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Let’s Learn How to Attempt English Board Paper to Score Maximum Marks

By ShiwaniJune 26, 2023
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Know Which Section to Attempt First in English Board Exam

An essential turning point in a student's academic career is the Class 10. As well as the English Board Exam and taking it deliberately can significantly increase the likelihood of success. Choosing which section to tackle first is one of the most critical 6decisions in knowing how to attempt English board paper. This article clarifies this issue by providing perspectives and insights to aid students in making informed decisions. Students can create a personalised approach that maximises their talents and improves their success on the English Board Exam by understanding the elements at play.

How to Attempt English Paper Class 10 CBSE and What are the Right Strategy to Opt?

A strategy must be in place to perform the best in the Class 10 English Board Exam. Choosing the best method for tackling the various exam portions is critical in knowing how to attempt English board paper.

Section A - Reading and Comprehension: 

Starting with the section on reading comprehension is a good idea. Typically, this component contains excerpts and questions that gauge how well the text is comprehended. By attempting this portion first, improved focus and analytical abilities can be utilised to understand and correctly respond to the questions.

Sections B - Writing Skills

Common assignments in this part include composing letters, articles, or stories. Imagination and linguistic abilities can be effectively used by devoting time to this area early on. After finishing the Writing Skills segment, concentrate on the Grammar and Vocabulary components. The understanding of vocabulary, word usage, and grammar norms will be evaluated in this part. Knowledge of the technical features of the language can be strengthened by taking up this section now.

Section C - Literature

The portion on literature deserves serious attention. This portion typically comprises questions based on the assigned poems or compositions. Delaying the Literature section to the end will ensure enough time to read and comprehend it. This recommended order on how to attempt English board paper can be modified according to personal strengths and time management prowess. Always plan the time wisely, take the time to thoroughly read and comprehend each question, and allow plenty of time to check the responses before turning in the paper.

Tips for Attempting English Board Exam 

Here are some tips on how to attempt English paper Class 10 CBSE:

  • Read the Question Paper: Reading the entire test first is a good idea. Please take note of the various sections and the respective marks assigned to them. This will give a general idea of the test, which will help schedule time and effort accordingly.

  • Manage Time Wisely: Set aside time for each section based on the number of marks available and the difficulty of the questions. Divide time in proportion to ensure there is enough time for each section.

  • Begin with Confidence: Begin the exam with a part in which you are most confident. This will help gain momentum and confidence for the remainder of the exam.

  • Prepare Your Answers: Spend a few seconds before writing to organise your ideas and prepare your responses. Plan main points or arguments and develop a clear and logical flow in response.

  • Be succinct and Clear: Write the answers clearly and succinctly. To adequately explain the thoughts, use exact language. Excessive repetition or lengthy explanations should be avoided.

  • Pay Attention to Grammar and Spelling:

  1. Check grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

  2. Make sure the sentences are grammatically correct and punctuated correctly.

  3. If there is time, proofread the answers to catch any mistakes.

  • Practise Previous Years' Papers: Examine previous years' question papers to become acquainted with the exam style and types of questions. This will help get used to the format, increase speed and accuracy and gives an overview on how to attempt English board paper.


Choosing which section to attempt first in English board exam can affect how well a student fares overall. It is crucial to consider strengths, ability to manage time, level of confidence, and the requirements of each section.

To ensure there is enough time for each section, time should be allocated according to the importance and intricacy of each section. Following the sequential sequence outlined in exams can also be helpful because it gradually develops knowledge and abilities throughout the test.

Also, make sure to utilise the tips for attempting English board exam provided in this article. One can confidently handle each section and maximise chances of success by considering own abilities, managing time properly, and modifying the strategy accordingly. Best wishes for the English Board Exam!

FAQs on Let’s Learn How to Attempt English Board Paper to Score Maximum Marks

1: Which section to attempt first in English board exam?

It is dependent on personal skills and preferences. Beginning with the Reading Comprehension portion can be a wise decision if one is confident in own reading skills and comprehension abilities, as it allows one to approach the questions with a fresh perspective.

2: Is it preferable to take the Writing Skills portion first?

If the student excels at writing and has a strong command of grammar and vocabulary, starting with the Writing Skills section is a good place to start. It allows one to demonstrate inventiveness and linguistic ability right away.

3: Should I start with the Grammar and Vocabulary section?

If the grammar rules are known, and the student has an extensive vocabulary, starting with the Grammar and Vocabulary portion can be advantageous. It allows the best use of knowledge and guarantees enough time to handle the more difficult problems in this part.

4: Is it good to save the Literature portion until the last?

The Literature part frequently requires in-depth study and critical thinking. Some students do it last, giving themselves more time to read and comprehend the assigned books and poems. However, if one is confident in mastering the material, it can be attempted sooner to allow enough time for insightful comments.