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Some Easy Ideas on How to Make Bird Feeder

By Puja RoyJuly 07, 2022
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Knowing about Natural Bird

One of the beautiful creations of nature is the natural birds. They belong to the animal kingdom family. They are vertebrates and consist of feathers, beaks, and wings. Most birds can fly with the help of their wings, except for a few like penguins and ostriches. Due to their natural habitat, they are called natural birds.

Birds are warm-blooded and have toothless jaws. They give birth to their babies by laying eggs. Birds have a big appetite and hence, are unable to find an ample amount of food in the area where they build their nests. Thus, a hand-made bird feeder hanging in your backyard or corridor could invite these natural birds to feed themselves easily. In this article, you will find some innovative bird feeders ideas using waste materials.

How to Make Bird Feeder with Waste Materials?

Birds are a creature loved by most humans. If you are a bird lover, you would be travelling long distances all over the world in search of these colourful species. What if you get the chance to meet these natural birds in your yard or outside your window almost every day? Well, if you know how to create a bird feeder by using trash from your home, you could easily fulfil your dream of witnessing all sorts of beautiful natural birds outside your home. Here are some easy-to-make bird feeders ideas listed below for you:

Cute Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

Plastic bottles are one of the most traditional DIY bird feeder ideas that will help attract birds to your backyard. These bottles are very easily available at every home and could be used as bird feeder hanging in your garden or windows. You may either use a single or two plastic bottles to make birds’ food feeders. Read further to get to know about the method in detail.

Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder


  • A clean dry plastic bottle

  • A pair of scissors (a sharp knife can also do the needful)

  • Chopsticks/Straw

  • Permanent marker

  • A rope or a string (should be strong enough to hold weight)

  • Adhesive

Stepwise Method:

  • Take a clean plastic bottle that is no longer of any use. Remove all the stickers and labels from the outer body of the bottle and then wash it with a dishwasher to get rid of the residual glue that might be stuck on the body. This is to make sure that the birds don’t get stuck to the feeder while eating.

  • After washing the bottle, dry up the inner side carefully so that the feed does not get moistened.

  • In the next step, mark the points at the bottom of the bottle to make holes for the birds’ perch area. You may mark the positions at least 1 to 1.5 inches up from the bottom. Mark the points on both sides of the bottle.

  • Cut the holes with the help of a pair of scissors or a sharp knife. Make sure that the holes are wide enough to fit in the perches. Now, insert the perches depending on the number of holes you’ve made, and then put some adhesive to hold these tight.

  • Once done, make a few more tiny holes at the bottom of the bottle to let the water drain out easily.

  • Next, you need to make holes for feeding the birds. Create holes on both sides of the bottle above each perch. The holes should be no longer than 2 to 5 cm., such that the birds can eat through them.

  • Create two more holes near the rim of the bottle to hang the feeder using the string or rope. These holes should be no larger than the thickness of your string.

  • Put the string through the holes and tie it up on the top.

  • Finally, fill the feeder with the birds’ feed and you are all ready to go with your DIY bird feeder.

We would also like to share a small suggestion that might be of great help to you. Use some adhesive and stick a small dish under the bottle so that it captures any kind of spillage. Also, make small holes to drain out rainwater.

DIY Bird Feeder Craft Using Orange Peel

This is an amazing bird feeder craft idea. The appearance of this feeder attracts birds easily to your backyard or garden. Let’s have a look at the method:


  • An orange

  • A scooper

  • Needle & thread

  • Butter and peanut butter

Stepwise Method:

  • Take an orange. Don’t just hurry and peel it off! This time cut the orange into two halves instead. 

  • Now, use a scooper to carefully scoop the whole flesh from inside the peel. The peels will now take the shape of an empty bowl.

  • Once you’re done scooping, get a needle and thread ready. Put the thread smoothly through the orange peel using the needle and tie it up in a manner such that it can be hung from a hook or a tree branch. 

  • Next, take 1 teaspoon (tsp) of butter and 1 tablespoon (tbsp) of peanut butter and melt them over low heat. Take a tbsp of this mixture and pour it into each of the orange peel bowls. Once cold, this mixture will firm and bind the birds’ feed together, so that it does not fall out.

  • Finally, fill the orange peels with your birds’ feed and then hang them up wherever you feel appropriate.

Bird Feeder Using Wooden Skewers

We often have some unused wooden skewers left at our home. These could be used for bird feeder crafts to invite these colourful little ones to our windows or garden. Here are the steps to be followed for making such a beautiful feeder.

Wooden Skewer Bird Feeder

Wooden Skewer Bird Feeder


  • Few wooden skewers

  • Thread/string

  • Fresh fruits of your choice

  • Dry fruits of your choice

  • Bread or Cheerios

Stepwise Method:

  • Find some wooden skewers from the kitchen and keep them aside.

  • Take two to three fresh fruits like an apple, grapes, guava, etc. Chop the bigger fruits into small chunks and leave the smaller fruits like grapes as it is. The fruit chunks should be around 1 inch in size.

  • Next, pour some Cheerios into a bowl. You may also use bread crumbs if you’re running out of Cheerios.

  • Now, take the skewers and start putting the fruits and Cheerios inside them one after another. You may follow a pattern of your choice to make the skewers look attractive. Don’t fill the entire skewer. Remember to leave some space at each end.

  • Once done, take a string and tie it up at each end of a skewer. You’re now ready to hang these cute-looking feeders from a tree branch in your yard.

Pros & Cons of Bird Feeders


  • Bird feeders help parent birds feed their children with ease. They do not need to travel long distances to fetch food for the little ones.

  • It has been noticed that the birds around the regions, where backyards are equipped with various bird feeders, are in better health than those birds without any feeder. 

  • Also, the availability of such bird feeders in the nearby area allows the birds to gain access to an adequate amount of food while migrating long distances.

  • Innovative bird feeders act as a natural source of beauty and happiness in your backyard or outside your window. You could relax and feel stress-free listening to the cheerful chirping of natural birds.


  • Bird feeders ruin the natural habit of the birds to collect their food. They become dependent on the feeders, thereby losing their talent of hunting for food from here and there.

  • The natural food for birds include worms, insects, seeds eaten directly from plants, etc. Birds do not get natural food when they eat from the feeders. 

  • Birds are not the cleanest when it comes to eating. Thus, feeders in your backyard are bound to make your garden dirty with spilt seeds and cereals. 


Watching natural birds chirping and singing with their sweet voices outside your window or in your garden, keeps your mind refreshed and relaxed. So, creating the birds’ food feeder in your garden will let more and more of these beautiful creatures gather around for food. Keeping in mind all the benefits and disadvantages you should create a bird feeder by using trash from your home and enjoy nature without any stress in mind.

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