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DIY Steps To Make Fragrance Of Flowers

By Satabdi MazumdarSeptember 11, 2022
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How To Make Perfume At Home?

Remember the time when we used to make things out of the available ingredients with a playful mind? Our parents let us experiment with all kinds of things under their watch. This is how we learn and develop our senses. Somehow, this skill can be used to make DIY fragrances or perfumes at home.

You will just need a few things to aggregate in one place and start following what the experts suggest. In this world of social media, such a learning experience can be remarkable. Here is what you need to know about the fragrance of flowers and how to trap it to formulate a perfume.

What is Fragrance of Flowers?

We are fascinated by the beautiful scent released from flowers. They are mesmerising combinations of certain natural compounds created by the specific floral cells. If we follow the basic rules and facts of chemistry then these compounds need to be volatile to reach our nostrils and trigger our senses.

Hence, the fragrance of a flower is the perfect combination of such natural volatile organic compounds that can easily spread in the air attracting insects for pollination. In most cases, the floral petals contain such compounds. These compounds can be extracted to formulate a perfume at home.

How to make Perfume at Home with Flowers?

Now that we know how flowers smell so beautiful, what makes us feel that? Our sense of smell is connected to a small almond shape brain section called the amygdala. This part of the brain processes all kinds of electrical signals sent by your nose. It decides whether we will feel happy or disgusted with an odour.

It has also been found that the amygdala is also connected with the part of the brain that controls emotions and memories. This is why patients often go through aroma therapy.

We can clearly understand how a sense of smell works. Let us move to the recipes you can follow and learn how to make perfume with flowers at home.

How to make flower perfume at home

How to Make Flower Perfume at Home

Here are the ingredients for making perfume you will need.

  • Any type of small glass jar with an intact lid

  • 3 or 4 flowers (It can be Arabian Jasmine, Rose or anything with a sweet fragrance. You can decide which flower is used to make perfume. Make sure it has a good fragrance that fascinates you.)

  • Unscented oil (You can choose sunflower oil, olive oil, jojoba oil or coconut oil)

  • Strainer

  • Spoon

  • A spray bottle (This type of bottle has a spraying nozzle to disperse stored liquid inside in the form of mist. You can also choose a glass or plastic container to store your perfume.)

Here is the list of steps to follow to make floral perfume at home.

  • Make sure the flowers are fresh. Pluck and remove the petals from the chosen flowers. Make sure there is no trace of water droplets on the petals. To be sure, you can put the flowers under the fan to dry and remove the excess moisture on the petals. Make sure they are simply dried under the fan, not under the sunlight or else the petals will lose the fragrance.

  • Take oil and heat it before you put it in the glass jar. The amount should be enough to soak all the petals carefully. You can adjust the oil content based on the petals you have taken.

  • Soak the petals in the glass jar with lukewarm oil and press them. The petals should be submerged in the oil. The extraction of the fragrance compounds will begin. Don’t press the petals too hard or they will disintegrate. Make sure they are all submerged properly.

  • Close the glass jar tightly by placing its lid and keep it in a warm room for at least a day.

  • On the next day, take out the glass jar and open it. Use the strainer to remove the floral petals. This is an important step in the DIY perfume making process. Be gentle to remove the floral remnants from the oil. It is the oil you need.

  • Your perfume with an oil base is ready. You can place the oil in small glass containers or spray bottles. Apply it in a small amount on your wrist and smell it. You will find the sweet fragrance of the flowers you used trapped in the oil.

You have learned how to make perfume at home. It is your turn to do experiments with different flowers used to make perfume. The process will be the same. In fact, if you want your DIY perfume to be stronger, add more petals to the strained oil and repeat the process. The fragrance will become stronger every time you add more petals to the process.

Using the Same DIY Perfume Technique

Now that you have learned the steps of making your own perfume at home, you can use the same process for other natural fragrances of nature.

The magic is behind the use of unscented oil. It is the base that traps the volatile organic compounds present in the flowers. You can use the same process to extract the mesmerising fragrance of spices and essential oils.

Simply follow the DIY flowers perfume-making process. Instead of adding floral petals, you can soak cinnamon sticks, star anise, orange peels, lemon peels, or anything you feel special in the oil for preparing a concoction. Rest all the steps are the same.

DIY Perfume made Easy

This is how you can make your own perfume at home. It is a great learning experience for young minds. Spend a beautiful morning with your siblings and cousins collecting flowers and follow the steps. Come up with a homemade perfume you will all be proud of.