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Calm the Senses of Your Child with Calming Jars

By Puja RoyJuly 08, 2022
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A Calming Glitter Jar Can Be a Game Changer in Sense Control

Calming glitter jars are a popular way to help kids calm their minds. These colourful, dazzling jars are easy-made, affordable, and effective for kids and adults. Calming jars are even dear to professional therapists. The jars come with enticing and relaxing sights to soothe the mind. Let's check how the calming jars can help you in mindfulness. 

Many thoughts and ideas run into a creative child's mind that adults might not be very aware of. Today's lifestyle is speedy right from childhood. Young ones manage a lot of responsibilities in both classes and playgrounds. They may find it difficult to calm down and decompress themselves. Here is where a mind soothing calming jar would help. Your child can use that for-

  • Sensory Needs

  • Self Regulation

  • Boredom Busters

  • As a Timer

  • Self Regulation

  • Anxiety and Stress Release

  • Big Emotions and Worries

The usefulness is many. Calming bottles are used both in classrooms and in homes. They are a significant help to nannies and mothers who own some active, naughty children. Besides that, calming jars are well used in yoga and meditation classes. Wherever there is a need for calmness with an extra dose of concentration, a calming jar turns out to be a significant help.

Calming Jar

Calming Jar

How to Make Calming Jars?

A calming jar is also a sensory bottle. Choosing a calming jar is not very difficult, but it usually takes some trial and error methods. The shape and clarity of the chosen bottle are essential as the bottle here acts like your lense.

  • VOSS Water Bottle

You can choose a VOSS water bottle. They are sleek and nice. The silver lid gives it the perfect finishing touch. A VOSS bottle is not widely available. You have to do a little research. It has a flat bottom, a big opening for objects, and is available in 3 sizes. Carry the bottle with care.

  • Sparkling ICE Bottle

These bottles are smooth and pretty as sensory bottles. They are commonly available at the market. Sparkling ICE bottles are sturdy and have sleek edges. These bottles are not flat and are available only in one size. Choose it if you are okay with a bottle with a narrow opening.

  • Crafts Bottles as a Sensory Bottle

Crafts bottles are available in many shapes. These bottles are perfect for young children as they can hold the bottle perfectly. The flat base of the bottle makes it more convenient. You can buy a craft bottle at craft stores.

  • Recycle Container

A round-shaped aqua ball is perfect as a calming jar. Don't just trash away from the water bottles after the water is finished. If the plastic quality is excellent and transparent and the bottle has a flat base, you can use it as calming jars.

How to Make a Sensory Bottle?

Use a very clean bottle. First, pour the water into a separate cup, then rinse the flavoured water. If it is for kids, choosing a plastic bottle is a good idea because glass can break. Do not add magnet or metallic items with the water else it will rust. Add some liquid watercolour or some food colour to make the water colourful—mix mineral oil with the water. The oil will slightly slow down what you have in your bottle.

The movement of the glitter will be slower due to the presence of mineral oil. This will help the process of a DIY to calm the senses. You can use simple baby oil or cooking oil, liquid soap, and shampoo. All these are pretty good slowing components. Besides that, corn syrup, glycerine, clear glue, glitter glue, or hair gel will do the job.

  • Add clean water to the jar

  • Add glitter glue

  • Add 3 drops of food colour and stir

  • Pour glitter into it

  • Top up the jar with more warm water

Five sense organs images with name


Five Sense Organs Images with Name

How to Control Your Senses with the Help of Sensory Bottle?

Glitter jars are the perfect antidote for stressed-out children. Thanks to the swirling patterns and pop of sparkle, they calm the mind. Sitting in front of the jar and watching the movement of glitters raise concentration power. All you have to do is to give them a good shake.

Watch until the glitter settles in the bottom of the jar. An overwhelmed child will focus on the process and calm down his haste. Glitter jars can also be used as a 'time out' timer element. Watch out for the jar till all the flakes have fallen. Use extra glue if you want the glitters to move for a longer time. 

Items you need to make a calming glitter jar are-

  • A container

  • Warm, clean water

  • 60 ml glitter glue

  • 3 drops of food colouring (preferably in gel form)

  • 60g-80g glitter

The jar can both be made of glass or plastic. But for young children, please go for a plastic container. For kids, glass jars are more vulnerable to carry.

How Can We Take Care of Our Sense Organs with the Help of Calming Jars?

Conscious practice of mindfulness gives kids space and time. The exercise helps them calm down and pay attention to what is happening around and in their body and mind. Regular practice of mindfulness reduces emotional stress and improves wellness and self-control. Glitter jars are handy tools. Use them well for the well being of your child's mind, body, and soul.


We are a lot because of our 5 senses and sense organs. Human potentials are endless when these 5 sense organs are appropriately utilised. A calm mind is a solution to many problems. Teach your children better control over their minds, which will lead them to a better tomorrow.

If you find the blog informative, share it with your friends who have naughty kids or struggle themselves with mind matters. One with a calm mind will have harmony in body and soul.