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Different Ways to Use Marble Maze and Have Fun with Kids

By Shiwani PandeyAugust 08, 2022
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What can Your Child Learn while Playing Marble Maze?

Do you want to spend time with your kids on holidays but do not know how to do it? If you think about it, there are many ways to do so. You do not need to watch TV with your children or take them to a park to spend some time. You can think of playing several indoor games with them.

Besides reading stories to your child and playing sock baskets with them, you can play marble maze games. These games can build your child’s motor skills and help them gain strong self-esteem. So, read ahead to gain detailed information about the marble maze, how to make marble mazes, etc.

What is a Marble Maze?

Marble maze is a kind of game that you can play with marbles. Usually, one marble is enough to play the game, but you can always consider using multiple marbles. You can play marble maze with anything. If you are one of those parents who want to involve their child in some creative activities, you can also consider the idea of making DIY marble maze games at home.

Marbel maze improves kids’ creativity and helps them become self-reliant. You can also buy a marble maze game from online stores.

How to Make Marble Maze?

Marble Maze for Kids

Marble Maze for Kids

Required Materials

  • Marbles

  • Box lid

  • Paper straw of different colour

  • Glue gun

  • Playdough

Steps to Make Marble Mazes

Once you have collected all the materials required, let’s start with the steps of how to make marble mazes:

  • The first step to making a simple maze for kids is to use your playdough of different colours to make snakes. Take the playdoughs and expand them until they look longer. Make at least four or five snakes.

  • Now, take the box lid and stick the snakes to the box using glue.

  • Add other sections of playdough to the box lid.

  • You can make some colourful balls using playdough to make your marble maze look more beautiful.

  • Stick some colourful paper straws with glue.

  • Now you can use marbles, or you can use marbles made of playdough to play the game. That is it. Here is your simple maze for kids, which your child can use all the time.

What are Some Different Marble Maze Games?

Any marble maze game is capable of developing your kids' logical thinking, visual perception and critical thinking. Besides being a good pass-time and creative game, it is also a logic game. In this game, children need to think about which path to take so the marble can reach the finishing point. Here we have provided some of the names of marble maze games for kids to help you choose which one to get.

  • Gravity marble maze is one of the marble maze games that requires logic to win. You can call it a logic puzzle too. The main purpose of the game is to organise the towers, so your marbles reach the top. It needs one player to play the game. It is suitable for kids more than 8 years old.

  • MindWare - Q - Ba - Maze 2.0 is one of the simple mazes. This challenging game builds your kid’s problem-solving capability. The set of scaffolding plastic pieces and ramps can keep your child entertained for quite some time. 

  • Money maze bank is a money bank that can amuse kids too. It is also one of the simple mazes as compared to the others. Here you can recover your money but only after solving the maze. You need to guide your marble until it reaches the unlocking mechanism.

  • Brio Labyrinth Table Maze is made of wood. In this game, kids need to use two knobs to tilt the maze and guide the marble to reach the finishing point. Kids of 6 years and above can play the game.

  • Kids usually get very impatient, so Bella Sunshine Plastic Intellect 3d Maze Ball is perfect for helping them become patient. All they need to do is guide their marble through the twisted path. It helps them concentrate and builds their focus.

  • Zoo’m by Hape; this two-player game needs the kids’ focus to guide the marbles through the maze to reach the finishing point first. It is appropriate for 2 years old kids.

Cardboard Marble Maze 

Cardboard Marble Maze for Kids

Cardboard Marble Maze for Kids

Required Materials

  • Cardboard

  • Scissors

  • Scale

  • Pencil

  • Hot glue

  • Punch hole machine

  • Marble 

  • Sketch pen

  • Sticky notes

How to Make the Maze?

  • Take cardboard and cut out some rectangular pieces with scissors. Use a scale if you need to draw lines with a pencil.

  • To make the cardboard marble maze, take the cardboard pieces and attach them to the edge to make the box.

  • Once you finish making the box, attach some cardboard pieces as paths.

  • You can use the punch hole machine to make some holes in your box to make the game more interesting.

  • Once the steps mentioned above are over, write ‘Start’ and ‘Finish’ on two sticky notes and attach them to the board. You can choose where you want to attach them.

  • Now, take your marble and start playing the game. You can also use multiple marbles and guide them to the finishing point.


Parents always cannot afford to take their children outside or go to a park to let them play because of the lack of time. That is why various indoor games prove very beneficial for both parents and kids. But undoubtedly, it is far more beneficial for kids.

Indoor games like marble mazes and different kinds of puzzles help them to improve their motor skills. These make them think logically, be more patient and become rational. So whether you help them to make marble maze toys at home or buy them one, they become very useful for the children.