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How to Set Up a Children’s Playroom?

By Shreya PatroAugust 01, 2022
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Make a Beautiful Playroom for Your Children

Kids are always eager to play. You can always find them wandering in the house and playing with whatever they get in their hand. Undoubtedly kids need time to play. That is how their growth happens, but if they get their parents or caregivers as playmates, they can have more fun.

However, playing has its benefits too. Setting up a kids' playroom is a very good idea to encourage your children to play. There is no particular way of decorating a kid’s playroom, but we can give you some ideas so you know how to set up a children's playroom.

How to Decorate Children’s Playroom?

As we have mentioned, there is no particular way to make a child’s playroom. Everyone has different tastes; based on that; every person decorates the room differently. But when decorating a child’s room, make sure you have the basic things that a child needs.

  • You can stock the playroom with any toy you want. The toys do not have to be fantasy-based. Even the simplest toys can make your children happy. You can stock your children’s playroom with different cartoon characters. Animals and different dolls can go perfectly well with the playroom decor. Different puzzle games, shapes, blocks, etc., are good for helping kids learn how to solve problems and promote their brain development. A kids' playroom may have all types of toys. Besides installing small toys for decoration, you can also put some crayons, drawing books, and stickers for them to draw.

  • What can you see in a playroom? Different toys, books, dolls, etc., but if children cannot access them, what is their use? When you learn how to set up a children's playroom, you also need to have a clear idea of where you can place the toys so they can play with them whenever they want. Closed-off cupboards may be a good idea for your bedroom, but it is not such a good idea for your children's playroom. Keep them on an open bookshelf so kids can take them while playing.

  • You can place many small toys for decoration in a child’s playroom. Letting them get hold of all the toys at a time is never a good idea. Display some toys first and put the rest of the toys inside a cupboard. If you keep changing the toys in the playroom, it can help keep your kids’ interest intact.

Ideas For Decorating Kids’ Playroom

Setup Playroom

Setup Playroom

  • When you make a kid’s playroom, you do not have to blink an eye to know that the room can have stains and dirt. So one of the best and most important kids play room ideas is to make a floor resistant to stain. Foam flooring is a good idea for building the floor of the kid’s playroom. You can go for linoleum floors or wood.

  • Just like adults, kids’ interest changes with time as they grow. If you cannot find any idea of how to decorate the room, refer to some ideas on the internet and observe what can you see in a playroom. If you make a perfect pink-coloured wall for the kids, they may not like it later. The same thing goes for any colour. In that case, settling for stick-on wall decors can be a good idea. You can choose whatever design you like to make a perfect and cozy space for your kids.

  • Adding toy cubbies in a child’s playroom can be one of the best kids' playroom ideas. This way, kids can reach for all their toys and play with them whenever possible.

  • Including a table and chair set should be the top priority of parents. Kids do not only play in their playroom; they draw and make their crafts there as well. If children are fond of playing with puzzles or reading story books, a table is a great idea.

  • Make a place for your kids where they can play, sleep and rest. A kid’s playroom is where they spend most of their time. So they can get charged up and get back to playing again.

Make DIY Playroom For Small Spaces

Playroom for Children

Playroom for Children

  • If your house does not have so many floor spaces, you can display your kids’ toys and books there. Some shelves can be very long, and kids may not reach for the toys. But that should not be an issue. You can maximize the corners of the living room and place your kids’ small toys and dolls there.

  • One of the best DIY playroom ideas for small spaces is to use a hanger. Every house does not have enough space. But if you want to make a playroom in a cozy area, you can use hangers. Hang some bags where you can keep your kids’ stuffed toys so they can take whatever toy they want and play with it.

  • Buying a few items that can serve two purposes is always great for DIY playroom ideas for small spaces. Buying a desk that works as a table can help. In small spaces, buying items that serve two purposes can be very helpful if you want to build your kids a nice playroom.


A playroom is the most important spot for children. Here they can play, draw, read, and even sleep if they want to. Like every house has a bedroom, kitchen, and dining room, having a playroom for kids is equally important. You can find various ideas to make a playroom for your kids if you have a large space.

You can make a very beautiful and kids' friendly playroom by installing open shelves, comfortable cushions for sitting, and some toys and books. If you have a smaller space, you can use open shelves or drawers to build a perfect playroom for your kids.