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How to Prepare for VITEEE 2024 in the Last 7 Days

By Asmita KunduJune 24, 2022
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Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Examination or VITEEE is one of the most popular engineering entrance exams in India. In the last few days before the examination, candidates should ramp up their preparation to score well and secure a seat in the prestigious engineering school. VITEEE will take place from April 19, to April 30, 2024.

Taking a look at some previous years' question papers will give you an idea of the pattern of the exam. The syllabus of the VITEEE exam should also be studied thoroughly. Below are some of the last-minute tips for VITEEE 2024 preparation and revision before the test to help candidates develop a good study strategy and score high on the test. With that said, let's kick things off!

Last 7 Days Revision Strategy for VITEEE

Tips for Last 7 Days Strategy

VITEEE, a national-level entrance exam, is not a cakewalk, and candidates must develop a structured and well-planned exam preparation strategy to pass the exam in a single attempt. However, with very little time remaining for the exam, candidates should now shift to the top gear and prepare restlessly with their only focus on cracking the exam. We've compiled the most effective tips that successful candidates follow in order to prepare efficiently in these final few days.

Revise Thoroughly

Like any other entrance examination, a candidate preparing for VITEEE should put his/her last one or two weeks solely for revision. Studying a new topic in these final crucial days will be a blunder. Thus, the final few days before the examination are to revise in order to walk into the examination hall full of confidence and the zeal to crack the test with flying colours. 

Now, the revision includes a few different elements, and all of the NCERT books, your reference books, and other important bits like previous years’ papers and the latest mock tests or sample papers need to be gone through to stand a chance of standing ahead of the competition and crack VITEEE.

Go Back to the Notes

We hope you have prepared comprehensive notes throughout your preparation for VITEEE. Now is the time to go back to them and revise them thoroughly not once but as many times as you can during these final few days before the examination. Friends preparing together for the examination can exchange notes with each other and benefit from their notes.

Further, Strengthen the Strengths

The topics that you have a strong hold on are certainly going to aid you in scoring high in VITEEE. Revise these topics religiously, and try to quickly go through the books you have resorted to for your preparation once again before the examination. Working on your strengths and polishing them right before the examination will increase your chances of scoring high, clearing the cut-off, and securing a valuable seat to study engineering at the Vellore Institute of Technology. 

Abraham Lincoln said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Hence, the sharper your axe, the higher will be the chances for you to overcome the hurdles in front of you.

Avoid Last-Minute Efforts

Trying to get a grip on the topics that you weren’t able to understand during your long preparation in the final few days before the examination is not a great idea. The practice will only hamper your overall readiness for the exam and may even affect your understanding of other topics that you are confident about moving close to the examination. Instead, as we said before, shift all your focus to the topics that you have a strong hold on and look to further increase your score by practising questions from the same in the final few days before the test.

Solve Previous Years’ Papers

Previous years’ papers are one of the vital cogs of any competitive examination’s preparation, for they help you gain insight into the exam pattern, the kinds of questions asked, and if there are any specific questions that are repeated every year of in an alternate manner. These also help candidates decipher how the level of difficulty has changed over the years and how the weightage of some particular questions has increased or decreased over time. All in all, previous years’ papers will help you analyse the papers intensely and prepare better for the grand finale, VITEEE.

Take Mock Tests

Just like previous years’ papers, the latest mock tests are also an important part of a candidate’s preparation for any competitive examination. While previous years’ papers help you analyse the change in exam pattern, weightage, and other aspects over time, the latest mock tests enable you to have an understanding of what is about to come in the examination hall. These also help you prepare well for the newer patterns of questions. Lastly, since mock tests try to replicate the actual exam scenario, these help you become ready for the most important day, the day of the exam.


Once you solve previous years’ papers and the latest mock tests, you should prepare a self-assessment report mentioning your strengths and weaknesses. Once you’re aware of the same, you have to further focus on your strong areas and the time has already run out to go back to the weaker topics and understand them. Candidates should now focus on their strengths and work on how to leverage them for a high score in VITEEE.

Health is Important

Candidates should also keep their physical and mental health in check as they prepare for the examination. Candidates who appear for the exam should therefore consume healthy food and get enough sleep during the preparation period. Candidates should also engage in extra-curricular activities to keep their minds stimulated during their studies.

There’s not much time left for VITEEE, and candidates preparing for the same should have their eyes set on that one seat that they have been dreaming of for a long time now. We hope our tips have helped our readers, who are preparing for VITEEE in some capacity. Our best wishes are with the candidates, and we hope they crack the exam.