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Life Lessons from Greatest Teachers of All Time

By Satabdi MazumdarAugust 28, 2022
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In any society, teachers hold an incredible amount of power in their hands. The responsibility to shape the youth of a country is a matter of no joke. In capable hands, a driven youth that is educated can change the future of the country and future generations. Throughout history, great teachers have taught profound lessons to their students using simple real-life examples.

If you watched The Karate Kid, remember how Mr Han taught Dre Kung fu using simple everyday movements? Later he tells him that Kung fu is in everything from how you take off your jacket to how you respect the people around you. That is the lesson which ultimately prepared him for discipline and dedication that helped him learn Kung fu. So, with that fictional example in mind, let's dive into some of the best lessons you can educate yourself with from some of the best teachers of history and how you can apply them to your life.

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Life Lessons You Can Learn From the Greatest Teachers in History & How You Can Apply Them to Your Life

When you think of great teachers of history, the names that come to mind first are usually great philosophers. Even though western and eastern philosophy has their cultural differences, the teachings often go hand in hand. Let's review some of the most valuable lessons you can learn from the great minds of the past.

"Education is the Manifestation of Perfection that is Already Inside You" - Swami Vivekananda.

Swami Vivekananda, who was one of the greatest modern philosophers in India, was always closely associated with the youth. He famously said that if given 100 energetic men, he could reform the country. He believed in educating the youth and using the knowledge gained to channel their energy toward developing society for a better future.

The lesson you can take from the quote above is to believe in yourself and your abilities. Once you do that, then you must work hard to reach the perfection that already resides inside you. Education will help you learn the true meaning behind everything in life; this knowledge can help you get a new perspective on life, which can help you grow as a person. The ability to soak in knowledge comes when you learn to believe in yourself. It comes when you learn to accept that your abilities are enough to reach your goals. Life is not a race, the goal is to reach your destination eventually, but it's not to reach first.

"Live as if you are to Die Tomorrow, Learn as if you Were to Live Forever" - Mahatma Gandhi

Making the most out of your life is the essential lesson that the younger generation must never forget; after all, YOLO (You Only Live Once). Mahatma Gandhi was a lawyer by profession before he came to India to join the freedom movement. He always promoted villages and created systems where villages could become self-sufficient communities. Being an educated individual himself, he believed in popularising education among youth and making education value-based and mass-oriented.

The lesson you can take from the quote above is to learn to love the experience of learning something new. If you love what you are learning, you will never feel like it's a chore to do it. You would feel much more open to learning more things, and that would help you grow infinitely as a person. By simply trusting and loving the journey instead of the destination, you can be a person that is not affected by your success or failure. When you work because you love doing it, success is sure to follow.

"An investment in Education Pays the Best Interest" - Benjamin Franklin.

Investment is usually considered in terms of money, but to understand the beauty of this quote, you have to realise that investment also refers to time and effort. Benjamin Franklin was one of the founding fathers of the USA. He wore many hats as an inventor, philosopher, writer, diplomat, and scientist. So, with that many roles that require incredible educational intellect, it's safe to say you can trust what he has to say.

The quote mentioned above means that you should always try to educate yourself more and move forward in life, learning new things along the way. Education is not only achieved in schools and colleges. You get to learn new things every day from life experiences. These experiences can go a long way to teach you valuable lessons that will help you become a better person. When you become more rounded-off as a person, you will get your promised returns in the form of excellence in your life and career.

"Intellectual Growth Should Commence at Birth and Only Cease at Death" - Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein is said to be the most extraordinary mind in modern scientific history. His work has given the world a new understanding of physics and the universe in which we live. He was a genius, and despite what the internet tells you, he never actually failed his maths class in school. He is known for his knowledge, and many would know that apart from scientific discovery, he would actually spend the better part of his life teaching students across the world.

The quotation above means that you should never stop learning new things. No matter your age, there is never an age which is too old to learn something new. Life teaches you lessons every day about human behaviour, morality, and values. Even apart from that, you should always try to learn new skills and habits. When you keep growing as a person, you keep becoming a better version of yourself every day.


Great teachers are some of the best gifts of your life. They can help you learn to love education or any particular subject. This can create a lifelong impression on you and can spark an interest in a career stream that you might not have previously known. Plus, a good teacher is an excellent guide and mentor that can help you through your struggles and be better at every step of the way. So, those are some of the best benefits of having great teachers. If you want great teachers too, try joining Vedantu, where you can learn from only the top and best concept teachers in India.