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Fun Lemonade Activities to Teach Kids Maths

By Shreya PatroAugust 02, 2022
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Kids’ Lemonade Activities to Help Them Learn Maths

When life gives you lemons, just squeeze them! And then say ‘hello’ to fun lemonade activities for kids. If you have never heard about it, it is time you should learn everything about lemonade activities for kids, especially how it can help your children learn Maths. Yes, you can help your kids learn Maths with some lemonade activities. Keep reading to know all about it.

If you have always been looking for ideas to make learning Maths fun for your kids, here’s one idea, the lemonade activity, that can help with basic mathematical concepts. As the name suggests, the lemonade activity involves making a simple lemonade. However, the best part is you can teach your kids about different shapes, measurements, and counting in the process. You can also teach them how to do addition and subtraction while making lemonade.

Early Maths Learning Concepts for Children

Lemonade activities for kids

Lemonade Activities for Kids

Children love experiments, and lemonade activities can offer the best of them. While the activity has different benefits, early math learning concepts for children are one of the best things it offers. Here’s how the lemonade activity helps children to learn Maths.

  • As Maths starts with numbers, counting always takes the front line. However, counting might not be easy for children without a physical object; here is when you bring the lemons. Once you have collected lemons, you can ask your child to count how many lemons are there. To make it more entertaining, you can pick some lemons or add a few more to see if they can count the right numbers in total.

  • Measurement is one of the early Maths learning concepts for children. Again, this can be done with the help of water and sugar you will use to make lemonade. Ask your child to pour 2 cups of water into a jar or glass and then add one teaspoon of sugar. You can also ask them to stir the sugar until it dissolves completely. Of course, watching the sugar disappear in the water would be surprising for them!

  • Another fun activity is to ask them to guess the shape of a lemon. Again, cut the lemon into halves, or more pieces and then ask them to identify the shapes.

Different Maths Learning Games

Studying always becomes easier and more comfortable when someone associates playing methods. So, here we have discussed some very helpful Maths learning games that can help your children learn the basic concepts of this subject. The best part is, that they do not get bored with these activities.

  • Maths Baseball is one of the Maths learning games suitable for children between 2 to 8 years. There are two teams in the game, and after the toss, the pitching team throws a Maths problem at the batting team. If the student gives the right answer, she can place a check on the first base. If she is incorrect, she is out of the game. If a team has three outs, the opposite team gets to bat until one of the teams wins the game.

  • Prodigy is one of the fun Maths games that can be useful to both students and teachers. It is an online Maths game best suited for students between Classes 1 and 8. Prodigy is a part of several academic syllabi. This game helps the teachers to measure the students’ progress by giving them customised tests, comprehensive reporting, etc.

  • Maths Bingo is one of the most fun games for kids. Ask your students to keep a sheet and provide them with the equation instead of the answer. For example, ask them how much 7x2 makes? And they need to find out the number from the card. 

  • Around the block, there is one of the fun Maths games. Just make a list of Maths-related questions and then ask the students to stand in a circle. Now, one of the students needs to read one of the questions from the list while others will have to keep passing the ball. The student who reads the question aloud has to answer before the ball reaches her. If her answer is correct, she gets to choose the next contestant, and if not, others will start with the next question.

These are some of the ways to teach mathematical concepts to children.

Lemonade Activity for Preschool Kids

Getting children to learn Maths can be a very time-consuming and difficult job. They get easily bored and eventually start hating the subject. However, there are some very simple methods using which you can teach them basic mathematical concepts. Lemonade activity is one such activity that helps you to accomplish your most tiring mission.

L is for Lemonade Game!

Fun lemonade activities for kids

Fun Lemonade Activities for Kids

The lemonade activity is an activity that helps your children not only learn Maths but can increase their understanding power as well.

How to Play the Game?

  • Ask your child to bring one lemon for each glass of lemonade.

  • Now, tell her to count the steps she needs to take to reach the refrigerator.

  • Ask her to go and fetch the glasses, water bottle, and sugar bowl for making the lemonade and while she is on her way, ask her to count her steps backward.

  • Now, squeeze the lemons with your child and tell her how many times she needs to squeeze the lemon.

  • Once the lemons are squeezed, instruct her to stir the mixture at least five times till the sugar gets dissolved, and now, your lemonade game is over. Through this activity, your child gets to learn how to measure, count, and, of course, how to make lemonade.


Unlike older students, it may not be easy to teach Maths to kids. They get frustrated and annoyed during the process. So it is important to retain their interest and make them understand the fun side of Maths so they become interested in learning the concepts. The lemonade activity is one of those simple activities that help parents spend time with kids and teach them Maths in a fun way.