How to Keep Children Prepared When School Reopens after Coronavirus Situation Subsides

by Amaresh Venkatapur, April 8, 2020

The world, as we know, has come to a standstill as corona virus continues to wreak havoc. Since it is a new virus, scientists and researchers are still trying to understand its true nature and formulate a suitable corona virus vaccine or medicine. Even though clinical trials have begun, it can take a significant time to find a cure. So, for now, the only way is to practise social distancing to break the chain of transmission.

This highly contagious virus has upended normal life everywhere, and India has been no exception. Our government had been taking necessary measures such as thermal screening at airports, banning non-essential travels and closing all schools, colleges and universities. Moreover, to flatten the curve the Indian government took drastic measures like – 

  • Halting all passenger train service except goods trains.

  • Shutting down all business except those in the emergency sector like pharmacies, hospitals, food, telecom service and the like.

However, even with all these drastic measures in place, the number of positive cases is rising in India. As a result, nobody knows for sure when everything will be normal and educational institutes will reopen again. Nevertheless, it is essential to keep your child prepared for that day. Let’s take a look at what you can do to ensure that – 

  1. Keep Them up to Date With The Syllabus – Since schools are closed due to corona virus infection outbreak, you as a parent need to take proper steps to ensure that your child continues with his/her education. Here are some things that you can do – 

  • Set up a family meeting – The first thing that you should do is call a family meeting to discuss what should be done during the 21-day lockdown. If your children are young, explain to them carefully about what a corona virus is, why their schools are closed, and why everyone needs to stay home. Once they understand the reasons, they will cooperate more. It will also be a chance to discuss with your older child about how they plan to continue with their school syllabus.

  • Prepare a Schedule – Draw up a timetable and set up fixed times for studying and playing. It will be even better if the schedule follows school timing. It will help your child to maintain a structured life and help them to adjust quickly once schools reopen. However, make sure that the routine is flexible so that your child doesn’t feel too overwhelmed. Scheduling is also essential if you or your spouse or both of you are working from home.

  • Help Them With Their Studies – During this corona virus disease outbreak, you can take a more active part in your child’s education. Call your kid’s school to ask about the syllabus and to see if they will provide any study guides and reference material. If you have young children, set out fun activities and assignments for them, which will enable them to learn faster.  If your kids are older, they will, for the most part, prefer to study by themselves. However, you can still guide them and help them out if they face any doubts. Additionally, you can also set out quizzes and test to see how much they have learned. You can also sign up for Vedantu free online classes that offer fun quizzes and polls which spurs your kids to learn on their own.

  1. Encourage Them to Learn Other Skills – During this lockdown, you can also encourage your kids to engage in activities other than studies. They can use this time to work on their hobbies or learn a new skill as there is less schoolwork. It can be anything like learning a new language, drawing, cooking, playing the guitar, learning a new dance form, and so on. It will keep them actively occupied for a long time since now they can’t go out to play. It all also enables them to stay focused and challenge them mentally. 

  2. Teach Them to Follow a Healthy Lifestyle to Stay Fit – Since your child will stay inside all day, they might resort to eating all sorts of unhealthy food and fizzy drinks and stay up late at night playing video games or watching movies. These unhealthy habits may have an adverse effect on your child. 

Therefore, it is up to you to see that your kid follows a healthy lifestyle and stays fit so that they can get back to their old routine once school reopens without any health problems. As a result, make sure that your kid is going to bed at a fixed time every day and getting at least 8 hours of sleep. Also, your child should have balanced and nutrient-rich meals as frequently as possible.

Furthermore, kids should not go out to play during this period which means that they are missing their daily dose of exercise. Hence, you should make sure that your kids do some simple exercises or yoga at home to stay fit. It will also boost their immune system, providing them with more protection against corona virus infection.

 It is also crucial that your kids stay happy mentally alongside being fit physically. Not being able to see or talk to their friends may make them feel anxious. Therefore, you should encourage them to stay in touch with friends and other family members via video calling and other mediums. In addition to it, plan for some fun family activities where everyone can participate. Get out those board games and schedule some family movie nights.

Safety Measures to Keep Your Child Safe During This Corona virus Pandemic

As important as it is to keep your child prepared for when school reopens after this situation subsides, it is equally important to keep your child safe from this corona virus disease. Accordingly, go through the following safety guidelines to ensure that your child does not get infected – 

  • Avoid Touching Their Face With Unclean Hands – According to WHO, the virus transmits through human-to-human contact such as a handshake, through respiratory droplet or by touching any contaminated surface. Hence ask your children, to not touch their mouth, nose or eyes with unclean hands.

  • Make Them Wash Their Hands Frequently – Since the virus is being transmitted from one person to another via direct contact, it is crucial to scrub hands properly using soap and running water for twenty seconds to keep them clean. Additionally, use alcohol-based hand Sanitizer if soap and water are not available.

Vedantu is Helping You Prepare Your Child for When School Re-opens. Here is how.

We know that aside from being concerned about keeping your child safe during this corona virus infection pandemic, you are also worried about their academic progress. Therefore, to help your child stay prepared for as and when schools reopen after this Corona virus situation, we are providing free access to our online learning programmes. 

The learning programmes offer live classes, doubt clearing sessions, study materials and micro-courses so that students can fulfil all their learning requirements and study from the safety of their homes. Apart from students from classes 6-12, engineering and medical aspirants can also avail our learning programmes to stay up to date with their preparation for competitive exams like IIT JEE and NEET

Additionally, aspirants will also have the options to choose from our online crash course and test series as per their needs. Here are some more reasons why we are your child’s perfect learning partner – 

  • Interactive Learning – We believe that recorded learning can never take the place of interactive classrooms since students learn best when they can communicate with their teachers.

  • Customised Study Plan – We understand that each child learns at a different pace for which reason we also provide one-on-one classes. In this learning programme, our experienced teachers formulate study plans based on the student’s learning needs. You can also between the group and one-on-one classes depending on your children’s needs.

  • Expert Teaching Faculty – With us, your child will learn from the very best teachers, each an expert in their field and vast teaching experience in teaching behind them.

  • Fun Features – Our live classrooms have fun features like quizzes, polls, leader board to make the learning process more exciting and engaging for children. These features will constantly push students to learn and solve the question by themselves.

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How to Keep Children Prepared When School Reopens after Coronavirus Situation Subsides