities. However, it didn't deter him from taking part in the competition later. When he was 13 years old, Bhagat became obsessed with the sport of badminton and made the decision to train constantly to improve his skills and prepare for competition.

Krishna Nagar

On the last day of the Paralympics, Krishna Nagar, a Para-badminton player from Rajasthan, brought India its sixth gold medal, ending up in the list of Paralympics 2021 Indian players’ names. He won the men's singles SH6 gold medal. Many people had made fun of him for his little stature. He focused instead on the supportive remarks and encouragement from those close to him and paid no attention to any unfavourable remarks.

Other Players Made it to The Paralympic Medal List

Leading Indian Names in Paralympics Medal Table

Leading Indian Names in Paralympics Medal Table

Five of them had disabilities that made it challenging for them to advance toward achievement. These are Bhavinben Patel (Table Tennis) Silver, Nishad Kumar (High Jump) Silver, Yogesh Kathuniya (Discuss Throw) Silver, and few others. They did not moan about their situation. They made the decision to take the other route, which has made all the difference. 

These Paralympians serve as role models for all of us to pursue our aspirations, not just for those who are differently abled. They teach us something, and so does their triumph. Even though none of us are born with the ideal set of wings, if we are determined to fly, we will make our own and fly no matter what. Their determination pushed them to reach the list of Tokyo Paralympics India medal winners.


These Paralympics 2021 Indian players are certainly inspiration for new para athletes are practising their best to reach in the list of Tokyo Paralympics India medal winners in coming events.