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How to Make Beautiful Paper Box Using Colours Paper

By Puja RoyJuly 29, 2022
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Having a Paper Box in Your Collection is Both Useful and Beautiful

Boxes have multiple uses. Making a box with colourful papers boosts your creative side during summer vacation. It nurtures both fun and learning at the same time. Let your children learn to create colourful boxes that are eco-friendly and useful. Children and elders can use colours and paper boxes.

Gather all your little but essential items that you keep here and there. Put them all on the paper box. Now it is easier to find them out on time. Let's check how to make creatively shaped boxes.

Glue and Tape Less Paper Box

Paper Box

Paper Box

Required Items for Glue and Tape Less Paper Box

  1. Colours paper

  2. Ruler

  3. Scissors

  4. Pen or Pencils

  5. Your hands

Steps to Follow to Make Glue and Tape Less Paper Box

  • Cut the colours papers into square shapes. 

  • Fold it into 4 parts.

  • Now fold each square into the centre.

  • Each folding should look like a triangle.

  • On folding all 4 sides, it will look like an envelope.

  • Keep the triangles folded and fold every side in a thin rectangular shape.

  • Make them meet in the centre.

  • Do this for every side.

  • Now it looks like a pamphlet when you open it.

  • Pinch in the two highlighted triangles on the corner side.

  • It's now aligned to look like one side of a box.

  • Try to make the two parts come together to bring the box shape.

  • Now fold in the triangle and rectangle inside.

  • One side or one part of box making is done.

  • Repeat the same process for the other side.

  • Now cut both sides so that it makes a square.

  • Cut the paper up to 8 inches in a way that you have two scraps- one thin and one thicker.

  • Your colourful box is ready now.

Make Paper Cube Box to Decorate Your Room

Use the technique with some thread and hang them from the ceiling of your house. These paper boxes are not for keeping things inside but for home decoration.

Required Materials to Make Paper Cube Box

  1. Marble Paper or Normal colour paper

  2. Glue

  3. Scissors

  4. Plastic cups

  5. Q-tips

 Steps to Follow to Make Paper Cube Box

  • Cuts paper into same-sized strips.

  • Maintain the size of 4 1/2 inches long and 2 inches wide.

  • Fold every cut-paper strip in half longwise.

  • Make 12 folded strips for every paper box.

  • Arrange them into a square with overlapping ends and apply glue.

  • Add 4 more strips using glue - one on each corner pointing up.

  • One by one add the strips and apply glue.

  • Repeat the steps until you have as many boxes as you need.

Make Origami Box

Origami is believed to help students develop spatial & perception skills. Paper marbling art is very good for building dexterity and eye-hand coordination for growing up children. This summer, try spending good times with creative origami boxes.

Origami Box 

Origami Box

Required Materials to Make Origami Box

  1. 6 colourful origami sheets

  2. Scissors

Steps to Follow to Make Origami Box

  • Gather 6 origami sheets that are 6-inch by 6-inch in size.

  • Take the first paper piece and fold it in half.

  • Choose a different colour for each folded sheet.

  • Keep doing it with all the pieces.

  • Now unfold the folded papers.

  • Then fold each edge to the middle, where the fold creates a mark.

  • Turn the piece of paper over so that the paper flaps face down on the table.

  • Now fold one corner up to the opposite edge.

  • Keep repeating the process with the opposite end of your paper.

  • Next, do the same thing with current corners too.

  • Now you are done with the first piece of paper.

  • That's one-sixth of your origami box.

  • Repeat the process with each of the five other pieces.

  • Put each of the pieces together as you do in the jigsaw puzzle.

Make a Paper Folded Card Board Box 

Cardboard is also made of hard-quality paper. Cardboard boxes are very helpful for keeping and carrying items. A creatively made cardboard box will entertain your artistic side too. Think out of the box and make one at home instead of buying from the market!

While making a box out of cardboard, the base and the lid would be made individually. The cardboard is normally 10.5mm in thickness. However, cardboard of 1 or 1.25mm will also go well. The thicker the cardboard, the more durable and long-lasting it is. You can fold it with colourful paper and stickers for an attractive finishing touch.

Required Material to Make a Paper Folded Card Board Box 

  1. Glue

  2. Metal scale or Scissors

  3. Cardboard

  4. Pencil or Pen

  5. Marble Papercraft

 Steps to Follow to Make a Paper Folded Card Board Box 

  • Mark the template on a sheet for both the base and lid on a sheet of cards. The lid must fit well over the base. Keep the top section of the lid a little larger than the bottom part of the base.

  • Cut around the edge of the template with the help of a knife. Use a metal ruler if you want a straight line finishing.

  • Use the knife to score the folds of both the base & lid and also cut out one side of each of the flaps.

  • Put glue to the reverse of each flap. Try doing two flaps at a time.

  • Stick the flaps onto the sides of the base or lid. If you can't bend the sides well, score the folds deeply.

  • Hold the joints till the glue dries.

Your cardboard box is ready for use. If you think it looks very plain. You can use marble papers and make designs or shapes on the cover. Another idea is to use marble painting for kids. Let their ideas come out and take shape in decorating marble papercraft.


There is no hard and fast rule in art and creativity. Every time an idea occurs, it is a way to shape something great. Every new piece of art is room for another idea to be implemented. The more you work on it, the sharper your art sense becomes. For instance, a glass painting may lead one to learn how to draw milk products.

Sharing ideas also broadens the possibilities and potentialities for creative pursuits. If you find the blog informative. Share it with your art enthusiast fellows. Paint the horizon together.  Try how to marble paper at home with your art lover siblings and friends.