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Play Jigsaw Puzzles and Boost Your Intelligence

By ManasviJuly 18, 2022
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Jigsaw Puzzle for Your Kids' Brain Development

Do you want your kids’ intelligence to grow playfully? Well, some games can grow your child’s intelligence and patience. Any puzzle usually challenges people’s patience and perseverance. So, it is needless to say that it will help your kids to increase their intelligence. Jigsaw puzzle images have become kids’ favourites because of their colour.

Your children can play many puzzle games like logic puzzles and crossword puzzles. A jigsaw puzzle or piece puzzle is one of them. Unlike crossword puzzles, in jigsaw puzzles, people use some pieces to form a puzzle that looks colourful. So, it is easier to gain children’s attention to the game. If you are not drawn to this game and prefer to play with words, crossword puzzles can be a good choice. In simple words, if you have a hard time finding friends, you can always play jigsaw puzzles to pass your time and increase your intelligence.

What is a Puzzle?

The word ‘puzzle’ has two different meanings. One, getting befuddled or confused and two, a kind of game where you need to form meaningful words, pictures, etc. Here, we have mentioned some puzzle games. There are different types of a puzzle:

  • Jigsaw Puzzle

  • Crossword Puzzle

  • Logic Puzzle

  • Rubik’s Cube

  • Sudoku

Besides developing a child’s memory power and patience, puzzles build up the ability to plan. It increases the problem-solving ability as well. By building a habit of playing crossword puzzles or piece puzzles, your kids can plan out their strategies. Also, of course, if they get to win once, these games can become your kids’ newfound obsession.

What is a Jigsaw Puzzle?

Are you wondering what are puzzles or what is a jigsaw puzzle? Well, a jigsaw puzzle, also known as a piece puzzle, is a set of haphazardly shaped pieces which need to be assembled. If someone adds the pieces together, it forms a clear picture. The pieces are originally made of paperboard or wood by cutting with a jigsaw. One of the most important things about jigsaw puzzles is that the more intricate the picture, the more difficult the game becomes.

The concept of puzzles originally came from 18th century England. However, the use of pictures started a little late. Around the 1860s and 1870s, the people of the United States and Britain started playing with puzzles with pictures, which later became very popular in the 1900s. With time, by going through a lot of modifications, this game has become one of the most famous ones.

How to Play a Jigsaw Puzzle?

Jigsaw Puzzle for kids

Jigsaw Puzzle for kids

There are different rules for playing different types of puzzles. The rule that you can use to play word puzzles is not the same as a picture puzzle. So, here, you can learn the right way to play a jigsaw puzzle.

  • You must have known what a jigsaw puzzle is, so firstly, take the cardboard and observe them.

  • You must have a picture in the puzzle box that you need to create. Take a look at the picture and try to figure out the pieces one by one.

  • Once you find a piece, attach them. And that is it. Your jigsaw puzzle images are ready. 

Picture Puzzle

Types of Picture Puzzles

A picture puzzle is a puzzle that usually challenges people to find the difference between two pictures. However, there are other types of picture puzzles too.

  • Spot-the-changes puzzle is one of the picture puzzle games that have two identical pictures, one with some changes. All you need to do is, find out the changes. 

  • A cut-up puzzle is a puzzle where you get two grids. Here one grid has one of the pieces of the picture and the other one has pieces of pictures scrambled in the grid. And then you find the rest of the grid to be empty. Now, you need to place the pieces in the grid to complete the picture.

  • A puzzle is not only about joining pieces to make a complete picture; there are work puzzles as well.

How to Play a Picture Puzzle?

Jigsaw Puzzle for Child’s Intelligence

Jigsaw Puzzle for Child’s Intelligence

It is said that the game puzzle is for the most intelligent minds. But is that true? There are different ways of playing puzzles. Before you play the game, you need to know a few strategies. However, not all the strategies work for everyone.

  • Before starting to solve the puzzle, think aloud and form a plan to solve it.

  • Look at the picture patiently and try to figure out every detail. Even if you have to take time to figure out every detail, do it.

  • Puzzles are tricky games to play. No matter what puzzle game you play, following a pattern is always a good idea.

  • Always keep looking for the obvious clues and possibilities. Since the game is tricky, it is easy to leave out small details. 

  • Keep track of your previous moves. It helps you to keep going.

  • Puzzles need intelligence and patience. So, if you feel drained and impatient, take a break, small or big does not matter and free your mind.

  • Being focused is always a wise choice. Try not to get affected by other distractions and focus on what you need to solve.


There is no doubt that outdoor games that require more physical activities are very beneficial for health. But indoor games like different kinds of puzzles will help build your kids’ intelligence and strategic power. While crossword puzzles are one of the most common puzzle games, there are other games like the Jigsaw puzzle, and picture puzzles. 

All these indoor games can be a great brain developing exercise for your child. And if you are so driven by this game, you can play Rubik’s cube simply because you can carry it everywhere.