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How Parents Can Support Children’s Learning at Home

By AiswaryaMay 31, 2023
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Support Your Child by Following Tips to Help them Learn

Post Covid-19, things have changed drastically for kids and their parents. Schools have shifted to online learning, where students spend mostly the entire day to complete their tasks. Although schools have re-opened, studying at home regularly is something that never misses. There are times when students need assistance to complete their studies. This is when parents come to the role. If you are wondering how can parents support learning at home, well, there are ways they can help kids. Teachers, parents, and kids sometimes find it hard to adjust to this circumstance while still using online learning tools. Edtech products have significantly closed the gap between in-person instruction and online learning. But technology cannot fill the gap left by humans. In situations like these, parents are crucial to their child's education.

How Parents can Support Children’s Learning at Home

Many kids claim that our parents help us learn, but how? It is the major question, and if you are a parent and want to know how do parents support their child in their learning, then this article is for you.

Tips on How Parents Can Support Learning at Home

  • Planning Daily Schedule

One of the ways parents help kids is by preparing a daily schedule. A productive home study schedule includes playtime and plenty of breaks while doing studies. It is best to set the activity for 20 to 30 minutes, depending on your child's attention span. If your child becomes fidgety after prolonged sitting, combine seated and active activities to keep them occupied. While it's important to follow a schedule, you must remember that your house is not a school. While timetables at school are more rigid, those at home can be far more lax.

Parents and kids have similar tastes. So, it is best to involve them in the planning session. As far as you can, involve your child in task planning and selecting activities to include in their daily routine. This gives kids the confidence to express their opinions and could inspire them to look forward to performing some of their favourite jobs. Remember to make room in your schedule for your child's classes if they have a schedule. Your child should find the programme entertaining and simple to follow.

  • Having a Dedicated Learning Space

The line between learning and play might blur when your child is learning at home. One way how parents support their children is by creating a designated study room for their youngsters to avoid this. It will improve their ability to focus and establish a sense of privacy. Since you have the space, you can be more creative. A spot in the living room or the child's bedroom will do.

You only need to provide your kid with a tiny desk, a learning tool, notebooks and pens for their study area. You might also attach the daily schedule to a desk or wall for ease of usage. A dedicated learning space will help kids in having a better study experience.

  • Play While Learning

Kids can't stay accommodated with studies the entire day. They need to rest and engage in other activities to refresh their mind. So, one way to support your child in studies is to make them engage in play. When kids get employed with play areas or activities, they get comfortable with the process. This learning could influence their total personality development in addition to their academic development.

Children do not have their classmates around them at home. This limits their education to only academic pursuits, depriving them of the opportunity to play and build social skills. As a parent, you can play teacher at home and engage in such activities helping you to perform the same.

  • Stay Connected with Teachers

Teachers are the ones who set the learning environment and pace for kids. You should coordinate your schedule with the teachers in a home learning setting. Remember that the teacher is just as new to online learning as you are, so you should be prepared for occasional difficulties. One of the most fundamental ways parents may assist with learning at home is to work with the child's school. Your child's teacher may be able to evaluate their academic progress and recommend how you may support them more effectively. Once you connect with the teacher, you can also follow the same.

  • Use the Right Teaching Resources

Although study materials or resources from the school are important, using study resources from outside the classroom where children can learn. Many free internet tools, such as movies and interactive games, make it easy and enjoyable to learn new topics.

The best is to use the online forum for parents where they can know which study materials are best for kids in their respective academic year. Many individuals are interested in knowing how parents may encourage learning at home. Usually, other parents are more than willing to offer whatever resources they use for the study.


A child's personal and social growth are both important in all senses. Thanks to the school learning system, even parents can take part in teaching back home. Parents helping kids in their studies is beneficial that will also help in getting good scores. The actions listed above aid in creating a solid educational routine with constructive parental engagement and help you support your child.

FAQs on How Parents Can Support Children’s Learning at Home

1. Can parents really help kids in home learning?

Yes, parents can play the role model for kids to help them learn at home. Right from creating space to deciding for the study resources, there are different ways to make them learn.

2. Why are parents important at Home?

For a child to successfully complete important developmental tasks, the parent's correct job is to encourage them, support them, and give them access to activities. Since a child's family is their main social group, they have the largest impact over their learning and socialisation.

3. Is it possible for kids to learn back home?

Yes, by completing assignment, practicing for exam, and also engaging in other study things, kids can learn back at home. However, parents need to create a learning environment for kids.