How to Achieve a Good Result in CBSE Exams with NCERT Solutions

by Archana Rao, May 13, 2020

Who doesn't want a good result in CBSE exams? But most of the students are unsure about what they must do in order to achieve good results in CBSE exams. They get confused by the fancy books and eventually lose sight of their most important friend... the NCERT Solutions

The National Council of Educational Research and Training, also called the NCERT, in short, is responsible for governing CBSE Board’s education programs. The NCERT books are designed to help a student grasp complicated concepts with minimal difficulties.  NCERT books are written precisely for preparing students for their CBSE tests. NCERT solutions are equally important to get good marks in your CBSE exams. In this article, we will let you know how to secure a good result with NCERT solutions in CBSE exams. 

Why are NCERT Solutions Important?

NCERT books generally contain a number of questions or problems for you, the students to practice and test your knowledge on. NCERT solutions are the key to all those problems. Is it only about stating the correct answers? No. NCERT solutions also provide explanations for difficult concepts.

NCERT solutions are available in both online PDF format and as books, you can get from the market for class 6 to class 12. It is available for all the existing subjects. For each subject, you can get a chapter-wise solution as well. This helps in ease of studying and organising.

Most schools under CBSE will follow only NCERT books. The teachers will try to cover as much of the problems as possible in the class itself. The rest of the problems are left up to you to solve. For these problems, we can always take the help of NCERT solutions.

How to Get Success Using NCERT Solutions?

Now that we have discussed the resources needed for achieving success in CBSE Exams, we must also take into account the way to use our resources to achieve our end goal. Firstly, we must make sure that we have thoroughly gone through all the chapters from the NCERT textbook. 

Now, you may find difficulties in understanding concepts from the textbooks. That is what the NCERT solutions are there for. To help you with explanations.  

Then you must try to use the acquired knowledge (through the reading) to solve the questions given in the exercise section. Next, compare your answers to the one given in the NCERT solutions. Try to find the difference between the answers provided by the publishers and your answers. You must model your answers according to the given ones. 

Regular practices from the NCERT solutions book can help in getting familiar with the syllabus and also help us understand the concepts better.

Once you get familiarised with the NCERT solutions book you can look into the question papers of previous years. You will find that most of the questions come from the NCERT solutions and textbooks. Remember the proverb “practice makes perfect” and implement it regularly to increase your chances of better results.

How to Achieve a Good Result in CBSE Exams with NCERT Solutions