How to Assure Good Marks in CBSE Exams with NCERT Solutions

by Gautami Alagiri, May 13, 2020

As a student, you must often wonder what it takes to score good marks on CBSE exams. All those fancy reference books with thick gird must make you anxious to some degree. You may easily form the misconception that studying from those books alone can guarantee good marks in CBSE exams. But that is not true. For getting good marks in CBSE exams, you will need to learn the NCERT textbooks very thoroughly.

The NCERT Books are published by NCERT, The National Council of Education research and training. Experts from each field painstakingly go through a number of books and literature papers to summarise the important concepts required for the basic understanding of the subject and modern theories shaping the subject. The books are written in extremely simple language so that the students face no difficulties in understanding whatever is written.  

The textbooks also have sample questions that the students can solve. These questions require a deep understanding of the concepts regarding the chapters in question.  You may face a little difficulty in solving all the given questions. This is why students rely on NCERT solutions. The NCERT solutions contain the answers to all the questions in the NCERT textbooks. Apart from the answers, the solutions contain in-depth analysis of difficult concepts, explanation of the final answer with proper reasoning. 

How can using NCERT Solutions Assure Good Marks in CBSE Exams?

Here are the  reasons why you should refer to NCERT solutions for assuring good marks in CBSE exams:

1) It contains answers to all the questions of each chapter.

2) The solutions are composed in easy-to-understand language so that students face no difficulty in understanding the discussions.

3) Most of the questions of the CBSE exams are taken directly from the content in the textbooks. Practising the questions from the books in tandem with the answers provided in the NCERT solutions will ensure you get good marks.

4) The NCERT solutions provide model answers which can help you score perfect marks if reproduced properly.

5) NCERT solutions are available for all subjects in a chapter-wise manner so that students can download the solution one at a time as they progress through the course.

6) Following the NCERT solutions can improve your basics and help you solve tougher questions on your own.

7) Practising from NCERT solutions ensure that you cover all the important aspects of the subjects and do not leave behind any concept.

8) NCERT solutions are available in online PDF format. This means that you can carry the solutions on your phone, pen-drive or laptop. This makes studying easier. You can look up solutions while traveling or in your leisure time. Now keep your child's preparation undeterred with important study material online for Olympiad, IIT JEE, NEET Competitive Exams.

Scoring good marks in CBSE exams requires hard-work and practice. However, that is not enough to assure good marks. You must know how to channel your hard work and what to practice. Hard-work and smart work together is crucial for ensuring good marks. While following the NCERT solutions is definitely smart work, it doesn't bear fruits without hard work. Sincere practice of the NCERT solutions can truly assure you good marks in CBSE exams.

How to Assure Good Marks in CBSE Exams with NCERT Solutions