How is NCERT Exemplar Different from NCERT Textbook Solutions

by Archana Rao, May 14, 2020

While studying from NCERT syllabus for your board exams you must have come across these two terms- NCERT books and NCERT exemplar. You might wonder how they are different. The basic difference lies in the fact that the NCERT textbooks and solutions are for building the basic concept of yours about the topics you read while the NCERT exemplars are more into enabling you for advanced learning about the topics you already learnt. Exemplars make you more skilled while the textbooks make you acquire the skills in the first place. 

What are NCERT Textbook Solutions?

Your tryst with NCERT solutions begins since you enter class 1 and goes on till you complete school and enter higher studies. Each topic of each subject are there in the textbook and explained in detail. Each and every class you enter into after finishing the previous ones are of great importance as you learn something or other new in every class. The concepts explained in the textbook solutions give you a better understanding of the topic and you develop a grip on it. 

With your basic ideas cleared, you can go for advance studies, further develop your foundation and prepare to answer tougher and more aptitude-based questions as asked in the competitive exams. 

Thus NCERT textbook solutions are your all-time friend, be it your middle school, high school or even preparations and revisions of IIT JEE or NEET

Then what do the NCERT Exemplars do? Read the following sections for that.

In simple terms, NCERT exemplars are practice books that include extra questions other than the ones already given the textbooks. These questions are more aptitude-based, twisted, of higher levels and several notches more difficult. If you practise answering these questions you can expect to become more confident about facing any type of question paper in JEE Main. The exemplars are indeed the best for your preparations of JEE Mains and Advanced- both. 

What do they contain? There are sums designed specifically for competitive exams. Solve those and you are good to go for both your CBSE board exams a well as JEE exams. 

Now you may ask that board exams’ questions are based on textbooks only, right? Why should you study exemplars for that if you are not a JEE aspirant? Don’t forget BSE board exams are also inclusive of in-depth sums. Exemplars are your saviour for those times. 

When you go through NCERT exemplars, you come across new concepts based on the ones you had already developed from the textbooks, a whooping number of MCQs covering every important topic, a good number of skill-developing questions and a set of questions based on multiple concepts. So, you can see the exemplars are mainly there for preparing you for any exam you ever appear in. 

With the help of NCERT exemplars both teachers and students get to delve deeper into the already learnt subjects and also get to solve problems of higher aptitude. In a nutshell, NCERT Textbook Solutions teach you concepts and the NCERT exemplars give you the scope of application of the concept in depth. 

How is NCERT Exemplar Different from NCERT Textbook Solutions