How to Prepare for NCO Cyber Olympiad 2020?

by Asmita Kundu, March 26, 2020

The Best Way to have All your Bases Covered for Cyber Olympiad 2020


Even though they may sound the same, Science and Cyber Olympiad are not the same. This is because the Science Olympiad is undertaken by the foundation to bring out the scientific capabilities of the students. However, the National Cyber Olympiad 2020 is much more interested in exploring the cyber expertise that young children in schools might possess. The reason why this exam came into being was because of the fact that technology has taken over every sphere of our lives and it would not be a shock if young children would have some kind of expertise in the same. The following article would help you in understanding why you should apply for the Olympiad and what are the different benefits that you would be able to gain through the same. 

Why should you take Cyber Olympiad 2020?

Generally what happens with students is that they do not get time to do anything more than the curriculum that has been provided to them by their school. They often get so burdened because of it that they completely forget that there are a number of other ways through which they can gain extra knowledge. Olympiads are competitive exams that cover most of the syllabus that is being undertaken by the students in school. The only difference is that it is more practical based and provides the opportunity for young students to be able to represent their school and country on a national level. This can provide them with an exposure that they might not necessarily be able to get while following the school curriculum solely. Also, there are a number of different benefits that students would be able to gain through by attempting Olympiads like that of the National Cyber Olympiad 2020 which would be discussed in the following sections of this article. 

Benefits of Olympiad Exams

1. Helps in Creating a Talent Pool 

It is because the different Olympiad exams like that of Cyber Olympiad 2020 bring out the geniuses which could not be otherwise identified within people. This is the reason as to why these exams help the students to perform their best and gain knowledge in a plethora of subjects. Therefore, this exam has the ability to ensure that students are able to undergo holistic development so as to become successful individuals in the future. 


2. Helps in Building Confidence

It is one of the key factors that are provided by this kind of competitive exam. This means that while preparing for Olympiads students have to go through a myriad of books and they also have to undertake a number of different mock tests to be able to become fully prepared for the exam. This way they are able to become more confident in the things that they know and can attempt with their hard work and dedication. 


3. Improves Class Results

It is because of the Olympiads like that of National Cyber Olympiad 2020  that students have to study so much and so many subjects that they often stand ahead of their classmates because of which they are able to score well in their exams in their class because of which their overall result in the school increases for the good. 

How to Participate in Cyber Olympiad 2020?

In order to be able to apply for the exam, your school must be registered with the Science Olympiad Foundation. However, if this is not the case with your school then you should be able to send an email at which is where you would be able to find a prospectus for the same. Once the registration is done, then the teacher in charge would allot roll numbers to all the students who would have registered for the exam. 

The copy of all the roll numbers with the student registration sheet as well as the school registration form would then be sent to the foundation before the due date. 

Once all the formalities are done, the foundation then sends across the question papers so that the students can attempt the exam. 


Tips to Crack Cyber Olympiad 2020

In order to be able to successfully crack the examit is important for the students to take into consideration the following tips and tricks with the help of which they would be able to score well in the same. 


1.  Know the Pattern Well

The first and the foremost thing that all students must take care of is that they should be well aware of the pattern of the paper. This means that you must know the different sections the paper is divided into, the duration of the paper as well as the marking scheme. This way you would be able to remain well prepared for the exam and would also be able to give your best. 


2. Good understanding of Technology 

The next thing that all students must take care of while preparing for the Cyber Olympiad 2020 is that they must be well versed with technology because this is what that they would eventually be tested on. Therefore, they must be well aware of technology in a proper manner. 


3. Practice

This is a point that cannot really be stressed enough. This is because the more you practice, the more you would be able to know about the kind of questions that you might come across while doing the exam. This would help you in becoming confident and you would surely be able to score well if you practice more than what is required. 



National Cyber Olympiad 2020 is an exemplary platform that you can make use of for showcasing your cyber knowledge. You would be able to portray the same on a national platform and would also have the opportunity to participate and work with like-minded people who would not only help you intellectually but would also provide you with an opportunity to expand your horizons as well as opportunities. 

How to Prepare for NCO Cyber Olympiad 2020?