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Teach Kids How to Make Easy Paper Flowers

By Shreya PatroJuly 29, 2022
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Fun Ways of Making Easy Paper Flowers

Just like any game, art and craft are interesting for kids too. As we all know, kids love learning playfully. That is why teaching them paper art is easier than anything else. With papers, they make whatever they want and enjoy it much more than they enjoy studying. Making easy paper flowers is one of the art and craft activities they like so much.

Making colourful flowers using different colourful papers and making various flowers papercraft make the kids happy and they find enthusiasm for arts. Here, we have discussed how to make flowers with paper and paper flower designs.

How to Make Flowers with Paper?

Easy Paper Flowers

Easy Paper Flowers

Required Materials

  • Lightweight and colourful papers

  • Glue stick

  • Scissors

  • Straw


  1. To know how to make flowers with paper, firstly, you need to make a paper square. Take a square origami paper or cut out a square-shaped paper from the colourful paper you have bought from the shop. 

  2. Now, fold the colourful paper diagonally in half. Make sure the edges are completely even. Fold the paper correctly and get a triangle.

  3. Fold the triangle to make another triangle, a smaller one.

  4. A step how to make paper flowers is to fold that smaller triangle again from the middle and get another triangle.

  5. Now, you need to rotate the triangle and ensure that the longest side is vertically positioned. In the corner of the paper, the paper’s centre should be at the bottom.

  6. Bring the corner of the paper that was at the bottom towards the long side of the triangle.

  7. You should find a horizontal edge. Cut it using scissors.

  8. Draw an arc from the top corner of the paper where you can see the triangle’s vertical side and to the bottom of the opposite side. Just stop before ½ inch from the bottom of the opposite side.

  9. Cut the arc properly to make paper flowers because the arc creates the shape of the flower.

  10. Now, unfold the paper to see if the petals are right. You can use any straw and fold it with colourful paper to give it a complete look or cut out a ribbon to attach to any card or somewhere else.

These are some of the steps to making paper flowers. You can follow other ways to know how to make flower with paper.

Easy Paper Crafts by Making Simple Paper Flowers

Make Paper Flowers with Kids

Make Paper Flowers with Kids

Easy paper craft is a good way to help kids become more creative. Here we have mentioned easy paper craft for kids using flowers paper craft. You can give your flowers a 3-D effect to make them look more real and beautiful. Read along to know about it.

Required Materials

  • Printable Template (free)

  • Colourful craft papers

  • Glue stick

  • Cardstock

  • Scissors


  1. Use the free templates and cut the pieces for the paper flower. Make sure the pieces are thin and quite long.

  2. Take two paper strips that you have cut out.

  3. Now, take your glue stick and glue them on each other so they can make a cross.

  4. Stick two more paper strips diagonally and make 8 pointed flowers so that later it looks like 8 petaled flowers.

  5. Next, you need to take an end of the strip and stick it to the centre where you have glued every paper strip together.

  6. Do the same thing with paper strips too.

  7. Take another colourful paper and cut a paper strip off it too.

  8. Roll it and glue it using the glue stick.

  9. Now, take the circular spiral piece and stick it to the centre of the paper flower using glue.

  10. To make the flower card, take cardstock and fold it to get the look of a card.

  11. Take a green-coloured paper and cut off a paper strip.

  12. Glue the paper strip at the bottom of the card. You can cut out some oval-shaped pieces from green paper and fold them to make leaves.

  13. Attach the paper flower to the stem using glue. And your paper craft using paper flowers is ready. 

Simple Paper Flower Designs

A simple flower design is a great way to decorate your house or make a gift card and use it in your projects. Below, we have mentioned some of the paper flower design ideas that you may find helpful.

  • Tissue paper flower is a simple flower design that you can make using any colourful paper. It looks very beautiful and elevates the beauty of your house if you keep it on a table or watering can.

  • If you want to make some paper flowers that look almost real, use crepe paper and watercolours to paint on them. These beautiful paper peonies are lovely to look at and give a soothing vibe to the room.

  • You can always welcome spring to your home, even if spring is not here. Freesias, though a little time-consuming, is always a worthy one. If you are fond of a bohemian vibe, try to make these in your leisure time.

  • You can use small or 12 inches paper flowers as your photo backdrop or home decor. They look elegant and soothing.

  • You can make flower wreaths with paper flowers. Now, you can make a square paper flower wreath to twist. It is quite uncommon. If you are fond of bright colours, you can use them to your heart’s content.


Kids love colourful things like everyone else. They elevate their mood. Learning art and craft is always good for giving them ideas about different colours and building their creativity. If you want your kids to start learning about art and craft, why not start with something beautiful and simple?

Teach kids how to make easy paper flowers. This can help them to explore new ideas in the future.