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Who Invented the Microwave? Its Innovation and Uses

By AiswaryaMay 17, 2023
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Things you didn't Know about the Microwave Oven

A microwave is one of every family's most essential kitchen appliances these days. Though it could not attract people’s attention much in the beginning due to the radiation it uses, it became very popular after a few years. As a result, around 90% of American families use microwave ovens in their kitchens.

Invention of microwave

Invention of Microwave

So many of you might know that the microwave was invented after World War 2. But very few know who invented microwaves. From Percy LeBaron Spencer’s invention of the microwave to its becoming one of the essential kitchen appliances, the microwave oven has its history and benefits. In this blog, we shall discuss everything about it.

Who Invented Microwaves and How?

Though most people initially did not like using the microwave oven, they now believe microwaves have made their life easier. But do you know that the invention of the microwave is an accident and not years-long perseverance?

Percy LeBaron Spencer, the inventor of the microwave oven, was a self-taught engineer. He got the idea of making a microwave from seeing a melted chocolate bar. When Percy LeBaron Spencer worked in Raytheon Corp, he tested magnetrons, a vacuum tube that could produce microwave radiation. He suddenly noticed the chocolate bar in his pocket had melted when he tasted it. After observing this, he decided to run a test on an egg and popcorn. When he saw the egg explode and the popcorn pop up, he understood that he had exposed the food to low density, resulting in heated food.

Spencer then built a metal box and inserted the same microwave power inside it. When he realised that the energy could enter the box but could not come out of it, it did not take long to understand that microwaves could cook or warm up any food much faster than ovens that used gas. Since then, Percy LeBaron Spencer has been famous as the person who invented microwaves.

Now that you know who the inventor of the microwave is, you must know how to use it and its benefits. So, let’s discuss some of its uses below.

Modern microwave

Modern Microwave

How to Use a Microwave Oven?

You can use a microwave oven by pressing a few buttons or controlling a regulator. However, if you do not know how to use microwave oven, then follow our step-by-step guide mentioned below:

  • When the microwave oven was invented, perhaps there was no manual to help the customers. But now, with every device, you get a manual to guide you. So, our first suggestion is to properly go through the user's manual you get with the device. If you read it carefully, you will know about the pre-set programs, cleaning methods, power usage, etc. 

  • Many might think that the microwave oven’s size matters significantly, and its function changes depending on that. But it is not so. The process of using a microwave is the same for every size. Once you read the user’s manual, you need to plug the microwave into the switchboard. 

  • Whether it’s a microwave cooker or microwave oven, you must put the food into the right utensil. You can use the container that comes with a microwave oven. 

  • Use a thick lid and cover the food. It helps the food to stay in one place. 

  • Once everything is complete, leave the food to get heated. Do not touch the container or the microwave oven while the program is still on. If you want to touch anything, you can either stop the running function or click the pause button. This is one important microwave oven principle among others you must follow to stay safe. 

  • There are various kinds of microwave uses. But you cannot heat every kind of food in the microwave. When it comes to heating food, the microwave oven follows a certain rule. You cannot heat three to four days old food in the microwave as it can contaminate the fresh food. 

  • When the microwave oven was invented, was there any gel or water spray to wash it? No, right! So, you have to maintain a perfect cleaning process while cleaning the machine. Regularly clean your microwave with a wet towel and wipe off the food stains. That is it! Never use any gel or water spray to clean your microwave oven. These are some basic rules to know how a microwave oven works.

Uses of the Microwave Oven

You can use your microwave oven in various ways. Here we have mentioned some microwave uses to let you know how you can utilise your microwave oven effectively.

  • One of the main uses of microwave ovens is to reheat food. Suppose you have come back from the office and do not want to cook anything. You can reheat the leftovers within ten minutes by using a microwave oven.

  • What is a microwave oven? Can it just reheat your leftovers and do nothing else? Of course not! While most prefer to use stoves or ovens for cooking food, you can use a microwave for cooking an entire meal just by pressing some buttons.

  • Do you know that you can heat your beauty products using a microwave? Though it sounds dangerous, heating certain beauty products does not affect the skin badly. If you are still not convinced about it, we suggest you try the process once.

  • Proofing yeast is one tiring task. It takes hours to do so. However, you do not have to worry if you have a microwave. Microwaves can complete this tiring task within ten to fifteen minutes.


Today, every family uses a microwave without knowing its history or who they should thank for making their life so easy. From being ‘not acceptable’ at all to becoming the favourite of the house, microwave ovens have journeyed a long way during the past years. So, knowing the process of using a microwave and its uses can help you know a lot of unknown information about this oh-so-useful machine. Now, if you want to purchase a microwave for your kitchen, your knowledge can help you make the best decision.